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BP Use A BOP Squeeze It Shut

Is Greed Trumping Expertise in Ebbing The Flow?

USREPORT-US-OIL-RIG-LEAKExcuse me BP, but I have a couple of questions. I know you are kind of busy and all but, are you trying to save that well?

I am not an petroleum engineer but it seems to me with all your failures – Top Hat, Top Kill, and Top Throw Down Some Tires, whatever, you keep wanting to tap the oil gushing out of the broke pipe!

Have you even tried maneuvering a Blow-Out Preventer (BOP), around the pipe and squeeze it shut? Even if you have to reboticly dig down a little to expose unbroken pipe to get a good seal from the BOP. Then lower a dome over BOP, well, et al and fill the dome with concrete – never to be touched again. Then, stay the hell out of the deep water that we can’t get to, you greedy morons!

Don’t tell us it won’t work because that’s exactly what working BOPs were invented for, of course before disasters, not after.

capt.photo_1274719848298-4-0So, why haven’t you tried something like that? Well, I suspect you are still trying to get your greedy hands on all that black gold annihilating our Gulf coast and waters.

Oh another thing, the EPA issued a directive last week ordering BP to find, within 24 hours, a less toxic but equally effective chemical than its current product, Corexit 9500 — and one that is available in sufficient quantities. The directive also gave the company 72 hours to stop applying it to the undersea gusher. Because Corexit has been rated more toxic and less effective than many others on the list of 18 EPA-approved dispersants, according to testimony at a congressional hearing.

BP’s response was the only other effective, less toxic alternative available in mass quantities is Sea Brat 4. However, BP said the Sea Brat product “contains a small amount of a chemical that may degrade to a nonylphenol.” (Nonylphenol is an organic chemical that is toxic to aquatic life and may persist in the environment for years.)

capt.photo_1274981632089-1-0John Sheffield, president of Alabaster Corp., which manufactures Sea Brat, took issue with BP’s response, saying that the company is “nitpicking my product because they want to use what they’ve always used.” (And probably owns too.)

Just this last Thursday BP and Transocean executives told lawmakers that employees on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig all had the ability to stop the drilling process at any time but ignored red flags. Yep, sure enough, sooner or later they where going to dump the blame on “the low man on the totem pole”. Especially the ones that died and can’t defend themselves.

Lawmakers questioned the execs about an argument that took place between BP’s site manager and the Transocean team over a procedure hours before the blast. But both companies said they didn’t know anything about the argument, other than what was reported in the press. Really? Maybe they missed 60 Minutes when Mike Williams, an eye witness to the argument and lived through the nightmare, recounted the details of the “alleged” argument on national TV.

Gulf Oil Spill Retro NationSo here’s the last question to you BP; is your undivided attention so squarely on your bottom line that you don’t realize your new reputation is ‘Planetary Terrorist’, or do you not give a gnat’s butt one way or the other, as long as the profits are intact?

And to the government, from the President, to the Congress, to the EPA, stop letting BP have the lead in this situation. We understand the thinking that they should have way more expertise in this arena than any government entity. But apparently they don’t. And instead of dazzling us with brilliance, they are only baffling us with bullshit.

Oh by the way, you changed your name once from British Petroleum to just BP, maybe it’s time to change it again to soften your toxic image. So, how about ……
BeePee —

bpbee pee

as the green future unfolds.

I see you smiling……..

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No Responses to “BP Use A BOP Squeeze It Shut”

  1. Apollo Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I can sense your anger with BP and most share that for obvious reasons but I think you are being a bit to harsh on that. I have contacts on the ground and the situation is not as simple as you may think it is.

    It is easy to blame corporations when things go wrong and scream greed, but get an inside look and understand the problem, otherwise your may lose some credibility with what you write.

    You do a great job and you are free to write about anything you love to, but if you stick to what you know the quality keeps up with what regular readers are used to. This post is nothing more than a personal rant about a topic you seem to lack the understanding over and therefore, in my opinion, lacks the quality I got used to from your blog.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..Thank you for your support in April 2010 =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo …. Yes, I am angry and I too have folks on the ground. I understand the situation is tenuous. You may have lost credibility by wanting this blog to meet your criteria versus mine. Right, wrong, or indifferent, the ol sayin “If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” applies.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Well Apollo it seems to me within the post Linda admitted that she was not a petroleum engineer and taking that into consideration her suggestion makes remarkably more sense than the failed solutions bp has thrown at the problem so far. As far as a ‘lack of understanding’ goes 1.) What is bp (or any other oil company) doing drilling at a depth that when trouble strikes, even our most advanced manned submarines can not get to. Now if that is not a ‘lack of understanding’ then it can only leave one word – GREED. And 2.)I am a Gulf Coastie and all we have to understand is to walk out our doors and smell the crude in the air before we even see the disgusting horror bp has cursed us with.

    I am all for giving credit where credit is due and believe me, bp deserves no credit what so ever. So Apollo, maybe this post is a personal rant, but it rants for us all, not just the Gulf Coast but the entire planet Earth. And Linda, thank you for that, my friend.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Sandy …. Your questions are excellent and I cannot answer them. I have no idea as to why they are down that far. As for the smell in the air, sigh! Thanks for your support.

  5. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Personal rant, well you are entitled! I think your idea, is good and sound. And, like you said, why haven’t they tried that? I understand, that the pressure at that depth is unbelievable, and therefore, the reason for the problems that they are experiencing.
    But then, we need to ask, why they were allowed to drill only forty miles from shore? Why so deep, and why No regulations, and why No disaster or back-up plan? If those things would have been in place, maybe it wouldn’t look like they are just twiddling their thumbs, and letting GREED, be the deciding factor. Time is a wasting, and the picture isn’t getting any prettier!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..There’s Pain-But NO GAIN! =-.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Yes, the picture is getting worse and there seems to be no end in sight. Thanks for your support!

    Hi Jason … Very well put!

  7. jason Says:

    Planetary terrorist is an apt description because so long as the world depends on petrochemical energy then governments will seek to uproot entire civilizations older than the English language solely for the purpose of greasing the skids of immediacy and individualistic convenience. Its as tragic as devastating a mahogany forest to sell some coffee tables to Westerners with more dollars than sense.
    .-= jason´s last blog ..Empath =-.

  8. Apollo Says:

    @Linda: This is your blog and you can write whatever you want. I dont have any criteria this blog needs to meet. Most of your posts on this blog show that the subjects you discuss are written with knowledge on the subject and not just BS in order to have a post.

    This one lacks that, so if there is criteria I look for it is the standard that you have set by your previous writing. There is no heat to stand here, and since you mention ‘ol sayins’: Past performance is no guarantee for future performance seems to apply here.

    I dont really care if you want to tear apart BP, but maybe you should look into their alternative energy work as well. Transition is a slow progress and we may wish it could happen over night, it does not.

    Dont blame the supplier, blame society for depending on oil. You yourself use it every single day. Look at the big picture, as I said it is easy to just blame any corporation when things go wrong. On the other side you use their products every day.

    Should people be angry about the oil spill? Of course.

    @Sandy: They get the stuff you and the rest of the planet consumes every day. Before claiming BP deserves no credit, either clarify in which regards or look deeper into BP (and most other oil companies).

    It is funny how the majority blames oil companies for a lot of things when they simply provide all of you who complain (and those who dont) with what you consumer every day. I love how people scream change from their living rooms, beg for government help and dont realize that it really doesn’t matter unless you get the corporations who can implement those changes on board.

    I am all about green technology and alternative energy, but the right way which can be sustained and implemented.

    You want to call BP (and/or other oil companies) planetary terrorists?

    Well, then you are part of their planetary terrorist network.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..Memorial Day =-.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo …. In this case I do blame the supplier as they did not utilize their own Standard Operating Procedure to FIX the BOP BEFORE the blowout. They also lost 11 lives for their failure to follow SOP. So does the big picture apply here? NOPE! Irregardless of what the rest of the company accomplishes, this is a world disaster and BP is going to be held accountable.

    Parts of your computer to make comments on this blog is made from oil products, so welcome to the planetary terrorist network. Glad to have you aboard.

  10. Sandy Says:

    Apollo – Do you work for bp? Living off bp stock dividends? Are you trying to just debate? Or do you get sadistic gratification from trying to rub salt in the fresh wounds of mine and my neighbors who are utterly devastated by this disaster? Whatever your intentions are – we MUST be allowed our avenues to vent our anger, frustrations, and fears for our lives, children, wildlife, and what was once our beautiful and unique lands. Without a ‘Mr. Holier Than Thou’ boomeranging the the fault back at us, just like bp blaming our dead! We are in day 43 of this nightmare, REAL LIFE living this at this very moment!

    What is true is that our dependence on oil was set way before any of us were born. But we are trying to work our path away from this dependence. So answer me this, Oracle of Oil, how do you know that I am not totally off the grid, driving an electric vehicle, and living a nearly complete sustainable life – you obviously don’t. But it doesn’t matter now, your precious bp, making 6 billion in 90 days, has trumped all the good green gains – as far as I can see – literally!

    I don’t know where you live Apollo, but I would be willing to bet it’s not down here living through this hell. I would also be willing to bet there is no way in hell you would say what you have said to me, face to face, away from the safety of your keyboard. Because despite your arrogance, you sound smart enough to know that this Cajun would pick up a piece of oily drift wood and smack you across your pompous ass!

  11. Linda Says:

    HI Sandy ….. ROFL! WOW! OK, well, I believe you have made your point and I’ll hold your coat any time the need be! 😀

  12. RE - RecycledFrockery Says:

    you know it’s just a damn shame – honestly.
    .-= RE – RecycledFrockery´s last blog ..Granny asks MTV for a Bully Beatdown in the BAYOU ! =-.

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi RE … Yes it is and to even make it worse, Norway and Sweden have offered their services as they have experience in deep ocean drilling and are still awaiting for a go ahead to help BP. Hmmmmmmm!

    Hi RE ….. Lets do it! 😀

  14. RE - RecycledFrockery Says:

    hey and why aren’t we in your blogroll – shall we make this an even exchange this week mamm ? (wink*wink)
    .-= RE – RecycledFrockery´s last blog ..Granny asks MTV for a Bully Beatdown in the BAYOU ! =-.

  15. Katherine Says:

    I LOVED the BEE PEE!!! This whole thing is so scary. I honestly think they should fill the thing up with a bunch of shamwows!

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi Katherine … Well…. that’s a better idea than the genius’ at BP have come up with so far.

  17. Jen Says:

    This whole thing makes me sick and I don’t live anywhere near the gulf nor do I drive an electric car. I don’t understand how they can get down there to lay the pipe but they can’t get down there to cap it. Could someone splain this to me?

    Katherine’s idea with the Sham Wow is a great one.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Talking to Myself =-.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Jen …. Here’s the deal, Lucy! The pipe is sent from the surface of the rig They take the first extremely long piece of pipe with the drill bit on the end and start. Each end of the pipe is threaded to join one to another. They just keep threading long runs of steel pipe for 10’s of thousand of feet. The length of the pipe, is the reason why an oil rigs tower called a derrick is so tall. That is how they get down there. Now, once they are down there …. well, apparently ….

  19. Apollo Says:

    @Linda: I am well aware what products depend on oil, directly and indirectly. I am not the one who points fingers and blames oil companies for everything. I agree that it is a global disaster, and yes BP is to blame for it together with a few others. BP is the majority owner and I do not try to downplay the disaster. BP made a serious of mistakes and they will pay the price for that.

    @Sandy: No, I do not work for BP. I just display a higher degree of intelligence than you do. How do I know that you ‘are part of the planetary terrorist network’?

    For starters you use a computer or another electronic device to show the world your lack of knowledge. You may be off the grid, but regardless use products which have been produced using oil. The simple fact that you think being off the grid and driving an electric car makes you stand out from the crowd which uses (directly and indirectly) products manufactured/transported by oil and its products shows that you have no clue what you are talking about.

    Calling it ‘my precious bp’ and referring to me as ‘oracle of oil’ further strengthen the case that you lack the knowledge to keep up a sophisticated conversation and contribute value to it. Sarcasm is often used to hide ignorance.

    Another typical statement used to hide ignorance/lack if intelligence is the statement that I would not say this to your face away from the keyboard and that you ‘sarcastically threaten’ a forceful reaction to a statement that you don’t agree with.

    I understand the outrage, but rather than to simply view one side I take a look in both directions and understand both sides of the spectrum. You have every right to voice your anger and use any avenue available, just as other have the same right. We don’t have to agree.

    @Jen: In addition to what Linda said, they use robots as well. At the moment they have three robots (last time I checked) down there.

    @Katherine: They tried that, or something similar to that but the pressure was too high and it did not help. It is called a top kill and works great on land, but unfortunately failed in that depth.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..June 2010 Ad Special =-.

  20. Linda Says:

    Tempers, tempers……… let’s play nice in the playground. 😀 Sandy, if you need help, just let us know !

  21. Sandy Says:

    To Linda – First, let me apologize for my anger at bp has allowed me to become an unwitting accomplice to high-jacking your site. If you will grant me this one last comment, I will cease what has become senseless, petty bickering. Our energies are needed in vastly more important arenas.

    To Apollo – Oh boy! I’m really scared now, you sure told me off! Insulting my intelligence and still assuming you know me — wow, that’s definitely the work of a superior intellect — surely you’re a member of MENSA

    So, I guess there’s only one thing left to say – shut up and go do something with your life – better still, come down here, stand shoulder to shoulder with me and expend your energy doing worthy work – cleaning this mess — stand real close to me, so when you feel the need to satisfy you’re craving for pissing people off, playing devil’s advocate with annoying diatribes, my oily drift wood can efficiently engage your ‘off- switch’.

  22. Gourmet Coffee Makers Says:

    It is almost unbelievable that this oil spill is still not taken care of. It’s been what, like 46 days now?? All i see on the television all day long is dead fish, and poor sea gulls covered in oil.

  23. Linda Says:

    Hi Gourmet ….. They are only trying to save the well. It has nothing to do with the environment. They could care less at this point.

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  25. Linda Says:

    Hi Free Energy … Thank you and come back again!

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  27. Linda Says:

    Hi Flower … how bout sending me some ideas!

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