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Costner’s Green Machine

It has been perfected longer than the spill has been going on!

So BP, why did you wait for the oil to hit our shores, screwup our Gulf, and terrorize the populous?

Why have you not bought at least one, tested it to the max, found that works as advertised, and then strategically place them in case of a disaster like the one that has been going on for 57 days now?

Now is not the time to be kickin’ the tires and picking out colors!

Order as many as you and can place them along the Gulf Stream …
….. All in favor say AYE! …. The ayes have it …..

Let’s get ‘er done!

….. as the green future unfolds

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No Responses to “Costner’s Green Machine”

  1. Lissof Says:

    Thanks for bringing this to us Linda.

    It is nice to know there are people with working solutions who are finally getting through to BP. It will take many diversified technologies to clean up the mess this has turned into.

    I think the lightning strike on BP’s clean up vessel Discoverer Enterprise, was Mother Nature’s way of saying Bp needs to address this spill with many different resources.

    Hurricane season is upon us and so far BP has been lucky with the weather. Counting on luck is no way to do business.

    I hope our politicians wake up and address our future with the planet’s health in mind. No more of this business as usual, dollars from lobbyist controlling our lives.

    Now is the time to demand complete transparency from our politicians and to remind them we have the power of the VOTE!!!!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof …. A hurricane at this time is absolutely not needed. However, it is coming and there is nothing but disaster for the Gulf coast. The sooner the better for any technology to get the oil out !

  3. Don E. Chute Says:

    Sorry Folks, It’s not BP’s fault Costners machine is not out in the gulf in droves.

    It our Federal Bureaucracy! They have not given, because of over regulation the authority for anybody to by this machine, or any of the myriad of other technologies that could be used.

    The Federal Government pushed wells out into the deep water, in the first place. There are plenty of places to drill, above ground, and the special interest is the Environmentalists.

    nuff said.

    .-= Don E. Chute´s last blog ..FEDERALIST FRIDAY 6.11.2K10 =-.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Don … That is one view. However, whatever happened to the company itself taking responsibility to test out these types of techologies to add to their own arsenal?

  5. Katherine Says:

    So frustrating! Also, did you see the video with the two farmers who showed how much hay will soak up oil? They said just put hay in the water, then dredge it out with nets. But did anyone even try THAT? Nope!
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..Sometimes You Can Try Too Hard =-.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Katherine … Yes I saw the hay experiment! I just want them to do them all and hopefully stem the tide of the oil.

  7. Lissof Says:

    Don you say “It our Federal Bureaucracy! They have not given, because of over regulation the authority for anybody to by this machine, or any of the myriad of other technologies that could be used.”

    I do not follow you, I see no Federal Restrictions preventing BP from purchasing this equipment to be utilized during the cleanup.

    If you know of specific regulations that apply to this equipment,,, please cite the regulation. I do enjoy discussing this type of thing with my Politicans.

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof …. I totally agree. They have not had to invest research or resources into containing what has been, up until now, a far sited scenario. As far as I can tell, it’s been the “fox is guarding the hen house” for the oil companies. It has been cheaper for them to pay the fine especially when the cap on that fine equates to pocket change for big oil.

  9. Maureen Says:

    I agreen with Lissof. I don’t know of any regulation or reason why BP cannot buy machines like this one. It’s been so frustrating to see the lack of effort on the clean up while only listening to their excuses for not being able to fix the leak. There is zero reason for this. Instead of wasting their time in courtrooms, they should invest in technologies like this and get them in place now. There is no telling how much oil won’t be able to be cleaned up.
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Solar Panel System: What Are The Options? =-.

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Maureen … Too much oil will not be caught in time for cleanup. Especially since it is continuing to spew out of that pipe faster than a hot knife on butter!

    Glad to see ya come over to the green side! 😀

  11. Jen Says:

    This is so frustrating, they need to be doing everything they possibly can to clean up what is there and to prevent a bigger mess as it comes to shore.

    As my father used to say:

    “I don’t care who made the mess, I just want it cleaned up, now get to work”
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Top Five Best Father’s Day Gifts…Ever. =-.

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Jen … I wholehearted agree! This testing is driving me nuts. Just squeeze it shut!

  13. Barbara Says:

    For all we know they (BP) may even have several of these machines already. Problem, is nobody is taking any swift action, on the clean up end of things. First, and foremost, they plug they damn leak. That should be the top priority. It’s NOT!
    Then I have to agree with General Honore’, “We need to declare war on this spill and kill it!” He wants to get the Navy out there, with skimmers, and any and all equipment, and manpower to get the job done!

    Funny thing is, Not Obama or BP, has mentioned anything about this! To date, only agencies that work on land, have been contacted to help. It is an Ocean disaster, and needs, crews that have the equipment (Navy) to clean it up!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 71 =-.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara ….. BP has no machines that I am aware of. I would love to see other nations who have the means volunteer to come on over and help out. Add in Costner’s babies and we should be able to clean up most of it.

  15. Kevin N. Says:

    I was just wondering the other day why the hell there isn’t something like this. Now I know there actually is, but as usual, a bunch of BS prevents it from being utilized. Now, of course, it sounds like BP is buying enough to completely cover their back ends. Hopefully 6 million gallons a day is enough to clean up the water. Too bad they didn’t take the preventive approach, but when does a major corporation ever do that…
    .-= Kevin N.´s last blog ..Still Breathing, and lots more! =-.

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi Kevin …. There are many corporations who actually do have backup plans. BP had 3 weeks to fix the issues at hand that would of prevented this. However, speed and greed are their mottos.

  17. Lissof Says:

    Having spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy I can say that the Navy probably does not have oil skimmers of any dimension. Their primary function is not oil spill cleanup; therefore they would not have the equipment nor the expertise to handle anything this size.

    I believe the Coast Guard has skimmers, but the capacity is so diminutive that they would maybe be of use in some of the barrier islands. Not much at that.

    However we do have Ohmsett, I saw a Discovery Channel type documentary on Ohmsett last year.

    From their website “OHMSETT – The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility is the only facility where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, research, and training can be conducted in a marine environment with oil under controlled environmental conditions (waves and oil types). The facility provides an environmentally safe place to conduct objective testing and to develop devices and techniques for the control of oil and hazardous material spills”

    Here is a link to YouTube video of them in action:

    And it looks really impressive until you ask about the rated capacity of the equipment,,, NOT MUCH compared to the job to be done in the Gulf.

    Here is the link for Ohmsett:

    From their website “Ohmsett’s mission is to strengthen awareness of oil spill pollution prevention and response methods, while at the same time remaining committed to the well being of its customers, employees, and associates.”

    Be sure to read their “Spring/Summer 2010 OHMSETT GAZETTE” on the right hand center of the page. If you are like me “Be Prepared” for the let down….

    On the lower left hand corner of the page you will see that Ohmsett is a department of “MMS”.

    Yes, the very same “Minerals Management Service” you have been hearing so much about lately. That same “MMS” that was exposed for enjoying “Sex, Drugs and Graft” while on the job,,, back in Sept. of 2008.!!! Of course the party was paid for by the same people they were to oversee. Big Oil… Look here:

    The only large skimmers I know of are owned by Norway, the Dutch and Super-Tankers temporarily converted for cleanup of the Oil Spill after Iraqi forces opened valves at the Sea Island oil terminal and dumped oil from several tankers into the Persian Gulf during the Kuwait incident.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof …. Great information! I know that Norway has volunteered last month to assist and no one has contacted them. Hopefully, they will now!

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  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Suneco …. How are your prices?

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