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The Anxious Eyes Of Earth On Chile

Once in a while, humanity stands together, focusing the hopes and prayers of the many, for the welfare of the few.

And once in a great while, our concern for one another is rewarded.

As this is written, they are bringing the Chilean miners up, one by one, in a capsule called Phoenix. Until all are on the surface again we really can’t celebrate. But, I see you smiling …

CNN video of first rescued miner:

….. as the green future unfolds.

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  1. Nooks n Corners Says:

    When the breaking news came that they had completed drilling the hole, we were so happy. The best news was when all 33 were brought up. Hurray to the people of Chile!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Nooks …. They did an outstanding job! All of the world is admiring their efforts! 😀

  3. rolex daytona Says:

    Amazing how Chile managed to free their captive miners in a few months by drilling a hole and all the other arrangements that had to be made, but it took the good ole USA about the same length of time to jam up a leaking oil pipe! Could someone explain this one to me?

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Daytona …. I am also at a loss of words for these two scenarios. Difference being is that Chile asked for help and the US denied it.

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