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The Simplicity Of Going Green

Plug-In Solar And Wind Power Systems On The Market In 2011

39488_458789815147_65914520147_6822862_1685857_nSo you want to feel better about your “green-self”, but don’t know how to, or the affordability concerns. Well, here’s the first bit of knowledge to get you on your way – one step at a time – start simple and slow, then grow.

Your power for instance, there’s no regulation, mandate, nor physics law that requires you to completely stop and/or reverse your power meter if you’re wanting to lower your grid impact. Just start slowing it down and unless you’re an electrician or an electrical engineer, you really want to keep it simple and cheap. Too bad we can’t just plug sustainably generated energy right into a spare outlet, … well, we can,… yes I’m serious,… no I’m not pulling your leg,…. it’s true.

Founded in 2008, Clarion Power is based in Seattle, Washington and has set a goal to be the first company to bring a plug-in solar and wind power systems to the market in 2011. The Jellyfish is their wind system and the Sunfish is their solar system. Unlike existing micro-inverters, these systems have built-in circuit protection, doesn’t require a dedicated electrical panel and plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet. With onboard networking and optional backup storage, they have web-based tracking and monitoring with onboard Wi-Fi and can upload data directly into Google PowerMeter allowing customers to track and monitor production online. The systems are not intended to provide backup power when there’s a power outage, but they can provide backup power in conjunction with a certified back-up power system and/or can be used to charge batteries or generate power in conjunction with a dedicated off-grid system. The anti-islanding features protects local utility workers in the event of a power outage – if the power grid is shut down, they immediately stop generating power. In fact, it’s not possible for them to generate power without the power grid being up and active.

Both systems plug into any outlet with power you can use anywhere in your home. Requiring no contractors, no installers, no additional wiring, no drywall to tear out, and they’re up and running in about an hour.

Technical Specs and Videos:


Wind powered turbine generates up to 40 kilowatt hours monthly, enough to light a 3,600-square-foot home.

400W Jellyfish Unit
Wind Turbine Output 400W (@28 mph)
Energy Output 40kWh/month (@12 mph)
Wind Turbine Type Vertical Axis (VAWT)
Output Voltage (AC) 120V
Max Current (AC) 3.2A
Mounting Wall or Roof Mounted
Installation 1-2 Hours
Dimensions 48” x 36” (1.2m x 0.9m)
Module Weight 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
MSRP $399-$699


Generates up to 30 kWh per month, enough to light an average home using energy efficient light bulbs.

200W Sunfish Unit
Solar Panel Output 200W
Energy Output 30kWh/month
Solar Module Type Polycrystalline
Output Voltage (AC) 120V
Max Current (AC) 1.6A
Mounting Wall or Roof Mounted
Installation 1-2 Hours
Dimensions 60” x 40” (1.5m x 1m)
Module Weight 40 lbs (18 kg)
MSRP $599-$799

1kW Sunfish System
Solar Array Output 1kW
Energy Output 150kWh/month
Output Voltage (AC) 120V
Max Current (AC) 8.3A
Mounting Wall or Roof Mounted
Installation 6-8 Hours
Dimensions 60” x 200” (1.5m x 5.1m)
Module Weight 200 lbs (90 kg)
MSRP $2995-$3995

So, it is time for Plugging and Playing ….

as the green future unfolds.

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