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Rinspeed’s Zero Emission sQuba

Rinspeed-sQuba-04Go ahead and day dream, it’s supposedly good for you and you can have what ever you want without costing a dime. Need a subject? Well picture this; the futuristic 2 door sportster “sQuba” is a James Bond inspired, zero-emissions, electric aqua-car from CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht and the geniuses at Swiss Rinspeed Design Company. The sQuba “moves like a fish in water” to depths of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and still manages to reach speeds of around 75mph (120kmh) when on dry land. In the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, 007 dove below the waves in a futuristic vehicle that moments before seemed to be an ‘ordinary’ car. Well, that really didn’t happen – it was movie magic. Not only is this vehicle real, it’s better because it’s green. The zero-emissions sQuba can transport a driver and passenger in its open cockpit design which is intended to allow the occupants easy escape, in case of emergency. When underwater, the occupants breathe air carried in the vehicle through scuba-style rebreathers and without occupants the sQuba will surface automatically.

The twin water jets mounted on rotating louvers at the front of the vehicle provide steering and lift while it is underwater and the propellers at the rear provide forward movement. On dry land a single 54 kW electric rear-wheel drive powertrain, utilizing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, powers the sQuba allowing it to achieve 0-50 mph (0-80kmh) in 7.1 seconds. In the water it will do 4 mph (6 kmh) on the surface and 1.5 mph (3 kmh) underwater.

9288_7050850814The sQuba features powerful yet energy-saving LED lighting technology and employs carbon nano-tubes to keep the weight down and buoyancy just right. It floats on the surface until the operator floods the interior to submerge. It is designed to “fly” when underwater like a submarine, not to drive along the surface at the bottom of the water. The salt-water resistant interior of the one-off (Lotus Elise) concept is built to stand the punishment of a marine environment and yet able to feature genuine mother-of-pearl trim and diamond-plated non-slip inlays. The high-tech instrument cluster and controls create a futuristic ambiance and allow controlling all vehicle functions even while submerged.

But that’s not all! On terra firma the sQuba can drive entirely autonomously (without a driver), at the touch of a button made possible by laser technology called LUX from the Hamburg-based company, Ibeo. LUX laser sensors permit a variety of driver assistance functions using one single small device, such as automatic emergency braking, pedestrian protection, collision protection, traffic jam assistant and others.

Rinspeed-sQuba-02Rinderknecht sai d that because they have used a zero emission engine, it was very clear from the beginning to minimize the pollution in every aspect, especially because this vehicle also moves in the precious element of water. All the lubricants and greases in use are made rapidly biodegradable.

The prototype cost more than $1.5 million to build. When the sQuba enters production, they are expected to “cost less than a Rolls-Royce”, according to Rinderknecht.

Rinderknecht is known for his extraordinary automotive creations. The acknowledged James Bond enthusiast kept revisiting that scene in his mind over and over: “For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true. The sQuba lets me be one with the elements and lets me immerse myself in a new and fascinating world. It is our duty to protect this world in which we are guests to the best of our ability.”

If Rinspeed can devote enough resources to a concept car obviously marketed as a “toy for rich people”, yet at the same time ensure that the vehicle maintain an environmental consciousness, that should be a wake up call to those who would steer away from ecological innovation and continue to toe the status quo line.

I take my green-dreaming – shaken, not stirred.

…. as the green future unfolds.

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No Responses to “Green Dreamin’”

  1. wilson Says:

    Lotus Elise, one of my dreaming cars, Linda. However, the $1.5 million is too much for me…LOl
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..A Smoke after a Meal is ‘Good’ For Your Health! =-.

  2. Sunset Classics Says:

    Wow the folks at Rinspeed sure do have a flavorful imagination – who would have thought we’d see an aqua car with so much style? 🙂 I have the pleasure of selling a Rinspeed Porsche for a client who was actually a dealer for the company back in the 80’s. Rinspeed has been doing creative designs for a long time (his was a cross between a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari Testarossa built in ’86) Their designs have come a long way since then – that Lotus sQuba is a sexy car!
    .-= Sunset Classics´s last blog ..1968 Porsche 912 for Sale =-.

  3. Pinaybackpacker Says:

    Oh my…that is a pretty sophisticated car. I would want to have one of those someday. Not only because it’s green, it’s pretty and sexy, or because it can move in water but also because I can’t drive. Haha…:D

    As Walt Disney said – “If you can dream it, you can build it.”
    .-= Pinaybackpacker´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: The Dome =-.

  4. vein Says:

    That is a cute invention, but we don’t need people driving around the oceans! 😉
    .-= vein´s last blog ..Mattel superverts "Barbie Girl" =-.

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Pinaybackpacker … Good for you! But I bet if you had this car, you would learn how to drive not only on the road but in the water as well!!!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi vein …. Where is your sense of humor? I can guarantee that you would not run into one !

  7. Maureen Says:

    We have enough issues with our oceans, we don’t need people driving on them too!

  8. Barbara Says:

    I love everything about this! I wonder if they deliver? Well, I’d have to win the lottery first, lol. 🙂
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 53 =-.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Maureen … Ah come on… you might see one next to a yacht at the most! LOL!

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … My bet is that they do deliver! I also agree on the lottery! 😀

  11. Grampy Says:

    Hey. I should get two.One for me and the wife. It is an incredible break through. Have a good day.
    .-= Grampy´s last blog ..Weekend Linky Love =-.

  12. Cady Says:

    That’s such a cute car and an awesome invention!
    .-= Cady´s last blog ..29 Weeks =-.

  13. LadyGrace Says:

    OMG! Thats super kool! I love it! I want one! haha I can see me driving around in that with two baby seats in back lmao!!
    .-= LadyGrace´s last blog ..Doctors! =-.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Grampy … When you do get the two that you want, please pay a visit to vein and maureen to show them how cool they really are! 🙂

    Hi Cady … I think you need one of them!

  15. American Idiot Says:

    This is good stuff. I am not quite sure why people are saying we don’t need people driving around the Ocean, though. I mean, as long as it’s completely green, there is no reason why it would be a problem. Besides, there are other water sources people might want to drive across, other than the Oceans!
    .-= American Idiot´s last blog ..The Honest Truth =-.

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi AI … That is true! We have lakes, rivers, etc. that could be tested.

  17. Robert Says:

    Very sexy vehicle. A very radical idea though. I like it!
    .-= Robert´s last blog ..South African Man Marries Four Women Simultaneously–Talk About a Need for Life Insurance! =-.

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Robert … I do too! It has potential!

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