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Forced Green Turns 1!

birthdayballoonsToday Forced Green celebrates it’s 1st birthday. Born out of the concern for our environment and our planet as a whole. Dedicated to bringing information, small/large, technical/simple, any data that Earth’s people can utilize to help their Planet Mother (and her children), heal, survive, thrive.

Named ‘FORCED’ Green because after decades of abuse, neglect, and treating Earth as though she is the size of Jupiter, (still no excuse if she were), our planet was, (still is), in dire straits. We were blindly speeding towards unimaginable consequences, and yet, the powers that be and the media, that is suppose to keep us informed, didn’t seem to ‘get’ the seriousness of the situation. Treating the environmental movement like a passing fad, which would fade as if it were as inconsequential as bell bottom jeans or disco dancing. One way or another, in the nick of time or not, we would be ‘forced’ into greening and hopefully, healing our sacred Earth.

Earth from SpaceIt’s been a year now, and thank God, we as a people have woke up and smelled the coffee.  Governments, (especially mine), and the media, have done a ‘180’ on their attitudes, concern, and involvement in our global environmental situation. Governments are reaching out to help jump start green energy business’, while at the same time tightening the grip on those industries who persist on polluting. Universities are gearing curriculums and research projects towards sustainable energy and green building projects. Communities are ramping up their recycling involvement and restructuring building codes to include ‘green incentives’.
And the list goes on and on…….

Why? Because of you, everyone of you 294,000 who have stopped and visited this site alone,  (and the nearly 6,000,000 hits). If you were not concerned, you would never read a green blog, express concerns to friends, family, media, and queried local officials about the lack of community recycling. By whatever means you used/use to get your concerns across, talking together (out in public), email, commenting on blogs (which is more important to a site than you might think, thank you). Because you are concerned with the condition of your planet, have said and still saying so, probably without even realizing that you started a ground swell, growing large enough that your governments nor the media could ignore any longer. A world wide Green Earth army.

And without you, Forced Green would have never gotten off the ground. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU, each an every one.

We are – Forced Green – because it’s a small planet, after all!

…and the only one we have.

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40 Responses to “Forced Green Turns 1!”

  1. Says:

    Forced Green Turns 1! | Forced Green…

    Today Forced Green celebrates it’s 1st birthday….

  2. Brenton Says:

    Congrats on turning 1!!! Keep up the great work!

    Brentons last blog post..Portland gets its reward: Most sustainable city

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Benton … Thanks so much and I really appreciate your group for all of its assistance! πŸ˜€

  4. Stefanie Says:

    Happy birthday! Lots of green website birthdays lately! Green Thinking Blog ( ) turned 1 on the 17th, Focus Organic turns one on April 22nd!

    Stefanies last blog post..Eco-Friendly Friday Tips Volume Fourty

  5. Leanne Lonergan Says:

    Linda..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your blog has done so much to help change attitudes and increase awareness about our need to think green!This is a wonderful milestone and I wish you many more with great success!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Stefanie … WOW! I had no idea that we are all in our first year! Thanks for coming by!

  7. Linda Says:

    Hey Leanne! … Thank you ! How the heck are you doing? Good I hope πŸ™‚

  8. Shane Says:

    Congratulations. Keep up the great work and super resources!!

    Shanes last blog post..Please Vote For My Proposal – Green Design with Life Cycle in Mind

  9. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Congratulations. I just had mine earlier this month.
    You have been such a terrific help and inspiration. Many more years of great success to you and Forced Green!

    Barbaras last blog post..Let’s Hope Our Future Never Looks Like This !

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Shane … Thanks and I will!

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Thank you for your kind words! It has been quite a year!

  12. Condo Blues Says:

    Happy Blog Birthday Linda!

    Condo Bluess last blog post..Are ecostore Plant Based Cleaners Grease Fighters?

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Condo … Thanks for coming by!

  14. Shari Thomas Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I always look forward to what you’ve found. Living on the desert, we’re really interested in both solar and wind. We’ve heard this area is ripe for geo-thermal, too. It’s the cost that keeps us reading.

    Shari Thomass last blog post..Facebook is for more than β€œwork”

  15. Linda Says:

    Hi Shari … Thank you for you kind words. Your area is very ripe for geo-thermal along with wind and solar. You have soooo many options. Now if you had the funds, OMG!

  16. Mara Says:

    Happy 1st Birthday FORCED GREEN! Keep it up!
    Oh, VOTE EARTH later πŸ™‚

    Maras last blog post..Please VOTE EARTH.

  17. Anna Bell Says:

    Happy Birthday Forced Green! Love the association between our size and Jupiter and it not mattering if we were. Thank you so much for the info you give us. Like the saying goes. “it takes a village” and I’m glad you’re in mine. Love Ya!

  18. BK Says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Forced Green and many many more to come!

    BKs last blog post..I Forgive You

  19. Wind Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Forced Green, here’s 50 EC’s for you! I love your site Linda, keep up the awesome work πŸ™‚


    Winds last blog post..No Power During Earth Hour!

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Mara … Thank you!

    Hi Anna Bell … Thank you for your very kind words. Yes, it does take a village for everything doesn’t it?

    Hi BK … Thank you!

    Hi Wind … Thank you for your kind words and the credits! I will spend them wisely! πŸ˜€

  21. Mom's Cafe Home Cooking Says:

    Congratulations on turning 1! Have a great Earth Hour tonight.

    Mom’s Cafe Home Cookings last blog post..An Bit of an Update

  22. Sadie Says:

    Happy 1st birthday!! That’s so awesome!

    Sadies last blog post..Beautiful Bananas!

  23. Lissof Says:

    After the happy hour celebration on Saturday 28th March, don’t forget to turn out the lights and celebrate “Earth Hour” 8:00pm local time. Join in the voluntary rolling blackout, step outside to view the stars unimpeded by light pollution. Read here for more information..

    She’s the only Earth we have, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF HER.


  24. Christina thecoffeelady Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday TO YOU! Have a great day!

    Christina thecoffeeladys last blog post..Pictures of Long ago!

  25. LadyGrace Says:

    Although the old saying goes “its never to late” I still believe that we as a whole have left it way to late to change anything about the enviroment. I feel sorry for the world really, the human race is going to distroy the planet and along with it ourselves. Its good to see though that there are alot of people out there trying their part to save what is left.

    LadyGraces last blog post..Update

  26. Linda Says:

    Hi Mom’s Cafe … Thank You. My Earth Hour turned out to be a little over 2.5 Earth Hours. However, no valor on my part, my Electric Co-Op hit my area with an outage at 6:30 PM and just got it back a little after 9, LOL! But, I must say, I DID NOT crank my generator the entire time!

    Hi Sadie … Thanks Sadie, it’s been quite a ride this year!

    Hi Lissof … Thanks you! Read my reply to Mom’s Cooking above and you’ll see that fate made sure I wasn’t going to forget! Still laughing about it, but I must say it was/is a crisp, clear, beautiful, night!

    Hi Christina … Thank you, it was grand!

    Hi Lady Grace … please don’t despair! We are truly on a just road now and our numbers are too great to overcome, trust that we are conquering the destructive path that has hurt our Earth. Have faith in her resiliency, she will overcome.

  27. psyche Says:

    Happy birthday and wishing the site many more!

    psyches last blog post..Crapple

  28. Victor Rodriguez Says:

    I visited a sight called I is like the MySpace or facebook of the green movement. It is great. You can keep up to date on all sorts of things. Learn what steps you can take to help the environment.

  29. Lissof Says:

    Linda, Your extended Earth Hour courtesy of the Utility provider,,,is the what they call “Forced Green”?… πŸ˜‰

  30. Linda Says:

    Hi psyche … thank you for your kind words.

    Hi Victor … I believe you and you get can steps on how to help the environment here as well!

    Hi Lissof … LOL! You are sooooo correct!

  31. Diane Scott Says:

    Happy Birthday from your split personality friend! Can you believe it’s been a year already! Wow! And Forcedgreen is a force to be reckoned with…!! Keep it up!

    Diane Scotts last blog post..Do You Obsess About Failure?

  32. Theresa Cahill Says:

    And for added measure from the real me, another huge and wonderful Happy Birthday and congratulations! It was initially a semi-long road, but this is most definitely where you belong!! Here’s to another wonderful action-packed, information-filled year!

    Theresa Cahills last blog post..Perception and Changes in Marketing and Advertising Online

  33. Linda Says:

    Hi Diane … Thank you ! It’s been a heck of a journey and your support has been wonderful! πŸ™‚

  34. Linda Says:

    Hi Theresa … you thot it was a semi-long road but actually it was a completely long road. You helped me out twice as much than you realized, thanks to your split personality! Thank you ! πŸ˜€

  35. Alexander M Zoltai Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Mine’s happened, too!!

    Blogging is such an evolutionary adventure…

    I feel especially remiss in not visiting your site more often…

    Been ever so busy with my blogs, my research to revise and expand a book I wrote a few years ago, and working my nutrition business…

    May our blogging New Years see more digital interactions!!!

    ~ Alex

    Alexander M Zoltais last blog post..Exuberant Emancipation !!!

  36. Linda Says:

    Hi Alexander …. I see you have been busy! Thank you and Happy Birthday to you as well! A year really passes fast doesn’t it?

  37. Used Car Dealers Says:

    Hey Linda! Great work..! Congrats for the celebration on first birthday!! If something is made mandatory and is forced to do forcefully for a good being then it must have to be implemented. If the thing comes to save the planet, then every individual should have to be supportive and work accordingly to save the planet and greenery on earth.

  38. Linda Says:

    Hi Used Car … Thank you ! Sooner or later, folks will be doing what is necessary.

  39. wilson Says:

    Happy belated B’day to Forced Green, Linda. You’ve done a tremendously awesome job. Keep up the good works and I’ll try my best to support you till the end…

    wilsons last blog post..You Should Stop to Breastfeed Your Baby On the Right Time!

  40. Linda Says:

    Hi ya Wilson … Thank you and you have been wonderful!

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