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Green Light For Solar Tubes

Taking Advantage of Free Sunlight

solarspot-1The concept was originally developed by the ancient Egyptians, directing natural light utilizing light tubes with reflective material is the oldest and most widespread type of natural lighting of interior spaces.

Solar tubes also known as light tubes, sunscoops, or tubular skylights admit natural light into dark interior rooms of homes and buildings. People enjoy the natural lighting that skylights provide. However, skylights often do not distribute light evenly, are a significant source of energy loss, and can cause UV damage to carpets and furniture. Solar tubes, on the other hand, use the sun for lighting interiors without the drawbacks associated with conventional skylights. To prevent harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from fading carpets and furniture, UV inhibitors are molded into the rooftop dome on most models. Another bonus of choosing solar tubes is that they deliver far less heat, as do many standard skylights. Because of this lack of heat gain, tubular skylights save money on air conditioning bills during the hot months.

tubularskylightTaking advantage of as much free sunlight as possible, a solar tubular skylight gathers sunlight from a roof mounted light collecting dome consisting of an acrylic lens, bouncing it down a tube with a highly reflective interior coating, to an attractive lens cover that resembles conventional recessed lighting fixtures and diffuses the sunlight evenly throughout interior rooms. The tube can be bent and adjusted to rout around attic or roof obstructions with little loss of light transmission and can often be installed in under three hours. Unlike a skylight that requires a roof-to-ceiling shaft framed out of lumber and covered with drywall or wood paneling, nor the need for structural modifications so installation is simple and comparatively inexpensive.

The roof mounted dome is made from high quality acrylic resin that is specifically formulated for increased impact strength, chemical, weather resistance and high clarity.

Solar tubes can be mounted on almost any type of roofing material, including wood and asphalt shingles, concrete and ceramic tile, and metal. Thanks to the highly reflective coating inside the shaft, the tube can work efficiently from sunup to sundown.

Most major solar tubular skylight manufacturers offer 10 year warranties against material defects and post-installation cracking or discoloration. Solar tube installation contractors generally offer a 2-3 year installation warranty to cover weatherproofing and storm protection.

520e2474-b4f9-4f44-a4cb-44794ba4eafa_p_gl_int_00548aAverage tubular skylight sizes range between 10 and 21 inches (254 and 533 mm), in diameter, which effectively light 100 – 600 square feet (30.48 – 182.88 meters), of interior spaces. The main factor in choosing a size is generally the spacing between roof rafters and/or ceiling joists.

Prices range from about $171.00 to $423.00. Installation of solar tubes usually costs between $500 and $800. Both depending on the size of the tube and the features installed.

Solar tubes options include:
Dimmers that allows the natural lighting level of a room to be turned up or down on demand.
Light kit for night time lighting.
Ventilation fan kits

Energy efficient solar tubes are an important part of building today’s green friendly homes and buildings. The effect that natural light has on you physically, emotionally and psychologically is well known plus, the benefits of free natural sunlit rooms will positively affect our environment for future generations. They are an environmentally friendly way to naturally brighten any room, a smart alternative to skylights and artifical lighting.

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10 Responses to “Green Light For Solar Tubes”

  1. Barbara Says:

    These are great! Stop by and pick up your award!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..“The Green Earth Award” =-.

  2. Heath Says:

    My mom & dad put one in when they built their new house. It wasn’t a real fancy one, but works real well. Due to the layout of the house, it would have been harder to put more in, but I think now they wish that they had put more than just one in.

  3. wilson Says:

    Linda, the 10 years warranty sounds fabulous to me. I might consider to buy a few solar tubes, as my house is going to have a renovation very soon…
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..The Difference Between Brown Sugar and White Sugar! =-.

  4. Garden Gnome at Home Says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these for so long! We rented a house earlier this year for our Florida vacation and they had two of the solar tubes. They were wonderful! The only downside is we kept trying to turn them off out of habit forgetting they were not lights. I’m more determined now install one here! Thanks for the great write-up.
    .-= Garden Gnome at Home´s last blog ..A Simple Inexpensive Solar Heater =-.

  5. Says:

    Green Light For Solar Tubes | Forced Green…

    The concept was originally developed by the ancient Egyptians, directing natural light utilizing light tubes with reflective material is the oldest and most widespread type of natural lighting of interior spaces….

  6. Mishu Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I will definately going to order it now for my house as we have to start on such.

    Thanks once again.
    .-= Mishu´s last blog ..Do You Posses Social Personality Traits in Yourself? =-.

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