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New Face 2009

Here is some good news! When we upgraded this site to WordPress 2.7, my theme kinda coughed, sneezed and just decided it was tired. So, the hunt was on to find a a new theme.

So, for the next few days it may seem that Forced Green is suffering from multiple personalities disorders. But, please bear with me because I would rather leave the site up, glitches and all, than take it completely down for an extended period.

Hang in there with me and when complete, I’ll will certainly be seeking your input. Cross your fingers, and away we go!!!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing……

In less than 12 hours, you’ll have your first chance to evaluate the newest marketing tools program to launch.

According to what we are receiving and reading, you will have the chance to evaluate the program up until the 31st.

Signup right now is free.

Here’s where this program can take you in 2009:

o The Elite Builder at $59.95/mo offers unlimited earnings potential, gives you commissions on up to 15 levels and gives you access to all 6 high-powered tools.

o The Premium Builder at $29.95/mo locks your earnings in at a $10,000 per month maximum, gives you commissions on up to 10 levels and offers the basic tools.

Note the difference. The top program comes with all the tools, including a “go to meeting” like system.

So hurry on over, again less than 12 hours to go:

If you already signed up, hopefully you are sharing this information with friends, family and business associates. Give them the opportunity to also make up their own minds.

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No Responses to “New Face 2009”

  1. Heath Says:

    While you are updating your bloh site, you should go to Greensburg Greentown’s web site. there is a case study from my mom and dad’s house (the Kirk Home) by the US Dept of Energy. They also have the GM dealership, the JD dealership, the art building, the hospital and a few other houses. Go to the “Our Projects” tab and then to “Sustainable Buildings Database.”

  2. qiwoman Says:

    Wow you are really becoming Gadget Girl.I love all this techno upgrade. Good luck!

    qiwomans last blog post..Get paid to Search with Scour for free

  3. wilson Says:

    Linda, I love this new theme and it’s much better than the previous old theme…

    wilsons last blog post..Remember Not to Over Do it!

  4. earthtoholly Says:

    Your site looks great. Know what you mean…I changed my theme recently but still haven’t upgraded WP…hope that’s not a big mistake! :o|

  5. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda – Changing themes is always fun. I’ll be watching for future changes

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..When Non-Blogger Friends Don’t Get It

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