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A Wakeup Call!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Many of you have heard of the movement to stop using bottled water. This video will enlighten you as to the facts surrounding the bottled water lifespan.

Please take a moment to view and please feel free to comment.

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No Responses to “A Wakeup Call!”

  1. wilson Says:

    Wake up, human beings! Our planet Earth is sick now and she needs our support/concern here.

    We should act before it’s too late, Linda!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … Yes, we do need to be vigilante.

  3. Sue Says:

    I watched! Thanks for sharing that. Those statistics are scary. I heard of the thing of keeping it in the car. My mother is always talking about that, not to drink it if it has been kept in the car. I really believe that about possibly getting cancer from it. I wish people would stop buying the bottled water!

  4. Barbara Says:

    Bottled water is such a waste of money…and needless bottles!

    Barbaras last blog post..Element #90 – Thorium Energy Update

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Sue … It will take a while to break the habit but it will happen.

    Hi Barbara … Toooooo many bottles all over the place.

  6. Kramer Says:

    I was really touched by this video. I admit, I am one of those millions of people who uses bottled water but watching this video is really a wake up call. This time I will find other ways not to harm our Mother Earth. Together we can make a difference.

  7. corrin Says:

    The video really is enlightening. We are one of those families that buys bottled water for a plethora of reasons, but we’re taking baby steps. We refill them when we can and buy the Costco bottles that use half the plastic.

    corrins last blog post..Disney Celebrity Sightings

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Kramer … Good for you! And we all make a difference when we all work together. 🙂

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi corrin … Any little bit helps. I commend you for trying! 🙂

  10. Christina thecoffeelady Says:

    What a wake up call! I would have never dreamed!

    Christina thecoffeeladys last blog post..Summer’s Here… Let’s Hoola Hoop!

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Christina … Amazing, isn’t it! But every little bit we can change certainly helps!

  12. Greener Pastures Says:

    1. Take municipal tap water
    2. Put it through the same purification process it just went through
    3. Bottle it and name it something la-de-da like evian
    4. Make boat loads of money and bury the planet in plastic.

    Greener Pasturess last blog post..The Carnival of Pecuniary Delights, #6 – Are You Cashing in on Going Green?

  13. Greener Pastures Says:

    And another thing – there’s far less regulation and monitoring of bottled water vs drinking water. And carbonated water is regulated as a soft drink – which is basically nothin’

    Greener Pasturess last blog post..Bottled Water Equals Tap Water?

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Greener Pastures … Geez you got it down to 4 steps! Good job!

    I had no idea that water was not regulated!!! I will just stay with my tap water!

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