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Sky Train Solar Powered Monorail

A Next-Generation Solar Powered Overhead-Suspended High-Speed Monorail

AirportCircltrSky Train Corporation (STC) and STC International, based in Palm Harbor, Florida is a unique team of world-class scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and associates all committed to their STC Green Transportation Mission.

STC in collaboration with the University of Central Florida’s Solar Energy Center (FSEC), designed and developed a solar Overhead-Suspended Light Rail System (OSLR) called Sky Train. A sustainable mass transportation system that made advancements in energy science by passing solar power through an Energy Transfer device to power an elevated light rail monorail and feed excess back to the grid.

The Sky Train is designed to move both people and freight high above traffic congestion in a more sustainable form of transportation. The cars are 10ft (3.0m) wide, 40ft to 80ft (12.2m to 24.3m) long with a capacity range from single vehicles up to full subway, it increases passenger comfort, mobility and energy efficiency, at higher average speeds. STC structures use about 4% of the ground space. And with semi-automated offsite manufacturing; they are erected quickly with minimum disruption and relocation of utilities.

The design incorporates an innovative solar interface to power this next-generation high-speed monorail, using photovoltaic and ultra capacitor flash charging technology as storage for renewable power resulting in an 80% more efficient system than rubber-tired monorails. Sky Train utilizes a computerized buss that monitors vehicle functions; exchanging kinetic and potential energy, constantly monitoring safety for every start/stop cycle. It has two steel rails in an overhead duct with lighter aviation grade composite car bodies suspended beneath. It is the first patented duo-rail system with major enhancements in the suspended mode.

a trainSTC concepts use standard off the shelf components from modern light rail, improving performance, allowing utilization of existing trained rail personnel workforces.

One Sky Train OSLR track transports the equivalent of nine automobile lanes. It swings on curves allowing for greater speeds and for passenger comfort.

The technology embraces efficiency because it utilizes a dedicated corridor that passes above all ground-based traffic and it boast the lowest carbon footprint of any transportation system in the world.

STC’s elevated structure reduces passenger transfer distance, utility relocation costs, traffic impact, length of construction time, eliminates corridors and drainage dividing communities and land use. Designed to continue operating in high winds and flooding, the systems also protect against lightning strikes, houses fiber optics, CCTV, other conduits, and street light installations. The structure reduces impact of terrorism, earthquakes, sand storms or floods. It allows for rescue after a catastrophe.

Sky Train addresses the transportation issues of tourism, people transporting to and from airports, shipping ports for rapid and efficient cargo handling.

STC’s automated high speed freight movement design solution stands to be a fantastic answer to implementing the government’s mandate to scan all containers proactively for contraband and preventing terrorism. The train loads itself or by guidance from an operator, to full capacity with use of a specialized Grapple which moves the containers, allowing for continuous off loading without interruption. This, along with enhancing public safety, abating climate change, and withstanding nature’s fury, Sky Train could very well be the answer to these challenges. Plus the added value of it being comparatively inexpensive, quick to build, and able to move cargo container handling in a far more efficient manner saving billions annually.

Most importantly, the STC systems have the lowest environmental impact using solar and regenerative energy alongside an array of other unique transportation technology enhancements. “Innovations such as this will contribute to a sustainable energy future and provide a fast, safe, practical and socially responsible mode of transportation for people and freight while reducing the environmental impact of transportation,” said Karl Guenther, CEO of STC.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded STC and FSEC a $100,000 renewable energy collaborative grant, used to develop a future monorail system that will transport visitors throughout the 74 acres of the Museum Of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, Fla., with plans to connect the system to Busch Gardens and the University of South Florida.

STC products (peer reviewed by the National Science Foundation) has gained international recognition and is presently designing with NASA on a proposed planetary system.

….. as the green future unfolds.

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24 Responses to “Sky Train Solar Powered Monorail”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Wow, that is awesome!
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..How Convenience is Headed to a Whole New Level =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa …. It is pretty cool!

  3. Barbara Says:

    This is a great idea! We are doing good, with our light rail system up here, in Washington, but I never understood, why the never expanded the monorail up to Everett, and down to the airport.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..How About Some Good News =-.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara …. Hmmm … maybe they are just waiting to see how it shakes out. But I am wondering also why not to at least the airport?

  5. injaynesworld Says:

    That is the coolest thing ever. And Disneyland with their monorail system was so ahead of its time. I remember riding it 40 years ago and thinking “Wow. Why can’t we have something like this in the real world.”
    .-= injaynesworld´s last blog ..injaynesworld its the Sunday Recap =-.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Jayne … This would be a lot easier to do than a building another road ….

  7. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Could it be we’re moving toward a greener future with the use of the solar powered monorail? I sure hope so.

    I also like how this one can scan containers, as well.

    Just think of the possibilities….:)
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Women vs Men – Who Wins The Word Count Award =-.

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … This is a win-win for all should we really try and get it rolling! They could actually use the rails across the country and push goods via trains and monorails. Could get sticky with truckers but hey! why not!

  9. Disneyland TL Mark VII Monorail Red On-ride Night CLIP 02/15/09 Says:

    […] Sky Train Solar Powered Monorail | […]

  10. Jason Isbell Says:

    If this takes off, then it could be cool, but I’ve read about several other really cool rail systems that have gotten no-where. Does anyone remember podcars? They were an idea of a car you owned or leased and could drive onto a monorail system or on the street. The rail would also have automated cars that you could call up and ride like a cab, except that it would not leave the rail system. As far as I know it never got past its backyard test rail.

    The fact that the STC Monorail already has the contract to connect MOSI, Busch Gardens and University of South Florida means that they have a little more chance of getting somewhere than the podcars.
    .-= Jason Isbell´s last blog ..Get the RIGHT Car For Your Needs =-.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Jason … you are correct !!! I hope it really takes off with the use of pod cars too!

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Sarasota … Heres to more innovations like Sky Train and many other inventors!

  13. Moving Cost Says:

    We’ve all seen the advancement in technology over the years, and how it has impacted our lives good and/or bad. This “Sky Train Solar Powered Monorail” is a brilliant idea; it has great potential to help the environment tremendously. Thank for sharing this interesting article!
    .-= Moving Cost´s last blog ..Paramount Kansas City Moving Services Are Available Do You Need Them =-.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Moving …. We will soon see how it will take off after the projects are completed.

    Hi Jamie … I think Florida has the right idea and will utilize this new technology.

  15. JAMIE A DE GALE Says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea! This will be a good connection from the high speed rail to the many small localities within Florida.

  16. Lissof Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Fantastic idea, especially if multiple alternative energy sources were utilized for the Green Energy source. Along with Solar; Wind, Geo-Thermal, Hydro, Wave & Tidal energy sources could provide a non-polluting much needed alternative to our current transportation solutions. Being elevated would reduce many of the cost and hazards associated with our current transportation models.

    The elevated rail system could also provide a much needed corridor for “Super Conducting “ Electrical distribution from sparsely populated regions rich in Wind and Geo-Thermal power, At the same time as moving the agricultural produce from those regions to the population centers and international shipping points.

    Human transportation would also radically change for the better. Airport congestion would radically reduced, existing Light Rail systems such as BART and Marta could easily be incorporated as connection terminals , As for Seattle’s Mono-Rail system not only a connection to the airport and I-5 corridor but also resurrection of the elevated rail plan from the mid 1970s, to Moses Lake in central Washington would greatly decrease congestion of air traffic for both cargo and humans flying into SeaTac.

    Overall this is a WIN-WIN-WIN concept, Reliable efficient transportation, utilizing Green Energy to safely relocate both commodities and humans across our nation while greatly reducing our dependence on Fossil Fuel.

  17. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … I LIKE win-win-win situations, period! There are so many things that can be done with this innovation and once rolling, woohoo!!!!

  18. celine Says:

    cool!! it would be an ease fro the commuters.. I hope it could be done too soon…
    .-= celine´s last blog ..Dangers of a Public Option in Health Care =-.

  19. Linda Says:

    Hi Celine … Once in place, I am sure commuters would really like it! Maybe to the point of giving up cars during the week.

  20. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful {.}. {Incredible|Awesome} … Says:

    Thanks for creating valuable article regarding the subject. I’m a fan of your websites. Keep up the very good job.

  21. Linda Says:

    Hi carcovers …. thanks and come back again!

  22. adelaide hills b&b Says:

    adelaide hills b…

    Sky Train Solar Powered Monorail |…

  23. Selwyn Carter Says:

    Wow. What an awesome group of women on here! I love it. I have been associated with Rail and mono-rail systems for a fair part of my career. Like all of you, I see tremendous advantages to mono-rail systems. No grade crossings to worry about, or people/animals on the right-of-way and a ‘weather-thwarter’, to-boot! Japan’s mono-rails withstood some bad earthquakes and remained in service, while conventional rail and highway systems took a pretty severe beating. Our cars take us exactly where we want to go, but as ‘Linda says’, we might be able to give up our cars during the week and get some much needed exercise taking a hike from the station to the office!

  24. DBM Solar Says:

    Wow! I never thought solar energy can go this far! This is a very great project, and can’t wait to ride on it.
    DBM Solar recently posted…Rapid Shutdown Switch NEC 609.12 2014My Profile

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