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Big Boys Going Green?

power gThe Government handed out some big bucks this week. How does 338 million in grants sound? Well, this is in an effort to get the development of geothermal energy on a fast track.

Some of the companies that got the grants were:

Ormat Technologies
AltaRock Energy
City government of Raleigh, NC
County government of Hattiesburg, MS

Companies that are putting the grants into their projects ranging from putting geothermal heat pump into a waste water processing center to putting heat pumps in to keep prisoners comfortable.

Now for the Big Boys………

Baker Hughes
General Electric
Johnson Controls

They have been awarded grants to design tools, fluids, pump parts to be used in different stages of turning hot water into electricity along with other tools that can churn through rock at 300 degrees Celsius.

Will these grants help these corporations into new business or help their core business? That will remain to be seen.

power g1Since there are hot rocks under almost all of the country, they will be able to drill and complete very deep geothermal wells. There are some worries about drilling on the west coast due to earthquakes. However, our little planet is virtually an unlimited source of heat that can be used for heating and electric power generation.

This power sector is very competitive. Geothermal is a steady stream of energy where wind and solar have their ups and downs due to the weather. Do you know who is the largest producer of geothermal power? Chevron! Ha! Go Figure!

as the green future unfolds!

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No Responses to “Big Boys Going Green?”

  1. Diane Scott Says:

    Well on the upside, at least Chevron is or has positioned themselves to turn away from pollution methods to greener solutions!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Sitting Still Is Not Going To Help You =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Diane … Isnt that a kick? So, yes! it is a good solution for them!

    Hi My Wizards … Thanks for the plug! I hope it helps him out! 🙂

    Hi vein … You are so right! It really depends on the area and what each country/state wants to accomplish.

    Hi Corrin … I had no idea! I would of thought it was Massachusetts .. Either way, it should prove to be very beneficial for us all.

  3. My Wizard Ads Says:

    I was just telling my husband last night that in terms of LEED training, he’d do well to be reading your blog! And I’m dead serious 🙂
    .-= My Wizard Ads´s last blog ..America Calling We The People =-.

  4. vein Says:

    I seem to recall that they had to pull back on this approach in some areas in New Zealand as it was reducing the geothermal activity that draws the tourists. Everything in moderation, I guess.
    .-= vein´s last blog ..More About Plastic People =-.

  5. corrin Says:

    Raleigh, NC has the highest concentration of PhDs in the country, so hopefully they can put that money to work!
    .-= corrin´s last blog ..I make an awesome zombie =-.

  6. Brad Says:

    I certainly hope some amazing productivity comes from this batch of cash since we’re obviously paying for it.
    .-= Brad´s last blog ..Truth Does NOT Depend On Belief! =-.

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Brad … My wish is the same!! grinsss…

  8. Geothermal heat pump 4 ton | Heating And Air Conditioning Says:

    […] Big Boys Going Green? ( […]

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