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Just a Suggestion!

vv2ORGANITECH, an Israeli company which has developed automated, self-contained, hydroponic systems for nurseries that can produce commercial quantities of clean crops. Planting, harvesting and packaging are performed entirely by intelligent robots, monitored by an advanced control center, eliminating the need for manpower. Plants are grown in plastic-foam (styro-foam) trays that float and rotated in nutrient rich water. In the closed, monitored environment there is no need for harmful insecticides and pesticides. Suitable for many types of leafy vegetables including numerous lettuce varieties and other leafy vegetables.

The brainchild of Dr. Dickson Despommier is a 21 storey skyscraper farms that could potentially be as productive as 588 acres of land and grow up to 12 million lettuces a year. (See Forced Green post 9/25/2008 – An Idea I really Like).With the world’s population expected to increase to 3 billion by 2050 and almost 80% of farming land in use, the idea has never been more relevant.

But what if instead of waiting until 2050 or utilizing the hydroponics system only for commercial nurseries or farmland, combine these two great ideas. Now add into the equation the existing empty/abandoned warehouses, buildings, and parking structures in cities around the world. Renovate these buildings to access the maximum amount of sunlight structurally allowable. Keep any existing water based fire suppression systems (sprinklers), for irrigation. Add in tubular natural solar lighting and solar powered grow lights. Install wind turbines and rain capturing systems on all the roofs. Utilize buildings with sturdy roofs and the top level of parking structures for fruit tree orchards. On the buildings’ upper levels, start the seedlings for the hydroponic leafy vegetables and herbs. Arranged along the perimeter of the floors, rotating along to each level, like canal locks. Timed to reach the lower level loading docks at the harvest stage. On the interior of the floors, elevated planters (for easy access), for the root crops like potatoes. carrots, onions, and etc.

For the large areas of ground level concrete parking lots, leave as they are but, pattern cut large circular holes through to the earth and plant fruit trees. Or rectangular cut aways for large plants like corn or vine grown vegetables like peas, beans, cucumbers, and etc. Leaving concrete pathways between would assure weed control, easy crop maintenance, access for electric vehicles, and water collection systems. Add a canopy of solar panels over these pathways to not only generate electricity, but to keep the pathways cool. Better for the soil, for water retention, and more comfortable for the workers.

The entire project could be totally self sustainable, or darn near it.

Projects like this could easily turn the tables on the plague of urban blight that has hit every major city on this planet. Creating jobs, eliminating homelessness, and hunger. Restoring neighborhoods to their intended glory. Not to mention more appealing to the eye!

So, what do you think folks? This is just my idea, I thought I would throw out to you. Help me out and add to it,….anybody?….anybody?

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12 Responses to “Just a Suggestion!”

  1. Says:

    Just a Suggestion | Forced Green…

    If you enjoy thinking outside of the box, try envisioning this!…

  2. marathonrunner Says:

    This post is very informative and has great ideas for going green!

  3. Wind Says:

    I think that there are some pretty amazing ideas thrown in there! We need to utilize all these empty buildings that are just laying around the country and what a great way to do it! Making them into hydroponic grow rooms and cottage industries for building all the solar panels and wind turbines is a great way to think! 🙂


    Winds last blog post..Food For Thought…Mercury Contamination!

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Wind … Thank you and why not use what is not being used. Could make communities like they used to be. Interchanging crops, friendship, and reducing the carbon footprint.

  5. lisa winter Says:

    I think your idea for using abandoned buildings is a good idea. i do a little hydroponic growing and i have a couple of concerns. first you have to add nutrients to the water for the plants to grow. on a large scale is there concern with that waste water getting into the water supply with all those nutrients. secondly there is the issue of providing enough “sunlight” for that many plants. The lighting would be hard to make sustainable. however, i really like your water collection idea. currently, i’m trying to grow my hydroponics using fish to “feed” the plants. in the water i raise fish, their emulsion feeds the plant. still not sustainable, but with all this brainstorming we’re getting closer.

    lisa winters last blog post..Food Politics

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  8. OregonArtGuy Says:

    Hi: I just wanted to tell you congrats on being site of the day on SlogBite, and that you really have a lot of informative info here – I’ll be back :-}

    OregonArtGuys last blog post..White Foxglove

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Oregon … Thanks for letting me know…. Come on back and read as much as you want. This site is full of green goodies.

  10. Jesse Says:

    This sounds great except it doesn’t seem cost effective to me. It would be nice to see this implemented on a small scale to see how effective it could be. I think putting hoop houses on vacant land would be more practical than remodeling existing buildings.

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