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NASA Data Leaves No Doubt

Unless You Insist On Cutting Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face

A recently released analysis of global surface temperature conducted by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), shows 2009 was tied for the second warmest year for the Northern Hemisphere and the warmest year for the Southern Hemisphere since modern records began in 1880.
This is happening while the sun is currently in a period of abnormally low solar activity, yet global warming is continuing.

January 2000 to December 2009 was the warmest decade on record. Throughout the last three decades, the GISS surface temperature record shows an upward trend of about 0.2°C (0.4°F) per decade. Except for a leveling off between the 1940s and 1970s a clear warming trend is present and persistent.

Since a NASA video is worth a thousand of my words …

Please take the journey over to the NASA site  ….   Global Temperature Update 2009

…… as the green future unfolds.

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30 Responses to “NASA Data Leaves No Doubt”

  1. Apollo Says:


    one problem is that modern records in regards to the age of the planet are really useless as the climate cycles are much larger and therefore data collected does not really tell the full story.

    Don’t get me wrong, you know by now that I am a full supporter and active advocate of alternative energy and I don’t fight analysis at all.

    So, it was the warmest year since 1880, agreed…but that does not support the global warming theory, in my opinion. Regardless we should minimize, reduce or better yet eliminate green house gases as they do have a negative impact on the planet.

    Simply based by the graph you provided, I will lean out the window here and predict that temperatures will decline over the next few decades. This is a semi-educated guess as I would need more data/info to make a better judgement. There are plenty of variables that would impact that.

    I think it is (sadly) part of human nature to jump to conclusions without clear knowledge about all the facts. The more complicated the issues and the more emotions tied into it, the faster the conclusions.

    I fully agree that there is a warming trend which will continue for a few years, the impacts will be felt and there is no doubt about that.

    The one thing that would be nice to determine beyond dispute is what caused the warming trend and I am sure there is more than one cause which led to it.

    We will never find out for sure if it could have been prevented what we can do is to focus on what can be done in order to have a positive impact and solve problems we have in a sophisticated way. We all know there are plenty out there…
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo …. As with most statistics, the intent is to show a trend. Once a trend is established, then action must be taken to make a correction in the trend.

    Therefore, unless things radically change now, I would be willing to bet you that the coming decades average temperatures will keep rising. So don’t strain your neck hangin your head out the window for the next few decades when the data you are looking for is on the video provided. 🙂 But whether you believe in global warming or not, it is my duty to gather all the reliable data I can and disseminate to all who come by.

    It will still create conversation, one way or another. Thus, just maybe, some action. 😀

  3. Apollo Says:

    Trends do change Linda. Statistics are great to show trends, the secret is to read and predict what will happen before it happens. Temperatures may rise for another decade, but eventually they will correct again. I never said that global warming is what we experience, I rather suggested that it would have happened regardless if our species would have evolved or not.

    I agree that something needs to be done, and I am currently involved in a few green projects…global warming or not…green projects will be beneficial and are the only smart way forward :).
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo … If you do not want to bet me, that’s ok! 😀 We’ll just agree to disagree on the scenario of global warming. As long as you believe of taking care of our planet earth, that’s all that I can ask as we are on the same side! Cannot wait to see what your green projects are.

    Hi Dan … Thank you Dan, thank you very much!

    Hi Diane …. If they would move now, then jobs will be a plenty! 🙂

  5. Dan Boise Says:

    If people would stop and take a look at those type of statistics, maybe they pay more attention to what they do…

  6. Diane Scott Says:

    I’m hanging with Apollo on this one with the cravat that “going green” can’t hurt! We use way too many resources that make a very small segment extremely wealthy and therefore have ignored (or been forced to do without) green alternatives like wind, solar, and geothermal. Common sense would say we’ve got to make a move and in doing so CREATE F____ JOBS!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Scams Know Them When You See Them =-.

  7. Barbara Says:

    The weather seems to say it all, worldwide. I agree with Diane,though, if the government would just get going on GREEN jobs, we would all be better off!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..A Garbage Warrior -To A Green Living Hero! =-.

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … You betcha! I hope that they make a good decision soon!

  9. papia Says:

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  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Papia … I need to see a sample of your articles and then I can give you a definitive answer.

  11. Apollo Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I hope to get some info your way next weekend. By the way, if you want the government to make the decisions we may as well not bother as a society. The less governments get involved, the better the chances of sustainable success. The idea of a government to hand out incentives which they previously took in the form of taxes is perverted. Any government which is serious about helping out should lower taxes drastically in order to not only increase their own tax revenues but also to boost the type of investment needed which is from the private sector.

    Most of the current tax incentives are nothing but a joke. They can talk all they want which is just a waste of oxygen at best. The green revolution, if that is what you want to call it, will be driven by the private sector and not by a lousy government plan to act on an issue they don’t understand anyway.

    If you need to get your car fixed, you wont go to the dentist for it, same applies to going green and anything else.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo … Hmmmm… I agree with you on getting the private sector to invest in the green revolution. They just need to get off their butts and start.

    As for government, we supply them the money to do what we, the people want done via taxes. As usual, that is not happening.

    So should you know some investors who is willing to get products out to the public at an affordable price, I would love to be part of the movement.

  13. Apollo Says:

    Well, then you will get your chance to be part of such a movement in the near future.

    Taxes will never be sued for what the people want or what needs to be done. Government and money equals failure. I know that getting to a tax free society is not going to happen in our lifetimes…maybe never…but look at the history of taxes and you see that it was never intended to do what the people wanted or needed. I understand that taxes is a different issue here and far off the green topic.

    The private sector is slow to move because governments don’t back off and punish innovation with over-regulation which simply is counter-productive. Just look at the so called financial crisis…it started and was confined to the most regulated part of the financial world where governments had the most influence and the tightest grip…and now they want more regulation to punish those who made a profit from the sheer stupidity of the rest. It is ridiculous but repeated over and over again.

    Give me a bit more patience until I get around to e-mail you some more info next week and see if you like what you read.

    One thing that the green revolution does not need is the government as the planet can’t afford that road block. Politicians use the green revolution as a platform for a pathetic attempt to get some votes and nothing more. They may throw in a few ideas they picked up somewhere and jibber about that.

    Do you really want the government involved?

    Look at healthcare, social security, medicare, the tax system, the budget, the highways, the financial system to name just a few.

    Sure, the government (unfortunately) needs to get on board at the end by getting out the way and if they want to act like they have assisted slash taxes down to 0% for private companies involved in the green revolution.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo … Humans, as social beings are still not advanced enough to live without elected governments. With the greed that still permeates this world there is no way the rich is going to altruistically build our roads, educate our young, and on and on. Nor will everyone else jump in to help with the labor.

    So until that utopian era comes to pass, elected governments are the only way at this time to accomplish results for the greater good.

    That said, it is our responsibility to challenge the politicians on their work results, if their not doing the job, kick them out and elect those who honestly know the issues and have the good sense to find the solutions without just throwing our money at things they don’t know anything about.

    Which brings me back to YOU Apollo. Seriously, have you ever thought of running for office? You know the issues and the nuances of the problem. A win-win for all of us. You would have my vote.

  15. Lissof Says:

    Hi Linda,

    The link did not go through for me. But I need little convincing anyway.

    Unfortunately, if we do not act soon, we may never know if climatic destruction could have been averted.

    To our future generations, I wish you well.

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … I just tried it and it still works for me. Give it another chance. I know what you mean.

  17. Apollo Says:

    Hey Linda,

    it is not the rich and wealthy who should be blamed for anything. The entire problem is approached wrong and starts with blame. The rich have no obligation to do anything for anyone (I refer to those who have not gained their wealth illegally). The same opportunity is out there for anyone, only a few realize that.

    If you want to accomplish a common goal, you do not start by pointing fingers and go…you have cash, you fix it or at least hand over your cash. That robin hood mentality just harms progress.

    There is no is problem with having an elected government, as long as that government does not get involved. The world was great without taxes until the poor and middle class wanted to take from the rich in order to better their life, which is sad and dumb as now those who screamed and voted for taxes carry the burden.

    There are plenty of solutions and as a society we should aim at realizing those. I understand that it will not happen anytime soon, but the sooner this ‘blame the rich’ mentality is wiped out, the sooner progress will be made.

    There are plenty of private companies and individuals who would love to get involved and take over what the government controls. Greed is not the problem, lack of knowledge is.

    Thanks for having you vote if I would run for office, but I much rather try to make a change then talk about it in order to tell the public what they want to hear.

    Actions speak louder then words.

    Just a quick example of how a government would be able to assist is eliminate all taxes if they agree to invest in a particular sector.

    Everyone hates big oil, Norway eliminated taxes for their oil companies if they agree to provide health care for everyone with their revenues…Norways health care is not messed up, government is out of it and the population is satisfied. It works, but it will never work by blaming certain companies or individuals.

    I look forward to much more communication with you and I am happy to be a regular visitor of this website as the discussions here are great.
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo … You see! Why could we not do the same thing that Norway has done with our oil companies? That would shut up all of the critics who now sqeak about government involvement. This action could cure a lot of woes that could be accomplished within 6 months. Win-win for all involved.

    I agree with you about change. The more we can educate the masses, companies, and individuals .. the faster innovations, inventions can come to market.

    Thank you for coming by and leaving your insights. Makes discussion much more fun. ;D

  19. psyche Says:

    You don’t have to convince me. But it is not just about warming. This is one of the harder things to show simply. People seem to conveniently forget undeniable evidence like the ozone hole.
    .-= psyche´s last blog .. =-.

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi psyche. Yep, you are absolutely right. Reminds me of an old saying ‘ you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink! ‘

  21. Lissof Says:

    Hi Apollo,

    I find it interesting that you utilize The Kingdom of Norway as an example:

    “Actions speak louder then words.

    Just a quick example of how a government would be able to assist is eliminate all taxes if they agree to invest in a particular sector.

    Everyone hates big oil, Norway eliminated taxes for their oil companies if they agree to provide health care for everyone with their revenues…Norways health care is not messed up, government is out of it and the population is satisfied. It works, but it will never work by blaming certain companies or individuals. “

    My Norge friends would disagree with your assessment of their government and nation.

    The natural resources of Norway are held/owned by the citizens. Therefore the “Government” owns a majority share of their (Norwegian ) oil company “STATOIL”, and the Norwegian Aluminum and renewable energy (wind & hydroelectric resources) company “NORSK HYDRO” . The monies derived from these resources in the form of TAXES, income, licensing fees and royalties goes into their Petroleum Fund, now referred to as “Government Pension Fund-Global”

    See here:

    But as the fund was heavy into markets outside of Norway, the world economic slump hit them hard.

    Now they do have a Constitutional-Democracy style of government and they do have one of the highest, if not the highest standards of living, but they do pay Taxes. Income (wage) tax of 47%,, Surtax 9%-12%, wealth tax, savings tax, and others my friends rattled off.

    The money (disposable income) you do have to spend, is assessed a “VAT” (similar to sales tax) of 25% the value of goods or services received, 14% on food, 8% transportation (bus, train, plane and boat)..

    Unless it is a luxury item, then they stick it to you, just try to buy a car or gas to put in it. See Here:

    Things that set my Norge friends apart from us Americans, they have a sense of “community” or “Village” as they put it. The individual has a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing (welfare) of all the individuals in the Nation. They have a sense of time and think of generations yet to be born.

    They do not mind (too much) paying the taxes, as they realize the “social” programs are reinvesting in the long term wellbeing (welfare) of society. That really sounds like a socialist society, redistribution of wealth from those who are rich to those who are not.

    The oil money in the reserve fund is for AFTER the oil is depleted, to enable their society to transition to a different economy. Their Social Welfare State, was and is funded by taxes.

    Perhaps if we, Americans had more of a sense of “community” as our Norwegian friends do, we would not need a “Government of the People, by the People, for the People”.,

  22. Apollo Says:

    Hi Lissof,

    allow me to apologize for not researching the topic better. My friends in Norway told me a different story at a cocktail party and I should have looked into it better before posting about it. Thanks for the info.

    Having said that, I never said Norway has no taxes at all and my point is that taxes are a perverted socialistic idea. Forget about what I said about Norway as I was under-informed about the topic.

    The best way and the most efficient way would be to cut taxes to 0% for companies who would take over sectors like healthcare. Let big oil provide the money needed for healthcare and eliminate all taxes they pay in return. The same should be applied to almost any other sector. Do not punish companies, get them involved.

    Any sector the government makes decisions will fail and that is not the way forward. Change is not about the replacement of one incompetent person with an even more incompetent person. The less government, the better and pure capitalism is the only economic way which stands a chance and will be able to provide the capital required.

    An approach which would not point fingers at capitalists and calls them greedy based on lack of courage or intelligence would create a tax free society. The only tax there should be is a consumption tax…a small 5% tax on things consumed besides food and energy. That would be sufficient for the small amount a functioning government run by sophisticated individuals would require…a smaller 3% tax may be sufficient as well.

    That my friend is change…positive change and not the garbage the socialists try to spill with their approach to failure.

    Will it happen?

    Probably not as our species is not ready to evolve and grow…not yet but hope is the last thing that dies.

    I will write a post on my blog about a tax free society and if there is enough interest in that topic I consider a book with a plan to make it work and a reason of why it will not fail.

    PS: Linda, I love to comment here and enjoy the discussions 🙂
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  23. Lissof Says:


    Thanks for the invitation to your blog, that would be a better formatt to continue this discussion on. We have already hijacked Linda’s site for too long.

    See ya.


  24. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo and Lissof … thanks guys! Just remember I gotta give you what I gotta give you…. as the green future unfolds! 🙂

  25. Apollo Says:

    Hi Lissof,

    I agree. We did hijack Linda’s site for too long and went off topic ;). I hope to continue this discussion with you and anyone else who wishes to join in.

    Linda, I’ll stick to ‘green comments’ or at least I try 😉
    .-= Apollo´s last blog ..The Bird-Shit Investment Strategy… =-.

  26. Linda Says:

    Hi Apollo … Hey! I enjoy the discussion as much as you guys do. 😀

  27. Nathan Rodriguez Tirinhas Says:

    The abnormally low solar activity should be noticied by general media also, it´s the first time I heard about this fact.
    .-= Nathan Rodriguez Tirinhas´s last blog ..Tirinhas engraçadas: #95: Poção do amor =-.

  28. Linda Says:

    Hi Nathan … You know, it is not and you would think it would be noticed so nothing new there. 😀

  29. Brad Says:

    Good morning, Linda.

    Sorry to be so tardy with my comments. I had to take time out to do my annual “tax marathon.”

    As for NASA and their data, my position remains the same. 🙂

  30. Linda Says:

    Hi Brad … I know, I know. But just one of these days! 😀

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