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The Big Green EOG

090311bottlesA Green Closed Loop Solution For Plastic Waste

The plastic industry has classified the most commonly used plastic into seven different categories according to their chemical makeup. Each number represents the type of resin used to produce the plastic. These classifications are mostly used for recycling purposes, as each resin type melts at a different temperature and displays different properties.


A pilot project is underway at the Montgomery County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Derwood, Maryland, becoming the first site in the United States to utilize an innovative technology. The ground-breaking Envion Oil Generator (EOG) is a breakthrough in green technology from Envion Inc. based in Washington D.C. Developed and perfected over the past 15 years, it targets plastic waste and oil at the same time. The EOG can be fed 80% of the petroleum-based waste plastic and will convert it into synthetic light to medium 99% sediment free oil product for less than $10 per barrel. As with crude oil, the synthetic oil can then be processed into commercial fuels or even back into plastic. The secret process uses low-temperature far-infrared thermal cracking in a vacuum. Extracting the hydrocarbons embedded in the plastic waste without the use of a catalyst. Gases are used to generate electricity for the process. One ton of plastic yields 3 to 6 barrels of oil, for as much as 60,000 barrels a year. This technology produces oil and power safely, efficiently, and economically through an environmentally sensitive process that produces a net gain in energy recaptured. It is scalable through the addition of reactors, which facilitate the conversion of new plastic waste (as well as plastic currently sitting in landfills) into a renewable and invaluable resource.

As a solution to the environmental impact of municipal solid waste, the system’s fully self-contained process minimizes emissions and is in full compliance with EPA standards. The plastic waste conversion residue is transformed into emulsified heavy oil while vent gas is recycled within the unit for electricity generation. Both of these byproducts are contained within the Envion unit and serve as a fuel source for power generation.

According to Plastics Europe, a record amount of plastic was produced in 2005 – over 230 million metric tons worldwide. The EPA states that plastic waste accounted for over 12% of total municipal solid waste in the United States in 2007. The EOG accepts PET, HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE, PP, PE, PS, PVC, and several other plastic types such as GPPS, EPS, HIPS, and PA. Based on 2007 EPA statistics, Envion’s technology would have been able to accept from 60% to more than 80% of total plastic waste generated in the United States in that year.

Plastic waste decomposition time can exceed 1,000 years depending on the type of plastic. Plastic waste can potentially leach harmful pollutants into nearby soil, rivers, streams, and aquifers. Greenpeace states that plastic waste dumping accounts for 90% of total ocean waste and creates “rubbish soups” that pollute our oceans. Over 100 million tons of plastic waste has been dumped in the Pacific Ocean. The incineration of plastics releases carcinogenic, noxious pollutants into the air, land, and water; contributes to greenhouse gas emissions; and requires hazardous waste storage for the remaining toxic ash.

The eco-friendly EOG is cost effective, the generator will create one barrel of synthetic light medium oil for less than $10. The conversion cost is estimated at about $17 per ton, which would cost $70 to $200 to dispose of in a landfill, in which 96% of plastic waste ends up and where decomposition time can exceed 1,000 years depending on the type of plastic. Saving landfill space and alleviating some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges in a sustainable and renewable manner.

Envion_Oil_Generator_1Since plastic is a derivative of petroleum, plastic possesses a commensurately high level of stored energy content. The energy density of polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), and polypropylene (PP) is comparable to that of gasoline and is approximately 51% higher than that of coal. Unfortunately, this high level of energy literally “goes to waste” when plastic waste products are discarded. In 2007 the United States produced 58 million tons of plastic, from which 48 million tons of plastic waste entered the nation’s waste stream.

The Envion unit is assembled on a single mobile base platform with dimensions 47 feet x 13 feet (14.3 meters x 4 meters). In most cases, virtually no civil engineering is required for installation. Scaling up of production capacity only involves the installation of additional reactors, not entire systems. Unit operation requires non-skilled or low-skilled labor, further reducing the operating cost. The unit’s high tolerance of foreign waste material content mixed with the plastic feedstock batch eliminates the need for manual presorting, cleaning, and drying. The unit can achieve high recovery rates averaging 62%, based on typical plastic waste feedstock.

Envion dedicates ongoing R&D efforts to advancing the efficiency and range of its technology and is currently developing a follow-on technology to other petrochemical-based waste feedstock, particularly vehicle tires.

…. as the green future unfolds.

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15 Responses to “The Big Green EOG”

  1. vernz Says:

    wait … why do commoners have the burden to dispose this corporate garbages … corporations should … after them creating a need we were the ones given the burden to dispose all these things? what do you think? visit my blog…thanks.
    .-= vernz´s last blog ..The Art, Science and Pain of Pedicure =-.

  2. Linda Says:

    hi vernz … thats because us commoners do not have the legal army that the corporate elite has access to. Ergo the old saying … explicit deleted rolls down hill….

    Hi 113Tidbits … We won’t have to be told to stop breathing when Mother Nature pulls the plug! Done Deal!

  3. 113Tidbits Says:

    All this green stuff is ok, but will we as human beings will do if we are told to stop breathing?
    .-= 113Tidbits´s last blog ..113Tidbits: Entrecard’s Last Gasp – Get Bent =-.

  4. sharkbytes Says:

    Hope this separation technology is viable for large quantities. There have been several solutions over the years, but they never got past bench or pilot projects. We can only recycle #2 locally. I can recycle #1 if I take it 250 miles away (I fill my car when I go there with things I can take there, but the shed is filling faster than my trips empty it). I have no options at all for #s 3-7
    .-= sharkbytes´s last blog ..A "New" Bike =-.

  5. Linda Says:

    hi sharkbytes … That is probably true for most areas. This is supposed to handle quite a bit, just need to get the word out. Keep up the good work on your recycling efforts! 🙂

    Hi Home Security … Recycling at its best!

  6. Best Home Security System Says:

    Never Realized How Many Kinds Of Plastic There Really is…One ton of plastic really yields up to 6 barrels of oil? Sounds like a great idea!

  7. Karen Says:

    There are certainly a lot of different types of plastic!

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Karen … I was surprised as well that there were so many!

  9. psyche Says:

    I had no idea there were that many different types of plastic!
    .-= psyche´s last blog ..WTF of the Week =-.

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi psyche … There are alot. Each one is unique.

    Hi Barbara … Thank you! WOW! I did not know that they had a wallet size one! Great idea.

  11. Barbara Rae Says:

    Great post Linda! Hope this catches on …it really could work!
    Yes, there really is that many different kinds of plastic. There is a downloadable chart at my site, that lets you know by these numbers, what they mean before you by plastic containers for anything. The Quick Start- plastic chart is in my blogroll. It fits in your wallet!

  12. Maureen Says:

    I think this sounds great- very promising. I hope it makes it all the way. We have a plastic epidemic- everything is becoming disposable and made of plastic. The ocean issue is horrific- the birds etc.. are eating that stuff and basically dying of starvation since their stomachs are filled with plastic.

    I was shocked to see a discovery channel program on the plastic issue. The show I watched discussed an area near Hawaii- it was absolutely pathetic: water bottles, lighters, toys- you name it

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Maureen … I know what you mean! There are a couple of other spots that are pretty bad. Hopefully, we can figure out a way to get rid of them.

    Hi vein … Yep! it is pretty scary on how bad it really is.

  14. vein Says:

    The garbage islands are a real depressing indication of where we currently are with plastic use and disposal 🙁
    .-= vein´s last blog ..Earth to Schleich =-.

  15. ConnieFoggles Says:

    We need more of these in the works. Our poor earth is covered with our mess.
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..VeggieTales Saint Nicholas DVD Review =-.

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