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Solar Power Plants and Sun Ships

The Sun Gifts Us With 970 Trillion Kilowatts of Solar Energy A Day.

1.Solar-Park_550x393How can you not love a company with the slogan – “Don’t Leave The Planet To The Stupid”

Solon SE, headquartered in Berlin, Germany is right at the forefront of changing the world with a commitment to a solar energy industry. With all the talk of sustainability, this company is making it happen. Even with their corporate headquarters facilities which its energy-efficient architecture and a high-quality built environment, is fully in keeping with the forward-thinking philosophy of SOLON. With locations throughout the world and international production at locations in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA, Solon is quite frankly helping create tomorrow’s reality by building on the solar visions of today.

AgerSince 2005, SOLON has constructed solar power plants with a total solar power output of over 130 MW. SOLON solar power plants can be found in Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and the USA.

Solon partnered with SolarWaterWorld AG to produce a zero emission solar ship, christened the SOLON, which was recently ceremoniously launched on it’s maiden voyage by Berlin’s mayor, Klaus Wowereit. Solon supplied the 24 solar modules with a capacity of 5.6 kW installed on the roof of the ship to take care of the ship’s energy needs. SolarWaterWorld AG, the manufacturer and operator of the SOLON, also operates the world’s first solar charging station for solar-powered boats in the Köpenick district of Berlin. The company has more than seventeen years’ experience in the research and development of solar shipping.

solon_FVBjw_69The solar ship is an Aquabus C60, a catamaran especially designed for tourist and professional passenger transport on inshore and coastal waters. Equipped with 2 powerful and efficient elec­tric propulsion units as well as Solon’s latest generation photovoltaic cells, this boat sails in com­plete silence and without pollution. Capable to accommodate 60 to 85 passen­gers in complete safety (according to local regulations), it is perfectly adapted to the res­pective waters. Be it intercoastal or coastal waterways, the silence and lack of pollution make this craft the perfect commercial partner that respects the environment. A prototype of this craft completed its first Atlantic crossing to New York in 2006/2007.

SolarWaterWorld now manufactures and sells production-built C60 catamarans worldwide. The company also offers variety i.e. a smaller version in the form of the SunCat23. You can sail in the SunCat23 without a license in Germany. This makes it appropriate for use by boat hire companies. We all know the advantages of solar-powered ships and boats, such as the benefit of clean air, silent running, and much less destructive forces to the environment, plus it will always remain unaffected by fluctuations in future fuel price.

I sure would love to have one of the smaller ones to sail the coast of Texas!

….as the green future unfolds.

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14 Responses to “Solar Power Plants and Sun Ships”

  1. spygrrl Says:

    sails in silence and no pollution?…… what an exciting time to be alive.

  2. Dave Says:

    I very much enjoyed your post, but particularly gravitated to the pictures of solar arrays on what appears to be a farm. I have been thinking about the cost of farming (equipment, labor, supplies, etc.) vs. the cost of installing solar panels on the same property. Significant investment up front, but excellent financial and environmental benefits for years to come.

    From where did you get the photos? Is there a story behind them?

    Many thanks. I have found your blog through Entrecard and continue to come back. It’s a great resource for my work in bringing renewable energy curriculum to our schools.

    Best regards,

    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Brammo Electrifies Motorcycles =-.

  3. Karen Says:

    I would love to sail on something like that! A quiet ride on a beautiful body of water. Nice. I hate noise pollution.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Playing A Guitar Upside Down =-.

  4. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    The photos of the solar farms are fascinating. I know many have a problem with the wind turbines (blocking views, etc), but with the solar farms, it seems like that might be a better way to go – no blocking of views, and it good for the planet.

    I love how our green options keep growing.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last blog ..Numbers – We Can’t Escape From Them =-.

  5. Wilson Pon Says:

    Linda, I admit that solar power are providing a lot of clean energy to the human beings, but it would be even better, if the scientists can improve the solar power plants a little bit more, such as decrease the use of the lands for placing the solar power plants!

  6. Says:

    Solar Power Plants and Sun Ships | Forced Green…

    How can you not love a company with the slogan – “Don’t Leave The Planet To The Stupid”…

  7. Earth Friendly Goodies Says:

    It is amazing what new technologies are unfolding in alternate energy – I recently saw a post about a company in Idaho that is working on a prototype for solar roads! They would contain embedded lighting for lines and sings, heaters to melt snow and ice and of course also add energy to the grid.
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog ..Earth Exer-Clogs: My New Sexy-Bum-a-Nators =-.

  8. Earth Friendly Goodies Says:

    I know, it is very exciting, yet one can’t help but imagine what a system like this would cost – maybe I’m wrong but it sounds rather cost prohibitive to me. It is still good to know someone is trying it though and who knows in 50-100 years…
    .-= Earth Friendly Goodies´s last blog ..Boo-Licious Organic Halloween Chocolates =-.

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