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IST Energy’s GEM


IST Energy’s GEM is a waste-to-energy conversion system. It processes trash made up of food, paper, plastic, wood, and agricultural waste, and turns it into clean electricity. What is unique about the GEM is that it is the first compact, mobile system that can be housed on-site by business and venues. The system takes the trash, shrinks it in volume by about 95%, and gives you free electricity and heat.

By diverting tons of trash from landfills, the GEM reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted from trash as it decays. In fact, this type of waste makes up 95 percent of the trash collected by garbage trucks, which would result in less trash, less trucks, less fuel used, and less greenhouse gas emissions overall – a huge benefit for the environment. In addition, the GEM produces a negative carbon effect by “converting and diverting” trash into clean energy, benefiting the environment in two separate phases.
Simply put, the GEM shreds the trash, pulls out as much moisture as possible, then turns the waste into pellets, and converts those pellets into a clean synthetic gas. This gas is then sent to an electric generator which produces the electric power. Trash is the perfect energy source because there is a never-ending supply. The average person produces 4.5 lbs. of trash every day and trash is something that will never go away.

The GEM is intended for commercial use only. Any company, complex or venue that produces an excess of two tons of trash a day, or uses 120 kW of electricity a day can benefit from the GEM. One GEM can process up to three tons of trash each day, making it ideal for large venues such as an office complex, hotel, mall, restaurant, stadium, ballpark, college/university campus, large apartment building, etc. It is also ideally suited to process a large amount of the trash collected by cities, towns and waste management companies from buildings and households.

the-green-energy-machine-580x386The GEM’s downdraft gasification system uses high heat to decompose trash in a controlled process which operates under negative pressure so gases are not emitted, meaning a much cleaner process, as there is no smoke or odor created. It uses electric generators that meet current emission standards for NOx, SOx, and CO2. The GEM actually reduces carbon emissions as a result of the reduction in waste hauling, landfill, and fossil fuel use. The generator does release some carbon emissions, but this is offset by the other components of the GEM, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 540 tons annually, making the whole system carbon negative.

The GEM is 30 feet long, 8.5 feet deep and 8 feet high, and takes up the space of approximately 3-4 parking spaces. It is a self contained system that is readily configured for portable or fixed applications. The system is priced at $850,000. IST Energy estimates that the reduced waste disposal and energy costs to a business will result in an average of a 3-4 year return on investment. In other words, making a 13 gallon bag of trash “worth” around $5.00.

This is a highly efficient and clean conversion process producing electricity and heat that is used by the customer or sold back to energy providers. 6,000 pounds of trash a day can heat and power a 200,000 sq. ft. office building housing 500 workers. Add to this the further reduction of a company’s carbon footprint by not having to truck their trash to a landfill or incinerator.
Sounds like a good thing to me.

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11 Responses to “IST Energy’s GEM”

  1. Says:

    IST Energy’s GEM | Forced Green…

    The system takes the trash, shrinks it in volume by about 95%, and gives you free electricity and heat….

  2. Barbara Says:

    Sounds like another great idea to me!

    Barbaras last blog post..“Dirt” Cheap – Eco Domes!

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … yep! thanks for coming by.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    It does sound great. I wonder if they’d ever sell pellets for stoves for heating homes… reminds me of the pellet stove.

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Cynthia … Good question. I really do not know but it sure could be a product utilized (sold) immediately should they want to. Something that will have to be watched for.

  6. gwen Says:

    You didn’t address the waste issues. I would assume that is would be considered hazardous material and require special disposal. That would drive up costs. Right or wrong?

    gwens last blog post..The 109 Day LinkBuilding Explosion Day 48

  7. wilson Says:

    What a fantastic idea, Linda. By the way, $5 for 13 gallon trash sounds reasonable as well!

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … It is not a bad bargain at all.

  9. Frank Schulte-Ladbeck Says:

    I have to check this out more. I wonder if it is a full CHP system or not. It seems like it should be. It would be interesting if a modified version could produce power stored in batteries for home use. No more trash collection then?

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