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Planet Green – Blue August

A Planet Green Celebration Of The Blue Oceans

blueaugust1Planet Green celebrates the world’s oceans, seas, and waterways with it’s month long Blue August programming. Information you need to stay up to date with the issues and get involved with important projects that are cleaning up our precious water resources.

Hosting Blue August are the prominent conservationists and explorers Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau, drawing on the half-century legacy of their legendary family of explorers. These dynamic siblings have dedicated their life’s work to advocacy on behalf of the oceans, conservation and clean water, undoubtedly one of the most daunting and important challenges of our time. Philippe and Alexandra bring their engaging personalities, individual expertise and experience to Blue August through short-form content and entertaining hosted segments throughout the month. (More on these two outstanding young world citizens to follow.)

Programming includes the network premiere of the award-winning series Blue Planet, a special oceans-themed episode of Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff and the world premiere of Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification, an original, groundbreaking documentary by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) featuring Sigourney Weaver.

foott_00757_lAnd for those seeking a deeper shade of blue, deep sea dives into a comprehensive look at the latest in ocean politics, news and up and coming technologies. There you’ll find exclusive interviews with leading experts, scientists and green leaders who rest on the forefront of water awareness.

Schedule of Events:

Blue Planet: Ocean World

Monday, August 3 at 9pm ET/PT:

In the Blue Planet Series, Sir David Attenborough narrates this landmark 8 hour series about the Earth’s marine environment. Episodes chronicle the mysteries of the deep, the intrigues of coastal sea mammals; investigate tidal and climatic influences, and depict the creatures and systems that revolve around our Blue Planet.

Ocean World: The oceans are an integral part of the earth’s life cycle, influencing weather systems and supporting an enormous range of life. Explore the sheer scale, power and complexity of the mysterious oceans that govern this blue planet.

Blue Planet: Deep
Monday, August 3 at 10pm ET/PT:

Explore a world of mountain ranges, perpetual night, pressure extremes and cold, and the weirdest life forms on the planet. Embark on a voyage into the unknown, where fish with cavernous mouths and cruel teeth lurk below the surface.

Stuff Happens: Beach
Tuesday, August 4 at 9:30pm ET/PT:

The beach is nature’s playground, for young and old alike. But what we humans do on the beach and in the ocean can have a big impact on what happens on land. This episode, science guy Bill Nye takes a trip to the seashore and looks for answers to some big beach questions. Bill finds the answers, and gives viewers plenty of good green tips: the surf’s up on Stuff Happens!

Hawaii: Message in the Waves
Thursday, August 6 at 9pm ET/PT:

Dive into Hawaii’s world-world famous surf zone and join the scientists and surfers fighting to protect them. From human crowding to plastic garbage, the threats facing the wildlife of this unique area are numerous. Follow the diverse group, including musician Jack Johnson, trying to raise awareness and protect these magical islands.

Discovery Project Earth: Hungry Ocean
Sunday, August 9 at 8pm ET/PT:

Geo-engineer Brian von Herzen believes that by increasing the population on phytoplankton in the ocean, he can create large carbon-capturing blooms that will help slow, or even stop, climate change. His controversial idea relies on ocean fertilization; using pumps to bring nutrient rich waters from deep in the ocean closer to the surface where plankton thrives.Will the innovative pump design work? Could plankton blooms be the answer to excessive carbon emissions? Find out in Discovery Project Earth: Hungry Ocean.

Blue Planet: Open Ocean
Monday, August 10 at 9pm ET/PT:

Where the sea bed drops a staggering eight kilometers and the nearest island is 500 kilometers away, there is nothing but the burning sun above and the blackened abyss below. Find out what life forms exist in this blue expanse.

Acid Test
On August 12, 2009 at 10:30pm ET:

Don’t miss the world premier of this original documentary from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Featuring narration by Sigourney Weaver, Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification takes a close look at the serious and under-reported problem of ocean acidification. While you’re waiting for the premier, check out Planet Green’s exclusive sneak peak.

Focus Earth: Ocean Special
Saturday, August 15, at 6pm ET/PT:

Every week, Bob Woodruff gives you the background behind the most pressing environmental issues in Focus Earth. For Blue August, Planet Green presents the world premier of a special episode focused on the world’s oceans. Join Bob Woodruff and the Focus Earth team for the latest reporting from around the world.

Building the Future: The Quest for Water
Sunday, August 9 at 9pm ET/PT:

Overpopulation, pollution, climate change, and poor management are making water an increasingly precious, and rare, commodity. Drought and lack of access to clean drinking water has become a serious problem throughout the much of the world while flooding remains a perennial threat in other areas. Find out what scientists, engineers, and planners are doing to divert excess water, treat what is polluted, and secure access to this precious resource for people around the world.

Blue Planet: Frozen Seas
Monday, August 10 at 10pm ET/PT:

Life on the edge of a frozen sea is tough, but in the spring life begins again. Plankton blooms and feeds vast hordes of migrating fish. The birds, whales, seals and polar bears gorge themselves before the ice pushes them from the land.

Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas
Monday, August 17 at 9pm ET/PT:

Shafts of sunlight radiate through a green sea. This blazing light is the vital source of energy used by the countless billions of plankton which grow every spring and summer in the world’s temperate sea, the richest of all habitats.

15475_002_lBlue Planet: Coral Seas
Monday, August 17 at 10pm ET/PT:

Bathed in warm, clear tropical water and brilliant sunlight, coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. Surrounded by ocean deserts, they are rich oasis of life. Spectacular numbers make it necessary to stand out to survive.

Cracking the Ocean Code
Sunday, August 16 at 9pm ET/PT:

Could ocean life solve the planets most pressing energy and climate problems? Geneticist J Craig Venter thinks so. Join him on a voyage around the world as he tries to unlock the genetic secrets held within the world’s oceans.

Blue Planet : Tidal Seas
Monday, August 24 at 9pm ET/PT:

Tides govern marine life. Tidal marshes are one of the most productive parts of the world. Numerous plants support numerous animals, yet life is not easy: predators are attracted to these enormous quantities of food, forcing animals to seek protection.

Blue Planet: Coasts
Monday, August 24 at 10pm ET/PT:

The boundary between land and sea is an exciting place, with animals constantly coming and going. From the open oceans, millions of seabirds are forced to come onto land to breed. Sea eagles steal kittiwake chicks from their nesting ledges.

Fearless Planet: Great Barrier Reef
Sunday, August 23 at 9pm ET/PT:

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is home to an incredible range of diversity and is widely considered one of the world’s great natural wonders. Unfortunately, the reef is in danger, threatened by boats, climate change, ocean acidification, and more. Join a team of marine biologists and geologists as they race to find clues of how the reef was born, what makes it thrive and how it may disappear within our lifetime.

Deep Blue
Monday, August 31 at 9pm ET/PT:

The oceans remain the last unexplored frontier on earth. Join scientists and researchers as the dive beneath the waves in search of the smallest, largest, fastest, and most bizarre creatures inhabiting this still-unknown world. Pierce Brosnan narrates this exciting and beautiful journey.

So, watch, because the more of us that know more, how great it will be to watch ………..
….as the green future unfolds.

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  1. wilson Says:

    Linda, every year, there are more than million tons of toxic/pollutants being thrown into the ocean/sea. We should do something to stop this illegal act, before it’s too late…
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..The Top 5 Medical Television Shows =-.

  2. Karen Says:

    It is terrible what we do to our earth.

  3. Diane Scott Says:

    While I could easily comment on the horrendous things we are doing to totally screw this planet up, what really amazes me is your indepth post! Wow, thanks!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Consider This Growing Social Strategy =-.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Wow!! You’ve got the entire schedule outlined here…Thanks, what a terrific post!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..I’m Celebrating With A Giveaway! =-.

  5. cady Says:

    i’m sure a lot of people don’t realize or think about just how polluted the waters are.
    .-= cady´s last blog ..Show Us Your Life — Wedding Party/Flowers =-.

  6. Christina Says:

    Fantastic information!
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..What are you up to? =-.

  7. Says:

    Planet Green – Blue August | Forced Green…

    Planet Green celebrates the world’s oceans, seas, and waterways with it’s month long Blue August programming….

  8. Lissof Says:

    Thanks for the descriptive schedule I will share this with several of my friends.

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