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What’s the Cool-N-Save all about?

Cool-N-Save can instantly save you up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs!

cns100closeup_mediumUnless you are getting rain, which I am NOT, the temperatures have been hitting the high 90’s or low 100’s. I know that the air conditioning is really working hard to keep your place cool. So, I would like to introduce
the following to you to help reduce that cost!

Cool-n-Save is an amazing new, patented product, that is actually based on the same scientific Principles that large corporations have used to save themselves money for years.

Installed in less than five minutes with no tools required, the Cool-n-Save system affixes to the top of most home air conditioning units. The system is activated only when the AC unit turns on; hot air from the condenser unit’s fan raises the flap on the patented Cool-n-Save control valve allowing water to flow to the misters that surround the AC unit. When the ultra-fine mist is released into the air, it evaporates almost instantly creating what is known as a “Flash Evaporation,” which literally sucks heat out of the air as water absorbs the energy it needs to evaporate. The result of the immediate evaporation constitutes a substantial drop in ambient temperature without wetness—up to 30 degrees Fahrenheitcns_101_2_small

The problem with the AC system is that in extreme heat, many conventional air conditioners are unable to effectively transfer their stored heat into the surrounding air. They are forced to work harder and longer to cool the air in your home, shortening their life and producing unreasonably high electric bills.

cns100large_smallTo combat this problem, large commercial AC users such as commercial factories, warehouses and office buildings have been installing professional misting systems around their AC condensers for years. These misting system are much like the misters you may have encountered in restaurant patios and amusement parks.

Folks for $99.00, it is worth the investment as this really could reduce your summer bills! Give it a try!

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25 Responses to “What’s the Cool-N-Save all about?”

  1. Says:

    What’s the Cool-N-Save all about? | Forced Green…

    Cool-n-Save is an amazing new, patented product, that is actually based on the same scientific Principles that large corporations have used to save themselves money for years….

  2. Lissof Says:

    I have seen this concept applied in large industrial and commercial applications. It is a sound, industrial tested reliable concept. I have in the past incorporated similar systems for home use; however I purchased industrial grade parts and electrically interfaced a solenoid valve for water control. This “Cool-N-Save” is an easier installation and much more cost effective than my previous approach.
    I have not tried this system , I do have family and friends I am going to recommend it to.
    One recommendation I would offer, if at all possible, if you have a soft water system in your house, connect the misting tube to a soft water source.
    If you utilize hard water you will build up mineral deposits on the condenser fins of your AC/Heat Pump. This can be washed off with pre-rinse of a hard water mineral deposit remover from your local department store, and a spray nozzle on your garden hose.
    It improves system efficiency substantially to rinse the condenser coil fins periodically during the season as required due to your local conditions. Where I live that is typically three to four times a year.

  3. Heath Says:

    Very good idea. Another thing to do with AC is to put the unit in the shade. (If possible)

  4. corrin Says:

    Our AC has definitely been cranking. It would be wonderful to cut down our consumption and still stay cool!
    .-= corrin´s last blog ..The Curse of Cheddar Bay =-.

  5. Diane Scott Says:

    You and I have been talking about the heat for a bit now and this is amazing really. We’re in a drought time though (big time) and I wonder if there are regulations on this sort of thing? If not, I’d get one in a flash!
    .-= Diane Scott´s last blog ..Age Old List Building Secret =-.

  6. Barbara Says:

    We are not in the triple digits here yet, but this is a great idea. I already have an HVAC system though, but if I didn’t I know what I would get!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Relax with Barbara On Wednsday 43 =-.

  7. wilson Says:

    You know what, Linda. Air conditioner is ranking on the 1st place for the most energy consumption household appliances!

    With this Cool-N-Save, it might able to reduce the electricity consumption for sure.
    .-= wilson´s last blog ..Propolis: The Hidden Fact That You Should Know! =-.

  8. Corporate Barbarian Says:

    When I worked at a cogeneration plant about 10 years ago, we used a product called Turbo Fog for a similar application on a much larger scale. I’m glad to see that it’s becoming available for smaller applications.
    .-= Corporate Barbarian´s last blog ..Getting Rich in America Book Review and Summary, Part 3 =-.

  9. Christina thecoffeelady Says:

    Does it work on window units? Yes.. we still have window units! LOL
    .-= Christina thecoffeelady´s last blog ..Butterfly =-.

  10. ConnieFoggles Says:

    Here in Florida we use our AC almost non-stop. We’re trying to keep our 16 year old unit alive LOL. This may be just the trick.

  11. green-bohemia Says:

    There’s a pretty in-depth conversation going on about this over at GreenHomeHuddler

    I think it’s worth it to look into what consumers are saying about it.

  12. FloridaEcoProducts Says:


    Florida Eco Products now have the Cool-n-Save on sale at $94.95 with Free shipping and if you use the coupon code SAVE5 you can save an extra 5 % off your order. Stay cool! Paul
    .-= FloridaEcoProducts´s last blog ..Belkin Conserve Energy 8 Outlet Surge Supressor =-.

  13. valve replacement Says:

    Complex control systems using valves requires an automatic control based input of an actuator. The actuator strokes the valve allowing the valve to be positioned accurately and allowing control over a variety of requirements.

  14. Mini Split Heat Pumps: A Good Investment | Home Decorating Says:

    […] What’s the Cool-N-Save all about? ( […]

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