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Children That Know The World, Care!

Did you know that the amount of time U.S. children spend outdoors has declined 50% in the past 20 years, according to the Ad Council? So the Forest Service is hoping to change this startling statistic through a PSA project entitled “Where the Other You Lives.” that encourages tweens and their parents to re-connect with the great outdoors.

Discover the Forest

The Forest Service and the Ad Council have created a microsite for the campaign where you can find local parks and pick up ideas on what to do on an outdoor adventure (leaf rubs, tracking animals, learning to use a compass). I think that it is so important that kids learn about, understand and spend time in nature. When they have a healthy and curious relationship with the world around them, children are more likely to feel responsible for its well-being.

As the green future unfolds….

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No Responses to “Children That Know The World, Care!”

  1. Diane Scott Says:

    Hey Linda, this is wonderful! I’m guilty of not getting my son out nearly enough. We practically grew up living in tents (lol, every single summer), but that faded as I got older (had my son at an “older” age, too, which probably didn’t help – the unwillingness to “get out there and do something.”) Actually when he was little we were at the park, the beach, the bay all the time. Hmmmm…. I can feel a lack of Vitamin D coming on LOL! Great promo!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Entrecard Firefox 3.5 Bar Available =-.

  2. Says:

    Children That Know The World, Care! | Forced Green…

    Did you know that the amount of time U.S. children spend outdoors has declined 50% in the past 20 years, according to the Ad Council?…

  3. Karen Says:

    I hope that more kids are able to get out and experience nature. It is daunting to know that some city kids have never seen a cow.

  4. Sell Your Mobile Says:

    Such a great thing. I agree with you. Kids these days have so many reasons to stay in. Consoles and DVDs etc. More needs to be done for them so they can experience the outside world. That way they might feel more responsible for the worlds future. After all todays kids are tomorrows adults.
    .-= Sell Your Mobile´s last blog ..The Best Mobile Phone Recyclers To Sell Your Mobile Phone =-.

  5. vein Says:

    Sounds like a good idea, but I think a lot of the problem is not letting kids have normal outdoor time unsupervised in the neighborhood rather than yet more structured activities with the parents hovering over them….
    .-= vein´s last blog ..Erotica, a Chick Thing? =-.

  6. Sadie Says:

    That’s a great idea. I think that kids need to play outside more… They should think of a video game that works outside. Maybe that’d get them outside!

  7. Christa Bledsoe Says:

    Hi. I’m visiting from Adgitize. I think your title says it all and couldn’t me more true. Great post thanks for sharing. I’ll share this link as well.
    .-= Christa Bledsoe´s last blog ..So What Eminem’s Divorce Has Been Finalized For A Year =-.

  8. corrin Says:

    I’m one of those people that doesn’t spend much time outdoors. I truly believe in doing all I can to preserve and protect, I’m just not an outdoorsy person.
    .-= corrin´s last blog ..We’re going to Disney…on Ice! =-.

  9. Barbara Says:

    Kids need to get outside and play more. It’s like they don’t know what that is, unless they are being entertained. One thing I noticed working in schools, is it seems like kids don’t have to think, or use their imagination anymore. This is a great step in the right direction!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 51 =-.

  10. ALS of Nevada Says:

    Kids need to get outside and play and this sounds like it would help. Even if there is not a forest nearby… just drive a little bit out side of town and have a picnic.

  11. wilson Says:

    It’s very truth that most of the children in present days didn’t have the chance to get in touch with the nature, as we did in the past, Linda. In this case, we should spent more time with them, by teaching them on how to protect and preserve the beauty of the Mother Nature!
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Eat Too Much Eggs! =-.

  12. Maureen Says:

    Anything to get kids outside more. I had no idea time outside has cut down 50% over the last 20 years. That is crazy. Obesity, diabetes….and vitamin D deficiencies has all gone up during that time for kids!

  13. psyche Says:

    Plenty of kids still play outdoors, if they live somewhere that *has* outdoors.
    .-= psyche´s last blog ..Things that don’t need antlers #4: joggers =-.

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