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Logically Green ECO2

‘Robbing Peter To Pay Paul’ Is Pointless In Recycling

beautiful_waterfallIt defeats the green purpose to engage in recycling a product utilizing copious amounts of fresh water, a dwindling natural resource. But you have to wash plastic to recycle it.  Processing plants use up to 100,000 gallons of water a day, mostly to wash food residue and chemicals off containers before they can be shredded into plastic flakes and returned to industry for use in hundreds of applications.

Now add to this the fact that we’ve already thrown some 40 billion plastic bottles into landfills this year. Why so many? Well, the Almighty Dollar of course, they are expensive to recycle, and don’t yield much of a profit.

Riding to the rescue is ECO2 Plastics, headquartered in San Francisco, California. ECO2 doesn’t dump anything down the drain – water or chemicals. The Company created the first FDA-approved, waterless recycling process, called the ECO2 Environmental System. The process employs a corn-based, biodegradable solvent and a liquid carbon dioxide (captured from power plants,an additional benefit), bath in a closed-loop system that cleans and dissolves buildup and is then distilled to remove sugars and glues, and sequestered so it can be reused. Saving billions of gallons of water each year, not to mention landfill space. The patent-pending process was developed through a research partnership with Honeywell FM&T and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

unrecycledWaterBottles2005_845BPS_largeThe recycled plastic from this process is of the highest quality. It is odor-free and contaminant-free to 100 parts per million. Every 1,000 pounds is tested for intrinsic viscosity, melt flow, density, moisture content and PVC content. A guaranteed perfect product.

No water and no waste equals no added costs. ECO2’s process allows for the production of the highest quality product with the least possible cost – financial or environmental. With this system, plants can slash expenses by 1/3 through essentially eliminating their water bill. The first plant started using this water saving process in October 2008, in Riverbank, California, which at this time is in the process of being upgraded and relocated to a new location in Northern California.

ECO2’s product is virtually identical to traditionally recycled plastic, but produced in a more efficient and earth-friendly way. Plants utilizing this process could significantly increase the number of plastic bottles that are recycled in the US and Europe each year. There is no logical reason to recycle any other way.

0940 PopSci Day 2-045-1ECO2’s technology isn’t confined to PET (polyethylene terephthalate), recycling. The United States Council for Automotive Research’s (USCAR) Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), (composed of researchers from DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors), has contracted with ECO2 to evaluate its recycling technology. Because ECO2 is developing processes that will reclaim HDPE (high density polyethylene), polypropylene, previously unrecyclable auto parts, and other plastics. And since this technology removes substances of concern from plastics recovered from “shredder residue” – (the material left when end-of-life vehicles (ELV), household appliances and other large items are “shredded” by a large, grinding hammer-mill, or shredder) – is part of their recycling process.

ECO2 dubbed the process – eco.logical.recycling – because it eliminates the use of water, respects and preserves the environment, while delivering a high quality recycled plastic flake, which is approved by the FDA for use in food contact applications. Truly, an earth-friendly product at no extra, if not lower, cost.

Making plastic recycling more ecological, more economical, and quite simply more logical – yep, that’s eco.logical.recycling!

….. as the green future unfolds.

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22 Responses to “Logically Green ECO2”

  1. Tania Says:

    Great Post. I’m always frustrate about things like this, this doesn’t account for the water used at home to rinse, rinse, rinse the plastic before we bin it!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Tania … So true! I am sure the numbers go up even further when this is added in.

  3. Barbara Says:

    A wonderful post. I love companies, that attack waste in such a beneficial way, especially plastic. With companies such as this, we could eventually be cleaning up landfills! We can hope! 🙂

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … It seems to be a trend and I like it!

  5. Climatarians | J. Hoogstrate Says:

    Sometimes, what looks like a green way to do things turns out to be not a very good idea after all. Your post rightly suggests that there is no point in recycling just for recycling’s sake if it is finally going to prove counter productive to our efforts. We need to develop smarter ways to tackle this problem. We run a global sustainability directory called Climatarians where we highlight these issues.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Climatarian … I have seen your site and like it. We just need to keep efforts like this company is doing to the forefront and hope that it will catch on.

    Hi Corrin … Yes! it is an effort but when done right it certainly helps all of us.

    Hi Maureen … Reusing, recycling, etc. brings us closer to going green in our lives.

  7. corrin Says:

    We all want to do the right thing and recycle, but I think there are some instances where it’s just not worth it until a better method is developed.
    .-= corrin´s last blog a van down by the river =-.

  8. Maureen Says:

    Thanks for this post Linda. Although there are benefits to recycling, we’re trying to focus on reusing as much as possible.
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Generic Marketing System Confusion =-.

  9. BK Says:

    I totally agree with you on the first part of ‘Robbing from Peter to pay Paul.’ It totally defeats the purpose of recycling in the first place. Especially when water is such a precious resource. With this new technology, we can recycle plastic in an environmental friendly way.
    .-= BK´s last blog ..Thanksgiving by Edgar Albert Guest =-.

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi BK … Thanks for your support! I really like their approach.

    Hi Maureen … Those folks at MIT are just amazing and are in the green mode!

  11. vein Says:

    Of course reducing the use of packaging in the first place is also part of the solution 🙂
    .-= vein´s last blog ..Why Are Our Minds in the Gutter =-.

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi vein … You bet your sweet bippy! The trend is just starting.

  13. Beauty Says:

    that is so beautiful, good picture you got friend, i like that. thx
    .-= Beauty´s last blog ..Liberti of Financial Mortage =-.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Beauty … Cool! come back again!

  15. A. @ A Changing Life Says:

    People are so unaware of the amounts of water that are used in various processes, including recycling. It’s very encouraging to find this company has developed a wonderful new system. I hope they roll it out all over the world.

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi A. … It is my hope as well and the sooner the better!

  17. TC Says:

    This is a thought provoking post about sustainability. I was recently reading about a company that makes biodegradeable and compostable disposable flatware using only fallen leaves off trees and water but they use little water in the production of the dishes. Here is a post about it. Compostable Dishes Made From Leaves
    .-= TC´s last blog ..Compostable Dishes Made From Leaves =-.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi TC … Thanks for coming by and sharing. I read that, very interesting.

  19. Earth Friendly Goodies Says:

    I love the progress that is being made world wide with green technology – really gives one hope for a better future. I wonder how long it will take before all recycling centers convert to this system, and will we get to a day when we can just dump any kind of plastic in the recycling bin knowing it will all be recyclable? That’s what I want for Christmas… and my two front teeth… and Tiger Woods 2010 for the Wii.. oh heck and an electric car, but that’s all I want, really.
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog ..Hey, You Put Your Beer on My Village People! =-.

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Earth Friendly …. LOL! Yeah, I want a couple of solar panels and a electric/solar truck! 😀 It would also be a heck of a present if all companies did what this one does!

  21. promotional pens Says:

    Quite agree this sort of thing is pointless the real answer is for us not to want so much..

  22. Linda Says:

    Hi promotional pens … not only that but companies like this one helps point us in that direction!

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