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GENI – A World Wide Web Of Electricity

Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

World Wide Grid

GENI – Global Energy Network Institute

The Vision: A world in which all people have access to ecologically sustainable energy.

The Mission: To conduct research and to educate world leaders and the public about the critical viability of the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources, called ‘the GENI Initiative.’ The GENI Initiative focuses on linking renewable energy resources around the world using international electricity transmission.

Their research shows that linking renewables between all nations will mollify conflicts, grow economies and increase the quality of life and health for all. This is a strategy rooted in the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by the visionary engineer, Dr. Buckminster Fuller three decades ago. (Yes, the same guy that invented geodesic domes, Synergetics, and Design Science and in which Buckminsterfullerenes or “buckyballs” are named after.)

“Bucky” (as he preferred),developed the World Game simulation, posing the question:

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?

Walter Cronkite said that this provocative inquiry had given him hope, a premier solution that offers the most thoughtful strategy towards peace and sustainable development and offers hope for all humanity.

Since a video is worth a thousand words:

The benefits of this sustainable development world power solution are proven:

* Decreased pollution from fossil and nuclear fuels
* Reduced hunger and poverty in developing nations
* Increased trade, cooperation and world peace
* Enables health care, communications and access to clean water
* Stabilized population growth

Sounds like GENI is working on a wonderful, ingenious idea and of course, when Walter Cronkite spoke …. everybody listened….

…. as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “GENI – A World Wide Web Of Electricity”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Having lived in a geodesic dome, I know these principles work. This is another one of those examples, of it’s so EASY, it’s hard. Sure wish there were more Walter Cronkite’s, so everyone would listen. GENI, is a wonderful “green” wave of the future, if only we get on board!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara ….. You betcha! Pretty soon, we may not have a choice.! 😀

  3. Theresa Says:

    I think this is brilliant! I wish the words “it’s too hard” could be eliminated from our vocabulary. Talk, talk, talk. Here’s the solution. Where’s the action?

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa … I like the can do approach. I know that several countries are on this page. I just wish the rest of us would.

  5. Pixie Gas Says:

    “The Vision: A world in which all people have access to ecologically sustainable energy.”

    Sounds great to us!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Pixie Gas …. Glad you came by! Come back again! 😀

  7. Lissof Says:

    Thanks Linda,

    Food for thought, we should take a few minutes to contemplate the Earth we will leave to our future generations…

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof …. Imagine no more brown outs due to heat or power plant going down or overloaded. Hmmmmm. 😀

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