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Finisterre’s Strong Green Line

A Novel Idea – A Sustainable Fashion Company

finnisterreMost would equate, sustainable fashion to an oxy-moron. But Finisterre is just that, a sustainable fashion company formed almost eight years ago, and based in Cornwall UK. They have been recognized for their eco-achievements with the ISPO Eco Design Award, Observer Ethical Business Award, The Surfers Path Green Wave Award and Cornwall Sustainability Awards.

The Finisterre philosophy: Less raw materials, less production effects, less transport, and in the end less environmental footprint left by us as a business and you as a consumer. Together we are stronger. Making products you need that will last a long time. This is done using the best fabrics available that cause the least impact on the environment. The reality is that we cannot exist without some environmental impact, but our aim is to minimize this impact as much as possible. As long as our actions speak louder than words, we get closer to what it is that we believe in.

So with that goal in mind, since their founding, they have always donated (first % of profit, now % of turnover) to grass roots style environmental activism such as, Surfers Against Sewage and the Marine Conservation Society. Finisterre’s web site states, “These are two of the many groups that exist as trenchman/unsung heroes, fighting the more tangible environmental problems in our backyard. Believe us when we say these guys have a continual battle on their hands.” finn

Convictions are pursued on a daily basis. They are committed to sustainable design philosophies, transparent ethics, pioneering work with leading universities and suppliers of recycled and recyclable fabrics, as well as the technical qualities of their products – which have been independently verified by reviews and testimonials. Setting the standard in sustainable design and leading the way in the science of biomimicry (copying nature), their weatherproof product line is made of the Nikwax fabric system inspired by animal fur. All components are easily replaceable and all textiles are easily recyclable. The manufacturing facility is based in Colombia where it is run by nuns, as part of a 15 year old social regeneration program. In making their T-shirts, Finisterre developed the fabric from sheep to shelf. The fiber is sourced from Natural Tasmanian wool accredited farms and processed and knitted in EU eco-label certified spinners. With their polyester products they utilize a Finisterre initiative called Eco-circle – the world’s first closed loop polyester recycling program relating to what happens to the garments after their life. A lifetime guarantee is offered on all their products.

Finisterre’s Offset the PLC (product life cycle) Initiative, began with all Finisterre products having their product life cycles analyzed. This spans raw materials, manufacture, transport to market, lifetime of the product and what happens to it after its life. From this life cycle analysis, they have identified the three worst areas in terms of the environmental footprint left by that product, then researched environmental groups whose work is involved in protecting and enhancing those very environmental areas. Once identified, a percentage of the retail price of that particular product is then donated to these groups, helping to offset the PLC. As the company said, “Finisterre is now taking direct action to mitigate our wider environmental footprint and pay our tax to the Earth. The Offset the PLC Initiative is underway and open to any company and any product. We look forward to many (including our competition) joining us on what we see as the least that should be done.”

carlospaddlinginWith a Surf Forecast on their web site (mainly for catching waves in the U.K., but they do have a link to Global surf info), they have several prominent pro surfers among they’re loyal following. Finisterre started out wanting to create long lasting technical apparel for the cold-water surfer, leaving as little environmental impact behind as possible. Since then, the product line has grown with their customer base branching out to areas such as athletes attempting Everest, BBC photographers at the ends of the earth, and cyclist attempting to break global circumnavigation records, all in Finisterre gear. It seems their customers become friends, even keeping in touch with photos and emails while on their spectacular journeys, which are posted on the company’s web site, such as the beautiful ones shown here. It is very apparent that they are loyal to their customers and to the environment, sticking to what they said they would do – make the best technical apparel with minimal environmental impact.

Finisterre was the word used on ancient maps to indicate “land’s end”, or the edge of the earth. So, with that name and a dream, four surfers and a dog, left their day jobs, moved to St. Agnes, at the very southern tip of the British isles. The team has evolved over the years. They are currently five strong, two dogs, and a handful of talented, inspiring, and amazing individuals. And still to this day, they keep their boards and wetsuits by the door, on hand for a quick getaway to where the ‘surfs up’ only 4 minutes away.

….as the green future unfolds..

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  1. Diane Scott Says:

    It is absolutely amazing how many individuals and companies are just “catching that green wave!” Great writeup, backed with details!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Consider This Growing Social Strategy =-.

  2. lina yuliana Says:

    i like your blog…. so nice
    .-= lina yuliana´s last blog ..The Google co-operation and On2 Increase Quality Chrome =-.

  3. spygrrl Says:

    This quote here: “It seems their customers become friends, even keeping in touch with photos and emails while on their spectacular journeys, which are posted on the company‚Äôs web site, such as the beautiful ones shown here.”

    Tells me this company is doing something totally unique and is a leader in our brave new world… great job on writing this spectacular article!

  4. Says:

    Finisterre’s Strong Green Line | Forced Green…

    Most would equate, sustainable fashion to an oxy-moron. But Finisterre is just that, a sustainable fashion company formed almost eight years ago, and based in Cornwall UK….

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