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WindEnergy7 turbine

Home Wind Systems are Selling well in spite of a soft US economy.  Wind Energy 7 is
helping homeowners to build and install wind/solar hybrid systems.  They have complete
kits of matching components starting at $2450 and going up to whatever size project a
customer needs. The best selling is the smaller rooftop mounted turbines that connect
with a solar panel to give clean reliable power.

Rooftop wind turbine and solar hybrid

Rooftop wind turbine and solar hybrid

The cycles of heavy wind season in winter, heavy solar season in summer go hand in
hand with their hybrid wind/solar systems.

Wherever wind resources are available, a solar system should have a wind turbine to
supplement it.   Wind blows more at night, sun is stronger by day. Wind is stronger
in winter seasons, sun is stronger in summer seasons. Our systems have more balance
than a straight wind or solar system. By combining wind/solar as a hybrid system,
their charging capability is more steady and consistant.

Wind Energy 7 designs, develop, and fabricate wind/solar hybrid energy products
that they sell online.  Customers have found the kits to be easy to deploy and

I know this is still expensive for most folks but it is a start with the right
combination.  From what I can tell this will take care of most of your energy

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10 Responses to “WindEnergy7 turbine”

  1. wilson Says:

    I loved the design, as it seems like a small aeroplane sticking on your roof, Linda! 🙂

    wilsons last blog post..A More Natural and Healthier Way to Keep Fit!

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … They look almost like the old weather vanes. Just a little bigger.

  3. Horizontal wind turbine Says:

    The reasons to turn to wind power generators for your electrical supply are practically endless. However, a few that stand out immediately are: the environment, costs and practicality.

    Wind power generators provide a renewable and inexhaustible form of energy that leaves no traces of polluting by-products behind. Your only costs will be the purchase and maintenance of the wind power generator itself. In fact, your local utility company may even pay you for any excess and un-used energy produced from your wind power generator. You can’t beat that!

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Horizontal wind turbine … no you cannot beat that!

  5. Vertical wind turbine Says:

    Research has shown vertical wind turbines generate energy at a lower wind threshold than a comparable horizontal turbine. Their larger, helical designed blades are more visible to birds than the thinner propeller style used in a horizontal system. The Savonius style of vertical wind turbines offers magnetic levitation instead of traditional ball bearings in the generator to blade interface, resulting in reduced friction

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Vertical wind Turbine … Thanks for clarifying! Any additional information is always helpful.

  7. Rooftop Wind Turbine Says:

    That’s nice about research has shown that. But anyone that has ever ridden a bicycle against the wind can understand this. While one side catches wind, the other is spinning headlong into it as drag, resistance. Like riding a bike into the wind, that’s half the turbine. Like driving a car with the brake on, or a boat with an anchor dragging.

    Vertical turbines simply do not out produce a horizontal axis, well designed system like WindEnergy7 is selling. That’s why they have more rooftop systems deployed than anyone else in the US. We have the inventions that make rooftop wind power succeed. Vertical was first patented in the 1930’s… Ever wonder why you will never see a commercial scale wind turbine in that vertical design? It’s because they don’t work as well.

    So, with hype, people sell then to unsuspecting newbies. Until the laws of physics and nature change I’m afraid you won’t see me toiling with vertical turbines. What about the friction on that backside, is there no back pressure on that side going straight into a headwind? Come on? Plain logic says it’s not as effective.
    .-= Rooftop Wind Turbine´s last blog ..Home Wind Turbine Kits =-.

  8. Rooftop Wind Turbine Says:

    Horizontal wind turbines are hype. Wind only blows one way, not in a circle. Thus, as one side catches wind, the other is resisted by it. Like a boat driving with an anchor, or a car with the brakes on, horizontal wind has so much resistance that it will never be viable. Ever see a big wind farm with vertical turbines?

    This is why WindEnergy7 uses proven horizontal axis design with as few moving parts as possible. As wind blows one way, our turbines will cut through the wind, harnessing it with as little drag and resistance as possible. We use electromagnetic braking, gearless 2 part system for longevity. Most importantly we have the patent pending inventions that make rooftop windpower successful. You will read about noise and vibration of rooftop wind. That’s why all others systems are failing because all other methods have failed before our inventions for rooftop wind. Our systems are certified to withstand 130 mph on a home roof! The WindEnergy7 systems are heavy duty and high tech. We have an installed base fro Hawaii to Massachusetts, and into Canada.

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