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No Greener Than Wireless

Eliminating Range Anxiety And The Need To Plug In And Charge Electric Vehicles – Pure Magic

The rapid technological developments in the realm of Electric Vehicles (EV), is akin to the first onslaught of the personal computer. By the time a home PC was unpacked and plugged in, manufacturers were kicking the new and improved models out the loading dock doors.

Now, before anyone will have the chance to kick the tires on their soon to arrive EV’s such as the Nissan LEAF (eta – December), or the Chevy VOLT (eta – last month – oops!), in walks Halo IPT, announcing the latest ‘you just gotta have it’ system and radically changing the way EV’s are charged/recharged.

HaloIPT based in New Zealand, is the first company in the world to make Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) wireless charging for electric vehicles commercially available. The safest, most efficient and effective way to transfer power without wires. Having brought Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) to the world and made it commercially viable, they aim to turn the dream of a cleaner, more efficient future into reality – through providing wireless charging that, like wireless networks, is everywhere, whether parking your EV, or traveling down the road.

IPT technology that has been around for years. Systems running today that have performed faultlessly for many years, for example in wireless charging systems for electric vehicles in industry and in IPT wireless charging systems in public transport. IPT wireless charging uses strongly coupled magnetic resonance to transfer power from a transmitting pad on the ground to a receiving pad on an EV. IPT wireless charging systems are comprised of  two separate elements: a primary-side power supply with track; and a secondary-side pick-up pad with controller.

To charge, an EV simply has to be parked or even driven over a pad. Charging is immediate, robust and reliable.

HaloIPT’s Wireless IPT System comprises three distinct hardware components:

  • A high-frequency generator or power supply – takes a mains voltage input (240VAC at 50/60Hz) and produces a high-frequency (>20kHz) current.
  • A magnetic coupling system or transmitter/receiver pads – transmitter and receiver pads provide better coupling, lower weight, and smaller footprint, for a given power transfer and separation. The pads can couple power over gaps of up to 400mm (16 inches). The coupling circuits are tuned through the addition of compensation capacitors. The pad construction provides shielding of magnetic fields to prevent EMI within the vehicle and ensures levels of MF exposure are within suggested international guidelines (ICNIRP).
  • A pick-up controller/compensation – takes power from the receiver pad and provides a controlled output to the batteries, typically ranging from 250V to 400V DC. The controller has sensors that detect what’s going on with the battery, potentially maximizing battery life.

This fantastic technology has an unique set of benefits that HaloIPT calls the Five Pillars of IPT:

1. Performance – The system can charge wirelessly under asphalt or embedded in concrete and is also unaffected by ice, snow, dust, water or chemicals. It is an incredibly agile technology.

2. Safety – Wireless power is harmless to humans and animals and there is no danger of electric shock. Double isolated and with no cord to trip on, no exposed contacts, no moving parts and a magnetic transfer of power, the IPT wireless charging system creates a truly safe environment.

3. Durability – Safely concealed in a weatherproof, tamper-proof and crash-proof housing so it will last. The simplicity of no moving parts or live contacts, means wear-and-tear is negligible and mechanisms cannot break.

4. Convenience – With IPT wireless charging your electric car is part of a power network – which also carries data. So you can be updated on traffic conditions before you set off, available places to park before you arrive, and charging costs without even leaving your electric car. HaloIPT’s ultimate vision is one in which dynamic charging is everywhere – that is, enabling electric cars to charge while they’re on the move. It is a vision of assured long-distance travel.

5. Aesthetics – IPT Wireless Charging is a neat, concealed system. It minimizes street clutter and maximizes the space for people to move and live.

It’s an exciting time to live as the green technological “changing of the guard” rapidly over-takes the antiquated and polluting standards of transportation and energy…

…. as the green future unfolds.

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One Response to “No Greener Than Wireless”

  1. Lissof Says:

    Thanks Linda,

    A very interesting technology. I can see a very useful application with taxis and fleet vehicles that have designated load/unload stations with frequent chances to receive a charge their effective range would be greatly enhanced between full charge cycles.

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