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Why We Scream Green

Sometimes It Seems Like One Green Step Forward, Two Oily Steps Back

APTOPIX Oil Well AccidentAs the White House renews the promise that BP will pay for the Gulf oil disaster, CNN reported the oil giant officially announced on Tuesday that CEO Tony Hayward is leaving his position and being replaced by Robert Dudley. Hayward will retain his post until the first of October, allowing for a transition period. They also reported a 17.2 billion dollar quarterly loss. No shedding tears for BP because comparatively speaking, that’s pocket change for them, as the everyday people that depends on the Gulf for their livelihoods are suffering through ecological and economical devastation resulting in suicides and a sharp rise in reports of domestic violence.

Dudley, an American born in New York, raised in the Mississippi coastal area, is the first non Brit to helm BP. He is currently heading up the clean up effort in the Gulf. “It’s a welcome change,” said the mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, “but just changing faces and not changing corporate philosophies doesn’t really get you anywhere. The people in the Gulf States want to know that BP is completely and totally committed to completely making it right. And that means not leaving just because the well is capped.” Touche Mr. Mayor!

Hayward is being transferred to “a very important venture” in Russia (Siberia?). He defended his safety record and said BP does not deserve all the blame for this disaster … blah … blah… blah. Russia can get so cold you can’t breathe through your mouth, you tend to keep it shut, so maybe that’s what BP is counting on.

In the mean time …..

Monday (July 26), a leaking 30-inch pipeline built in 1969, has spilled over a million gallons of oil into a creek that leads into Michigan’s Kalamazoo river leaving the choking smell of oil hanging for miles over the river valley.

Tuesday (July 27), a tugboat-barge collided with an abandoned well head in the shallow waters of Louisiana’s Barataria Bay, shooting a geyser of oil, mud, and natural gas high into the air. Coast Guard officials said that an oily sheen covers more than six square miles of the bay and it will take an estimated 10 to 12 days to stop.

… meanwhile, back at the BP ranch …

BP owns 46% of a company called Alyeska, a company that manages the 800-mile-long Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. CNN reports that BP wants to cut cost and potentially put the pipeline at risk. Not just an accident waiting to happen, but accidents have been happening. Repeatedly, all along the pipeline, they have just been pretty much ignored until the Deepwater Horizon disaster. For instance, last May the Remote Pump Station #9 spilled 5,000 gallons of oil into a spill-way. Cost-cutting sensors and cameras, which replaced the workers, were rendered inoperative after both the primary and emergency power failed.

1267628968DjtbzTAlaskan State Rep. David Guttenberg said he had proof of oil workers and even management coming to him armed with BP insider memos seeking ways to cut spending on maintenance and warning of attempts to cut safety cost. Since 2004 the Department of Transportation has fined the company eight times for violations. Alyeska has challenged them all – refusing to pay over a million dollars in fines.

Why would a company that orchestrated the worst ecological disaster in history even consider cutting back on preventative and safety measures? The answer can only be, BP really doesn’t respect our Earth.

as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “Why We Scream Green”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Did you see BP’s recent “feel good about us” commercial on TV? They’ve got a LOT of nerve!
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..Other Get Paid Ways to Make Money Online =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa … They are unbelievable when it comes to marketing. They are really trying to rebuild their image but now is not the time!

  3. Lissof Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I’ve started to leave a reply several times, but I was so angry I was afraid I would offend some people with my foul language.

    It is a sad state of affairs when it requires such catastrophic manmade disasters to attract attention to the damage we are doing to our environment. But even then our Senators and Congressmen provide lip service to their constituents as they pass either watered down bills or legislation that is slanted towards “Big Energy” and not directly benefitting either the environment nor removing our dependence on Fossil Fuels.

    It simply comes down to Greed!!!! The desire of “Big Energy” to pull in ever increasing profits combined with our Politicians desire to attract even more monies from “Big Energy” at the expense of our very existence…

    The only thing that can possibly turn the attention of our politicians away from the big moneyed corporations is to let them know our vote counts.!!! Let them know that our vote is going to the person who will best protect our Environment for our future generations.

    Our politicians have become used to the concept they can “buy” our votes with sweet little lies, news bites showing them posturing to the cameras declaring their supposed good intentions. Then behind closed doors, conducting business as usual.

    For our Planet’s sake, for our Children’s, Children’s, Children’s future, call, write or email your politicians. Let them know where you stand and where your vote will be cast based upon performance.

  4. Linda Says:

    To Everyone!!! ….. If you have never read a comment before, you need to read Lissof’s now. To Lissof, thank you my friend, no truer words were ever spoken.

  5. Theresa Says:

    Hey Lissof, excellent comment! It is horrible to say that most likely from the day the first set of cavemen got together, this whole thing started. Greed, greed, greed, gimme, gimme, gimme. They talk right now about this bill and that adding to a deficit that they do not give a d___ about – just get “me” re-elected so I can keep up my cushy job. The rest of the world, well that doesn’t affect “me”.

    Yikes, I’d better stop here…
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..Memphis Travel On My Mind =-.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa … Oh! I know where you were going! LOL! It is so true about the congressionals and it is so good to see us all on the same page.

    Hi Grampa Ken … That should happen if we vote out the current set of congressionals and install a new set with the knowledge that our vote is still a weapon of the people.

  7. Grampa Ken for change Says:

    Money! As long as corporations are competing for profits for shareholders there will only be patchy improvements to the way our natural environment is being destroyed. I feel rather pessimistic about serious improvements without a rewrite of free enterprise and the way we consume.
    .-= Grampa Ken for change´s last blog ..Memories- Keep Only the Good =-.

  8. lantern light Says:

    let’s keep our spirit of go green by continuing the campaign on it every single day!
    .-= lantern light´s last blog ..Purchasing the Right Lantern Light =-.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Lantern Light … that’s the spirit!

  10. Jason Isbell Says:

    There are disasters to our environment every day. It is not just nimrods like BP that are causing these disasters, but the idiots in the other major corporations, the half-wits we elect into office and the morons who elect them are all responsible for these disasters.

    As Lissof said, we need to make our votes heard. Too often we follow the herd. “This guy sounds nice” and so we check the box. We don’t know about the politicians we vote for. I’m no better than the next guy. Probably worse than many of the people who frequent this site.

    I talk a lot about helping to clean up the environment. I talk about fighting to hold corporations like BP responsible. But then I sit down and I think “what can I do?” That is true of many people. What can a single person do?

    We have to stand together. To do that we need a powerful leader who can hold our attentions and get the attention of the legislation, as well as the corporations, in order to get the needed legislation passed. I have not seen any such leader. A few have tried. All have fallen short.

    I’ll keep plugging away, doing my little part, my 3 steps forward, 2 steps back dance that really does nothing in the grand scheme of things. I just hope that my little dance to try to make things just a little less bad will encourage others to do the same. Hopefully someday soon a powerful leader will come along that we can all follow.
    .-= Jason Isbell´s last blog ..Free Jolly-Time Popcorn! =-.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Jason … we as voters can do alot by voting, recycle, and get home energy audits to green up their lives.

  12. Gail Bullman Says:

    I’m a just trying to learn more about the green business and I really enjoyed your article. Keep up the great job!

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Gail …. thanks and come back again! 😀

  14. celine Says:

    Maybe BP is thinking that they won’t be affected with the outcome of the disaster and that make them decide of cutting back to the cost of preventative and safety measures. God knows , what they have done to our mother earth and to those many people who are still suffering right now will be done to their lives also…

  15. Linda Says:

    Hi Celine … they all have done damage but this one was too big to ignore.

    Hi Moving …. Yes, this one is not for fading away nor can BP hide.

  16. Moving Cost Says:

    Unfortunately, what’s done is done and BP can’t go back and undo the devastating disaster they’ve caused to our planet’s natural resource, but it’s never too late to take action. What they need to do is move forward and make it right again, keep their promise to “continue to fight to stop the flow of oil, clean up the environmental damage, and help make sure that people are compensated for their loss.” As with most tragedies, we will never forget this one, so BP better stay on their mission to clean the Gulf of Mexico entirely! Lissof, you were spot on – very well said!
    .-= Moving Cost´s last blog ..Paramount Kansas City Moving Services Are Available Do You Need Them =-.

  17. Termites pictures Says:

    I’ve been following the BP disaster since it unfolded and I gotta say, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Some key things to ask is, why was so much Corexit allowed to be used, and why is the public barred from the area unless allowed in specifically? What is actually going on there? If the spill was so bad, why is the oil now claimed to have evaporated into the blue?

    This whole thing has been fishy from day one, and that is the one obvious thing. The worst part is I don’t see any major positive change from this fiasco. Nothing except a dead sea.
    .-= Termites pictures´s last blog ..Termite mud tubes =-.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Termite … You are correct on all counts! We shall see what really comes to the surface as the probe continues.

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