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A Green Contest Of OLYMPIC Proportions, Part ONE

First Up – 2012 London’s Green Olympics

london2For the London 2012 Games , the Brits are creating venues, facilities and infrastructure that will leave a lasting social, economic and environmental legacy for London and the UK. The site remediation will bring existing land back into public use and create significant improvements in the quantity and quality of green space in east London.

Everything about the project is designed to champion low-waste, low carbon emissions, and green transportation. Timber used in the construction of venues is from fully traceable legal and sustainable sources, public transport will be promoted as the best way to get around, and all energy generated will be renewable.

The creation of new infrastructure, sporting facilities and housing in an area currently experiencing high levels of deprivation will help to create neighborhoods and vibrant places after the Games are over, where people will want to live, work and play. They are reconnecting communities by building more than 30 bridges across waterways, railways and roads that currently divide the Olympic Park area.

london1With a goal to to make London 2012 the first sustainable Olympic Games, the London Olympic Authority is:

Constructing each building and stadium to meet specific targets. Such as the collection of rainwater, to meet a water reduction target of 40%. By optimizing the opportunities for efficient water use London is creating 100 hectares of green spaces, which are designed to reduce the risk of flooding in the river valley and enrich the biodiversity of the Lower Lea Valley.

Working with the construction products industry to help source environmentally friendly and ethically produced materials that will help create a low carbon construction.

128147895,F7F30E1DB6D189828EBAppointed a waste management contractor to sort, compact and transport waste by barge from the site, 90% of which will be recycled or reused.

Creating an Energy Centre that is sustainable and flexible (for future technological growth), utilizing a biomass boiler that uses woodchips as fuel to generate heat, and a natural gas powered Combined Cooling, Heat and Power plant (CCHP).

Through a whole host of new innovations, the London Olympic Authority is aiming to cut the entire project’s carbon footprint by 50% and striving to put their stamp on the greenest Olympics yet.

But, if they achieve that goal, the record may not be long lived. Because close on their heels is ….. stay tuned for Part Two of ‘A Green Contest Of OLYMPIC Proportions’ … coming this Thursday …..

….. as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “A Green Contest Of OLYMPIC Proportions, Part ONE”

  1. MovingCost Says:

    That is an impressive venue! Everyone should take note on how to use the Earth’s resources efficiently. Hopefully, the Brits meet their deadline in time for the 2012 Olympics.
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  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Moving Cost … The Brits will come thru. They always do! 😀

  3. Jeffrey Denner Says:

    Well, I think that clears up a few issues for me personally. Anyone else agree?

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Jeffrey …. I am sure that there are many out there who agree. 😀

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