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Unimodal Inc’s Amazing, Green, Economical, SkyTran

skytran-stop-labeled-2A New Paradigm – Instead of defining the “mass” as large groups moving in large vehicles stopping repeatedly at relatively few destinations…SkyTran moves tiny clusters of people (1 or 2) non-stop across a network of many more destinations in a fleet of small vehicles.

Energy efficient – Powered by electricity. Equivalent to over 200 miles per gallon of gasoline.

Low cost – Least expensive of all options to install and operate. Ten times less expensive than light rail.

No waiting, fixed routes or timetables – Takes you straight to your destination. No wasting time stopping at every station.

High speed & capacity – 45 MPH in the city. 150 mph between cities. One guideway has the same capacity as a 3 lane freeway.

The SkyTran vehicles are two person, personalized cabins giving you a comfortable ride so no need to drive. Just enter your destination via voice command or touch screen input and off you go! Like your car but faster, no stop lights, traffic jams or lost time. Adjust the climate controls, select your audio/video entertainment options, or stay in touch with full web access or vehicle to vehicle communication links. A fold down back seat is airline compliant allowing two suitcases and two carry-ons.

The driverless vehicles are kept safe and secure, propelled along elevated guideways to prevent collisions with surface traffic. Passive airbag and seat belts are included in case of unanticipated stops. An emergency button routes you to a hospital or the police for added security. The vehicles use computers, sensors and radar collision avoidance systems to navigate. All weather operation.

SkyTran has a faster average non-stop speed of 150 mph, which beats Transrapid‘s typical average speed of 115 mph.

skytranseattleGetting on and off? Well, forget those massive stations or structures overwhelming the neighborhood and local environment, instead small portals are conveniently located every quarter mile or less, for outstanding neighborhood access. Unlike high speed line haul systems which must minimize stations to maintain average speed. AND handicap access, designated stops have electric lift capability to special vehicles for ADA compliance.

The SkyTran vehicle “surfs” on a magnetic wave, literally gliding on air as it is driven forward by an electric induction motor. Magnetic levitation provides a no contact bearing. There are no wheels to fail & replace, no bearings to grease. The only moving part is the vehicle on the guideway, so no maintenance.

It is completely safe, in the unlikely event of a power failure to the motor, the vehicle glides to a gentle stop. Unlike other maglev systems, loss of levitation and a sudden collapse onto the guideway is a physical impossibility with the SkyTran design.

Size matters and SkyTran blends into the urban form with a minimal footprint unlike large, cumbersome, high speed systems like Transrapid. It’s maglev guideway utilizes standard utility poles and universally available stock items. A modular system translates into lower cost components and faster, less complex installations. SkyTran uses off-the-shelf parts and civil engineering principles already proven in monorail and light rail systems. The lightweight, simple modular design translates into lower manufacturing, installation & operational costs.

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  1. Says:

    Unimodal Inc’s Amazing, Green, Economical, SkyTran | Forced Green…

    The SkyTran vehicles are two person, personalized cabins giving you a comfortable ride so no need to drive….

  2. Bonnie Story Says:

    WOW!!! I have been hoping so see something that solves so many problems in one swoop. It’s brilliant. And it’s coming in the near future. People are addicted to cars because it’s just about all the privacy people get anymore… they get to secretly smoke, chat with secret pals on the phone, eat (overstuff themselves) in private, all in the safe confines of a car. Well, this system would not allow private use of drugs or private binge eating but – TOO BAD. Gas prices in the future will drive people to find some other private place in their lives than a car. The biggest problem solved with this system is the worst thing about mass transit – that it just dumps you off at a big station that is probably not near your work / school /shopping, and then how do you get where you need to be? I see the extra “pods” lined up which could work just like a “Citycar” – i.e. go out with a deposit and then go back into the general pool when returned, releasing your deposit back?? Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s a huge problem-solver, if only all the car addicts could see the light sooner than later, it might just work!!

    Bonnie Storys last blog post..Our view isn’t "free"…

  3. Unimodal Inc’s Amazing, Green, Economical, SkyTran | Forced Green | Says:

    […] Unimodal Inc’s Amazing, Green, Economical, SkyTran | Forced Green […]

  4. PRT Strategies Says:

    For more on PRT:

  5. Heath Says:

    That is real cool.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … It really is and I can see it working for every city very easily!

  7. wilson Says:

    OMG, this sky tran is really amazing, Linda. I loved the tran’s concept and designation (It would be even better, if the cars in the future can hang upside down like this!)

    wilsons last blog post..Your Body Type Determine Your Healthy Condition

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … I always look forward to your comments, Wilson. But I do not know if we want to hang them upside down due to other obstacles in the way but an idea anyway. 🙂

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