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Earth Day Resolve

Going Green: Know your Carbon Footprint
Image by ellievanhoutte via Flickr

Start a Trend: Commit to Earth Day Resolutions

Earth Day celebrations are over and you are wondering what you can do to contribute. But, you don’t know what or where or how. So, here are some small steps we can do right now. Because what may seem like insignificant actions by each of us, results in giant steps as a whole. Some are old and some new. So feel empowered for going green with little or no effort and money:

Wash clothes in cold water, they get just as clean.

Switch from bottled water to reusable bottles, fill with filtered tap water.

Blanket the hot water heater and turn down the temperature, water heating is the third largest energy expense in the American home.

Don’t drive, walk a mile to lunch, you will burn 100 calories and if all American did this it would avoid the same amount of CO2 pollution as taking 4.3 million cars off the road.

Put the following items on power strips with on/off switches, switched off until needed:

Hair dryer
Kitchen counter top items: coffee pot, toaster, blenders, and such
Entertainment center electronics.
Computer equipment

Recycling batteries website: – This site lists dropoff sites for recycling batteries of all sorts.

Go to to find a recycling site near you.

Setting your refrigerator to 38-42 degrees will make it run 25% more efficiently.

Put a brick in your toilet tank.

Tape a note to the bottom of your mirror, above the bathroom sink – “SHUT OFF THE WATER WHILE BRUSHING”.

Reusable bags reduce the amount of crude oil and natural gas used to make plastic bags reducing the amount of waste in landfills, waterways and oceans.

Switch out incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs‘ are twice as efficient as florescent bulbs and ten times more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Each commuter train passenger can reduce their carbon footprint by greater than 65% every time they ride —— Americans save 855,000,000 gallons of gas a year by taking public transportation.

By doing some or all of these items will definitely reduce your carbon footprint. So, make everyday, Earth Day.

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No Responses to “Earth Day Resolve”

  1. Says:

    Earth Day Resolve | Forced Green…

    feel empowered for going green with little or no effort and money…

  2. Michelle Goes Green Says:

    What a great article! Added to Twitter!

    Michelle Goes Greens last blog post..Eco-Tips to Protect the Environment

  3. Wind Says:

    In addition to washing your clothes in cold water, I don’t use my dryer or my oven anymore…I hang out my clothes and use a toaster oven! I even saved over $100 on my electric bill changing these two little habits!

    As always, thanks for the great information!


    Winds last blog post..Domino Sugar’s Sweet Talks are Twisted!

  4. Samantha Says:

    It was a hectic week and I totally forgot about Earth Day! Thanks for the suggestions though! Will definitely do that this weekend!

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Michelle … Thanks for the add and come back again.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Wind … That is really good news! I have been washing in cold water for years.

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Samantha … Have fun and come back again.

  8. Christina thecoffeelady Says:

    I started packing my lunch in reusable containers. No gas and wear and tear on the car. No expense for lunch out. Most of my lunch comes from the garden!

    Christina thecoffeeladys last blog post..Let’s Play Catch

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Christina … That is really cool! I am sure it saves you money at the grocery store as well.

  10. ebeggingonline Says:

    Hello Linda this is a thought provoking post and a good reminder to us all. Sorry I just got married a couple of days ago, it’s me from green not mean. I am scrapping all my blogs and gonna concentrate on building one brand one with another partner so this is it rofl. Huggies and will come back very soon.

    ebeggingonlines last blog post..Sqip: The new Web 2.0 Mega Portal with 100 Free PEPS

  11. Mark Says:

    Washing clothes in cold water will save you a ton of money because it saves so much energy. If you absolutely must use warm water time it with your showers so that you waste less energy through cooling water. This is particularly important if you have a water heater. If you have a boiler system time the warm water washes with heating the house in the morning etc.

    Marks last blog post..Build Custom Product Packages for Promotional Success

  12. Sadie Says:

    I always wash my clothes in cold water! Except for my sheets and towels, which I wash together. I’ve also been trying to be better about turning lights off when I leave a room, and keeping the thermostat from running as much.

    Sadies last blog post..Working on My Abs

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi yanjiaren … Congrats on your marriage! You have been busy!

    Hi Mark … I agree! Let’s just hope when washing clothes and taking a shower, do not interfere with each other. Otherwise, it’s dancing until heat comes back! 🙂

    Hi Sadie … You are doing great with just those two methods. Keep up the good job.

  14. Shane Says:

    Fantastic info. I hope people continue the momentum from Earth Day.

  15. Heather in Beautiful BC Says:

    Those are all such great suggestions.

    I remember my Mom boiling water to put in the old wringer washer and the steamy heat she had to contend with and how red and sore her hands were when she was done.

    I think she would have liked to hear cold water cleans just as well 🙂

    Heather in Beautiful BCs last blog post..IZEA Insider Tedheads

  16. wilson Says:

    Well, Linda, I’ve put a brick into the toilet tank since 5 years ago. And, I always used a glass to brush my teeth, as I very concern about the water conservation matter.

    Beside that, I have a big rain water tank, where I use the water to watering the plants and washing my car! Well, I did my best to help the Earth…

    wilsons last blog post..Don’t Force Your Baby Learn to Walk Too Early!

  17. Linda Says:

    Hi Shane … That is my hope as well.

    Hi Heather … I remember the ol wringer as well. It would of been a shock to all moms who did the laundry back then.

    Hi Wilson … You have done just great, my friend.

  18. ConnieFoggles Says:

    Your ideas are fantastic. My daughter and I talked about other things we can do to to help the environment. I liked the battery site you gave. Never even thought about batteries.

    ConnieFoggless last blog post..Basa Body Products Help Kenyan Women

  19. Linda Says:

    Hi Connie … Glad to help out. We use a bunch of batteries in our everyday lives and they are getting better.

  20. Sandy Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Battery Recycling site. I typed in my zip and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of businesses very close to home.

  21. Linda Says:

    Hi Sandy … Glad we could help!

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