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Sky Village – Green Skyscraper


Dutch architects MVRDV and Denmark’s ADEPT Architects are the masterminds behind this incredible Sky Village high rise. Designed as an acropolis of stackable green-roofed units, the structure recently won a competition to construct a new high-rise in Rødovre, an independent municipality of Copenhagen. The Sky Village will integrate the latest technologies according to the progressive Danish environmental standards. The high-rise incorporates lots of sustainable design elements to reduce its environmental impact, and its main concept is centered around a system of individual units that can be stacked in various configurations to maximize available space and allow for easy structural changes in response to market demand.

skyvilleadSky Village includes retail and office space, housing units, a hotel, and a park around the base of the building. The new skyscraper has a total surface of 21,688 sq m (71154.86 ft.). Flexibility is one of the building’s key design elements, and its modular composition allows property managers to alter its structure to suit tenants’ needs.

If a retailer wants more space or if the village needs more office or residential units, “pixels” can be easily added to reconfigure the structure. Each pixel is about 60 sq meters ( 196.85 feet), and they all are arranged around a central core. The inclusion of retail, restaurants, and offices in a residential development allows people the ability to live where they work and play, making this a true village, albeit a vertical one.
The base of the village was kept small in order to minimize the building’s footprint as well as to maximize the public plaza and adjacent park. Retail space and restaurants take up the slim lower floors, offices are situated in the intermediary levels, and residential units are terraced towards the north to give the building a curved profile. These terraces give each residential unit a sky garden with a sunny southern aspect. Finally a hotel sits at the top of the high rise with views towards central Copenhagen.

skyvilnightedThe Sky Village also includes many wonderful green building elements, like gray water recycling, 40% recycled concrete in the foundation, and the structure’s facade will incorporate a variety of renewable energy technologies and energy producing devices. Not to mention the prefabricated units drastically reduce construction waste, thereby avoiding the adverse effects of trucking the waste to landfills and the additional space required to accommodate it.

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9 Responses to “Sky Village – Green Skyscraper”

  1. wilson Says:

    A fascinating concept here, Linda. By the way, do you know the height of this sky village?

    wilsons last blog post..Color will affect Your Children’s Health!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … I know it is taller than you or I! LOL … Really, it’s about 116 meters tall or a little over 380 feet which means its 38 stories high!

  3. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda – What an awesome building. And it’s green, too. Wouldn’t it be great if this idea becomes popular here, as well? At night it looks absolutely beautiful.

    Another great find. Thank you.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Avatar Honesty

  4. teachmerich Says:

    just wondering, can they put a lego theme to it?

    teachmerichs last blog post..Gratitude = The Easiest Way to be Rich?

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … It would be really cool if it took off here. You are welcome!

  6. Says:

    Sky Village – Green Skyscraper | Forced Green…

    The high-rise incorporates lots of sustainable design elements to reduce its environmental impact…

  7. Foolonthehill Says:

    I’d need more faith in glue before I could live there! Seriously though, I’m not sure what ‘green roofed’ actually means, and there’s not a lot of detail here, reading more like an architect’s blurb than a detailed green rationale. I think ‘greener’ might be the word to use rather than green, but I guess every little helps.

  8. Linda Says:

    Since this is an environmental blog not architectural one, I am not qualified to get down to the “nuts and bolts” of the build. However, I am sure ‘glue’ wasn’t/isn’t part of the construction. My guess is the units are secured together much like shipping containers stacked on cargo ships, but more permanently.
    Green Roofs – insulate buildings by preventing heat from moving through the roof, filters the air moving across it, reduces urban heat island effects, assist in storm water management, and can incorporate wastewater technologies and urban agriculture.

    Thanks for coming by and please come back again!

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