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Global Warming Is Dish Also Served Cold

Hurricanes and Snow Storms Are Getting Stronger And Lasting Longer

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

It’s 5:35 in the afternoon and for the last 10 hours we have been working on getting the generators up because power has been out since 2 in the morning. Kicking ourselves because the generators have not been prepped since Ike hit us 17 months before. But now they’re working and everybody is thawing out. Except for the noise and regretfully, the noxious exhaust, everything is like normal because home is an RV.

A local news channel always ends the newscast with one of the anchors giving his ignorant 2 cents on whatever His Arrogance deems worthy of his biting critique.

Sure enough, he is now spouting a fact that the snow and ice we are experiencing in East Texas, (which would be normal in Minot, North Dakota), is proof that global warming is nonexistent and made up by followers of Al Gore to make him a billionaire. ??? — WHAT? — Really?!! — Oh good! My middle finger just came back to life. Hope the rest of my digits follow suit, that could be embarrassing.

Only way out!

Only way out!

People please, nobody said only the tropical storms would get worse. ALL STORMS are getting STRONGER and LONGER. The same words that have been said all along. And as for you Mr. Head-In-The-Sand, the Earth is annoyed and like a flea on a dog, she will scratch your pompous ass right off her surface, too bad she will take the rest of us with you.

Mother Nature will right herself, one extreme way or another.

as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “Global Warming Is Dish Also Served Cold”

  1. Beth Charette Says:

    You know for me, the global warming debate is not where the emphasis should be. There is no doubt about the environmental disasters man has caused with waste, overfishing, reef destruction, etc. So, I feel more comfortable campaigning on that level.

    In addition, the leaders of the global warming campaigns such as Al Gore are such hypocrites that I can’t stand to listen to them.

    Even looking at just his home in Tennessee, Al Gore’s carbon footprint is at least 25 times that of the normal citizen. His Tennessee home energy bill was over $30,000 last year. And other global warming representatives like John Travolta (five personal jets that he uses constantly), and Prince Charles (don’t even get me started), are all just people who want everyone else to tell their grandmothers to wear sweaters in winter, but sit in their 12,000 square foot mansions eating up so much energy that they are the principal cause of local environmental disasters. How dare they show their faces at places like Copenhagen.

    No, global warming is a dead issue as far as I am concerned, and I don’t want to be in any crowd cheering for old Al, or John, or Prince Charlie.

    But, sign me up to protect habitats, the air, water, and I am excited.


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  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Beth… I absolutely see your point, but over 20 years ago Al Gore was the highest ranking (and only) leader in our government adamantly and intelligently espousing to the media and anyone who would listen, the environmental crisis this planet was (still is) enduring. Which has earned him nothing but unending scorn and ridicule. He literally “can’t win for losing”.

    At least the folks you mentioned are well aware of the climate situation and have come out in support of a must have green future. Sometimes I wonder if more celebrities who would really like to be engaged are afraid to because their lives would immediately be put under the microscope. Curiously this never happens to opponents of the facts of our climate problems.

    Still you are correct in the fact that WE ALL need to work at reducing our carbon footprint. And the haves (for once), have a more arduous job than the have nots.

    So even tho I disagree with your people assessment, as long as your fight is for the good of this planet, you can like or dislike anyone you care to and I’ll defend your right to do so, you li’ ol’ Earth warrior you.

    Hi Psyche … LOL! Either that or their only defense is an offense of semantics and word play. Which is extremely aggravating because it insults our intelligence.

    We could try ….. Manic Planet .. or … Calamity Climate …. or … Gaia Gone Wild …

  3. psyche Says:

    I think it is time to dump the ‘global warming’ name, seems it confuses the simple minded πŸ˜‰

    After all climate change includes warming, cooling, ocean currents, weather systems, the ozone layer and more….

  4. self storage cumming Says:

    The worst comment I heard someone say on TV was “Who says there’s global warming with these kinds of snow storms?”. The “warming” word in “global warming” is misleading people…
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  5. Linda Says:

    Hi self storage … So true! Maybe we should call it “earth axis changes”?

  6. solarglobalgreen Says:

    I don’t understand the short sighted argument that a huge snowstorm proves that global warming does not exist when in fact large scale weather changes prove just the opposite.

  7. Linda Says:

    hi solarglobalgreen … Yes! you have hit the nail on the head! I guess another year of disasters might give the “head in sand” group something to talk about.

    Hi A. … I can understand your point. In fact, it is such a hot topic here in the states that anything that has the word “climate” in it, creates a storm of words. So, in tonight’s post, I will try again.

    Hi Brad … OK, that is one view. I guess you are in agreement with Scientist Donald Trump and his comments. πŸ˜€ For East Texas to get 8 inches of snow was fun but highly unusual. Ice storms, yes! For the most part, the jet stream dipped when it normally stays west of us.

    I bet you are having a case of cabin fever about now?

  8. A. @ A Changing Life Says:

    We’ve certainly had an abnormal winter here in the UK, but here we more often say “climate change” so the same debate doesn’t arise – apart from the few die-hards who will never change, I suspect. Like Beth, I’d prefer the emphasis to be on protecting the environment, not trying to score points over what has or hasn’t been proved.

  9. Brad Says:

    The globe warms, the globe cools. Man has zero impact on either one.

  10. BoA music fan Says:

    In the UK this year we had a really cold snap (worst for 30 years I think?). However, apparently in the Balkans the weather there is usually very cold but has been unseasonally warm this year. Basically we drew the short straw this time for some reason. I do wonder if it’s related to global warming at all.
    .-= BoA music fanΒ΄s last blog ..BoA – Key Of Heart music video (Korean version) =-.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi BoA music fan … It is in many ways but it is a combination of sun, humans, and atmosphere.

    Hi Karen … why thank you! Believe me, I have not been this cold since I was a kid! LOL!

  12. Karen Says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous even if they make me shiver!

  13. Lissof Says:

    And meanwhile it is 50*F and sunshine at the Winter Olympics..!!! πŸ™ I am sure there are alot of middle fingers up, up here also.. πŸ™‚

    Short story: Mother Nature does not like it when we mess with the Eco-System.

    Now for the long story, it is about 6 pages, read this; then think what will happen as we loose our Polar Ice Cover…

    Climate is global, weather is local, I think we had better get used to Extreme conditions in our weather patterns for an very long, long, long time.

    For Mother Nature will heal herself, with the aid of Father Time… And the lack of human habitation because that finger thing will come from Mother Earth, unless we change our ways soon.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … LOL! that 50*F is just not working well up there is it? However, Mother Earth will certainly let us know…

  15. DJ Says:

    I agree with all those who are saying that the the “warming” in “global warming” is misleading the uneducated, and that the large snow storm disproves global warming. Global Warming includes both extremes in weather, hot and cold, so like others have said this storm proves it true more than it disproves it.
    Even though the NE states have been getting enormous amounts of snow, Maine has gotten little to none. We had one large snow fall in december and ever since then we’ve only received the lightest dustings of a few inches, everywhere you look you can see large patches of grass, squirrels running about and birds chirping. It’s practically spring in February.
    Like others have pointed out, I vote to stray farther from the Global Warming fad and push for issues like: deforestation, clean energy, over fishing, industrial pollution. We should focus on trying to fix the problems we’ve made instead of quibbling over if global warming is happening or not, it sure won’t hurt to try and help the environment and clean up the mess we’ve made over the years.

  16. Linda Says:

    HI DJ … I know you are NOT used to birds chirping and squirrels running around in February as much as we are not used to 8 inches of snow. In fact, neither are our birds and squirrels. πŸ˜€ Would you be willing to use the green revolution as a calling card instead of global warming or climate change.

    As far as global warming, some people are more analytical and to help them process, they need the numbers data. Some people are more visual, so they are seeing the de-forestation, less fish, industrial pollution. They must see something being done to alleviate these problems.

    In the end, something must be done to help out Mother Earth. I feel that it is Forced Green’s responsibility to give everyone what they need to make their decisions.

  17. Lissof Says:

    Very well put Linda,

    It does take different approaches to get everyone onboard. For those that are visually orientated National Geographic, NOVA, Planet Earth, PBS and a host of other educational TV. programs have done a remarkable job of not only showing the visual changes brought about the last couple of decades i.e. glacial retreat, loss of coral reefs, decline of habitat and species; but also explaining the sciences involved by showing the relationship of glacial ice cores & ocean sediment cores to atmospheric CO2 levels and temperature swings, tundra thaw and release of captured methane, the loss of ice cover and the increase of thermal adsorption and retention.

    For those that need to analyze the numerical data, good luck,,,, there are so many different scientific disciplines involved it would take numerous lifetimes for an individual to decipher and begin to understand raw data. Perhaps that is why it took so many different people with such diverse disciplines and computer modeling to put together the scenario that has brought us to the visual evidence.

    For those of us who have been involved in the Green Revolution, I do not mean the far extremist, rather those of who are logical, reasonable and concerned,,, educate yourselves so that you may spread the knowledge.

    For everyone,,, remember that someone, human, chopped down the last standing tree on Easter Island; thus completing the deforestation that sent their civilization into extinction. I would hope we have gained enough knowledge to not repeat past mistakes.


  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … My fear is that we humans have not learned as the de-forestation is pushing forward without end. As well as the other items you have mentioned.

  19. Lissof Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I thought I would share this news clip from the “Today Show” of the Winter Olympic experience.. They came down off the mountain to visit Victoria, a short hop across the sound.

    Take notice of the flower pots and then the pink blossoms on the trees, just before they cross the street to go into the Empress Hotel.

    BTW, it is 59*F and sunny here today, our “Climate” here isn’t too bad, how’s your “Weather” down there today?

    Love Ya.. πŸ™‚

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … Your trees are confused as well, eh? Beautiful! East Texas was around 45 today with a snowstorm last night. We are NOT used to snow here at all. So, it has been fun The Sun came out and all were smilin.

  21. Lissof Says:


    You Canadian, eh?

    I hope your grandchildren were able to enjoy all the diverse opportunities that snow provides. Everything from making snow angels to sledding, possibly making snowmen,, OOPS,,, that is not politically correct, I should say “Snow Peoples”.

    Maybe even engaging in a frolicking friendly family snowball fight,,, DANG, there I go again; not being politically correct!!! Well maybe the family can pleasantly exchange compressed handfuls of soft fluffy snowflakes,, from a relatively short distance at a high rate of acceleration.. πŸ™‚

    Well, if nothing else, I hope each and every one of the children were able to collect their own bowl of fresh fallen snow, so Grandma could sprinkle Kool-Aid on top of it, so then they could enjoy one of Mother Nature’s rare gifts.

    P.S. I like grape flavored snow bowls… πŸ™‚

  22. Linda Says:

    Hi Lissof … you crack me up! snow ball fights galore and I like strawberry! No, not Canadian but originally from Michigan. Have a good one!

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