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A Green Light For Green Energy

World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm, Online by 2012

2509612On Tuesday, May 12, the green light was given to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary of Great Britain. The Thames Estuary is the area in which the River Thames meets the waters of the North Sea. The first phase of the 90 square mile London Array will see 175 turbines producing 630 megawatts (MW) of electricity 12 miles off the coast of Kent.

Planning work for the $2.984 billion, (€2.2bn ; £2bn), program will start this year with offshore construction under way in 2011 and the first electricity produced in 2012. The second stage is dependent on future environmental evaluations, but the ultimate aim is for 341 turbines producing 1 gigawatt (GW) of power, enough for a quarter of all the homes in Greater London.

_40599480_thames_estuary_map203Onshore work is due to start this summer, with offshore work due to start in early 2011. When fully operational, it will make a substantial contribution to the UK Government’s target of providing 15.4% of all electricity to be supplied from renewable sources by 2020. Based on the current schedule, it is expected=2 0that this project will represent nearly 7% of this target. It would also avoid the emission of millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) over its life.

But Britain didn’t stop there, along with the London Array, construction of four more off-shore wind farms and dozens of on-shore turbines has been approved. Meaning over the next decade just the five new offshore wind farm sites built in UK waters will generate about 20 gigawatts of power.

Well, …… Roll Britannia! You Rock!…. Proud of YA!!

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18 Responses to “A Green Light For Green Energy”

  1. Says:

    A Green Light For Green Energy | Forced Green…

    On Tuesday, May 12, the green light was given to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary of Great Britain….

  2. Barbara Says:

    I think they look beautiful in the water. I think it is a great program!

    Barbaras last blog post..Look Where Barbara’s Ladybug Has Landed!

  3. Tom Usher Says:

    Hi All,

    Green is good and right (good and right are the same thing: Redundant), but who will own this? Who will control the meters and billings and take the profits in mammon?

    The people won’t own it. They will not share the energy at no additional monetary costs to themselves? Their taxes will rather be used further to enrich mammon billionaires. That’s not the right spirit.

    Therefore, mixed emotions remain correct.


    Tom Usher

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara …. I do too! Contemporary art!

  5. Zahir Says:

    Wow! But isn’t that dangerous to boats and ships?

    Zahirs last blog post..Dealing with Swine Flu

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Tom … that is a very good question. I assume that if tax payers money is used in the construction, then it will be considered a co-op utility, such as I have here, we are considered members not customers. If my electric co-op could generate more power than we use, then the excess would be sold back to the main grid and we would get a check instead of a bill. Of course that hasn’t happened here because my co-op obtains all our power from the main grid. But there’s hope for the future.

    Hi Zahir … not to worry my friend, any structure in the waterways must have navigational lighting, such as buoys and bridge supports. Then the vessels better have radar if they’re sailing around at night or stationary objects will be the least of their worries.

  7. Owl Says:

    Up in New England they continue to fight any and all attempts to get wind farms going. Despite being one of the windier locations in the nation lagging concerns about birds and shipping are still holding up a large project in Nantucket Sound. Truth be told it is mainly about NIMBY. If we don’t break our dependence on oil it will eventually break us.

    Owls last blog post..As Prices Rise Cotton A Logical Choice

  8. wilson Says:

    WoW, Linda. With this gigantic 175 turbines standing still at the Thames Estuary, it looks like the a group of “White Angels” protecting U.K. from the enemy’s invasion! A very spectacular scene indeed…

    wilsons last blog post..Garlic is Totally Forbidden, if You Have…

  9. Christina thecoffeelady Says:

    Even it lines someones pockets a bit…. the wear and tear on the earth by using less focil fuel is worth it.

    Christina thecoffeeladys last blog post..Ambiance

  10. corrin Says:

    That’s awesome. I was in California for the first time last year and was amazed by all the windmills.

    corrins last blog post..Cupcake Skirt

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Owl … I know what you mean! It is crazy but until we get folks to understand the benefits of wind or solar for that matter, they will stay with oil.

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … You have such a nice way to putting things into words. thank you!

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Christina … Yes, it is still expensive and those who have the money benefit. But even still, we all will sooner or later.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Corrin … California has been doing windmills for a long time, especially in the deserts.

  15. Heath Says:

    I’m with Owl. We live out here in the middle of the country, the area not supposed to be on the cutting edge of the Green movement. But on the coast with more people that are Liberal or at least right of center, and they fight projects like this. It is time for everyone to get on board.

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … Yep! It is time for the nations of the world to get behind these efforts.

  17. vein Says:

    It is great to see commericla wind farms really starting to take off.

    veins last blog post..Male Chauvinist Pig slaughter

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi vein … No pun intended, right? LOL! More and more countries are really taking to wind farms. It is really good to see.

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