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Green-friendly washing machine

Front-loading washer machine.
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There is a new environmentally friendly washing machine on the horizon that uses only one cup of water and leaves clothes virtually dry.

The University of Leeds, has set its sights on saving up to 90 percent of water used by conventional machines, use 30 percent less energy and the environmental impact would be like taking 5 million cars off the road and it would save 1.2 billion tons of water per year – the equivalent of 17 million swimming pools.

Now that is a claim I can get behind.

The machine works by replacing most of the water with thousands of tiny, reusable nylon polymer beads, which attract and absorb dirt under humid conditions.

Only a small amount of water and detergent is needed to dampen the clothes, loosen stains and create the water vapour that allows the beads to work. After the cycle is finished, the beads fall through a mesh in the machine’s drum and can be re-used up to a hundred times. It also eliminates the need for tumble drying.

Xeros, the company behind the technology, is aiming initially at the commercial washing market, including hotels and dry cleaners.

Xeros, which is demonstrating a working machine in the United States, has signed a deal with GreenEarth Cleaning, an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning business, to sell the technology across North America.

waterlesswashing-ed01-75x75The technology was developed over the past 30 years by Stephen Burkinshaw, of the University of Leeds, and funded in its later stages by IP Group, an intellectual property commercialization group. The relationship with IP Group meant that Xeros was relatively protected from the recession in terms of raising funds and was trying to attract more cash to develop the product’s bead removal process.

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16 Responses to “Green-friendly washing machine”

  1. wilson Says:

    Linda, it would be better, if they invent a new air and UV lights washing machine. In this case, we won’t need to waste any water and detergent anymore!
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..The Basic Rules You Should Know About Flu! =-.

  2. Julehya Says:

    A big leap in green technology! Now, if only this invention and other green technologies could really be made accessible to people in the Third World.
    .-= Julehya´s last blog ..Life Isn’t A Race =-.

  3. Heath Says:

    That is cool.

  4. yanjiaren Says:

    Wow I wouldn’t mind one of those. I have a long way to go though.
    .-= yanjiaren´s last blog ..Another Article from Sam Jovanou.. =-.

  5. Barbara Says:

    That is way cool!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Seasons – Helps You Eat Fresher! =-.

  6. John Says:

    Laundry is definitely an energy/water eater. Getting more folks to couple a product like this with old-fashioned line drying and we’d be able to save so many resources.
    .-= John´s last blog ..Biogas from Sewage and Landfills, Glamorous No but a Renewable Yes =-.

  7. cady Says:

    that washer sounds awesome. i’ve already decided that when we get a new one i want it to be one that saves on water and energy.
    .-= cady´s last blog ..19 Weeks =-.

  8. Says:

    Green-friendly washing machine | Forced Green…

    There is a new environmentally friendly washing machine on the horizon that uses only one cup of water and leaves clothes virtually dry….

  9. ConnieFoggles Says:

    The savings from this would be immense for my family. We only use cold water, but we can’t dry outside because my daughter has bad allergies.
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Product Review Tips From The Experts =-.

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