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Green Means: First, DO NO HARM!

Dragging Out The Ol’ Forced Green Soap Box

27107Terrorism is terrorism and any group that terrorizes people, no matter its intentions or objectives can NOT be condoned nor tolerated. Nor can violent acts or any act dangerous to human life.

Today, (Friday, Sept. 4), responsibility for the intentional knocking down of two radio station towers (one of which was 349 feet tall), during the early morning hours in Snohomish County, Washington, was claimed by ELF (Earth Liberation Front). A loosely organized movement of individuals committed to the eradication of activities these individuals believe to be harmful to health and to the natural environment, including commercial activities, land development, and genetic research. Individuals who affiliate themselves with the Earth Liberation Front movement believe in the necessity of “direct actions” to further their cause and promote their ideas.

Their “direct actions” are acts of vandalism, sabotage, fire-bombings, and arson, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Designed to intimidate businesses, government, and the general civilian population into ceasing activities deemed harmful to the natural environment.

treeOh and lets not forget tree spiking, (the insertion of metal or ceramic spikes in trees in an effort to damage saws), as a tactic to thwart logging. The perpetrators claim to notify the logging powers that be, but do they always? What if there is a miscommunication. What if the milling company chooses to disregard the information? Too many what ifs? Just ask George Alexander, a low paid mill employee working for a living, who in 1987 survived a near decapitation because of tree spiking and a company who could care less about the safety of it’s employees, much less the environment.

Worldwide, radical environmentalists have threatened lives and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, targeting businesses, universities, researchers, and others believed to be harming the environment. Some victims have been attacked by mistake.

seattle_ecofiresIn the past, eco-terrorist even planned incidents against nuclear power plants which were thwarted. Thank goodness! Can you imagine? What were you people thinking?!

Jesus Christ never condoned, preached, or resorted to violent actions to get His message across. Neither did Mahatma Gandhi, nor Martin Luther King Jr. To our great sadness, they all left this world by the very thing they strived so hard to teach us to avoid – violence. Are we going to allow the same thing to happen to our Earth?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone on the planet more concerned with the environment than myself, my fellow green bloggers, and our readers. We understand that the only tool we have to combat the global environmental crisis is with the giving and sharing information. Data that will unite us into one cohesive force of numbers which will allow us to announce in one voice, “Stop The Madness, Do No More Harm To Our Earth, and Do No More Harm In Her Name!”

Does the means justify the end? I think not ……. what do you think?

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9 Responses to “Green Means: First, DO NO HARM!”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Every year the ELF, does something that is totally senseless. There was a rural neighborhood last year, where some of the houses were still being constructed. They came in, and torched the unfinished houses, causing millions in damage. Such a heartless thing to do.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..The Winner(s) of “Earth”! =-.

  2. Heath Says:

    Completely agree.

  3. wilson Says:

    Linda, we cannot let this incident keeps on, as it going to have a negative effect, especially for our descendants! Honestly, the best place for the eco-terrorists would be the jail.
    .-= wilson ´s last blog ..You’re Better Take The Cholesterol-lowering Pills with Empty Stomach! =-.

  4. Says:

    Green Means: First, DO NO HARM! | Forced Green…

    Today, (Friday, Sept. 4), responsibility for the intentional knocking down of two radio station towers (one of which was 349 feet tall), during the early morning hours in Snohomish County, Washington, was claimed by ELF (Earth Liberation Front)….

  5. harvey Says:

    Completely agree. However, I do find curious that this group would take this action whereas there is a completely non violent way to neutralize the negative effects of cell or radio towers – orgonite – which environmentalists have been using for almost a decade now. It reminds me of the situation in Spain, where the main terrorist group there has suddenly started placing explosives at the base of electromagnetic towers, following an important orgonite gifting campaign there. You gotta wonder…
    .-= harvey´s last blog ..Roots of ideologies =-.

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