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Greensburg Adventure

Planet Green is now in Greensburg filming 6 new episodes on how the town is
coming along in their effort to be the first green town in America.

They also went on the trip to China for the EcoPartnership with a town hit by the
earthquakes. There were 4 guys from Greensburg that went on that trip. The new mayor
(Bob Dixon) the City Administrator (Steve Hewitt) the Superintendent (Darin Headrick)
and the President of the Chamber (Steve Kirk).

Greensburg was one of seven governmental or business entities of this country signing
separate cooperative agreements with corresponding Chinese agencies as part of the
American-Sino affair. Greensburg’s agreement was a three-year cooperative partnership
with the Chinese city of Mianzhu, a part of Sichuan Province, where a devastating
earthquake last May 12 killed nearly 100,000 Chinese, including around 10,000 school

Steve Hewitt said two things that stand out for him was visiting what was their
version of FEMAville at one spot, where they had 30,000 people living in one area
of government housing. We complained back here about having to live in trailers,
but we at least had running water and sewer, which they didn’t. Little separate
cubicles with paper thin walls, no insulation, and no heat. But the people there
were so positive. Steve says he remembers one gentleman was set up in a little
makeshift shop outside his quarters with a shoe repair business. You saw that over
and over. A second thing that struck him was seeing the rebuilding of a special needs

Steve also says the main thing that hit him is the difference in how we’ve been able
to approach our rebuilding in Greensburg as a part of the U.S. We’ve been able to
meet as a City and as a County, to hold open meetings to make a lot of our own
decisions as to how we were going to proceed, how much we wanted to make use of the
federal and state government’s help, and so forth. Over there, the central government
sends down to the local people how they’re going to rebuild, it’s all directed from
central planning. It gets done a lot faster that way — no months spent dealing and
renegotiating with FEMA — but it’s mostly out of the local peoples hands. I have a
much greater appreciation for how our democratic society works and allows us to
participate. We can learn a lot from their spirit and attitude, but I like our
process a lot better.

As we learn more about going green in other countries, we may find that we
may approach it differently but come to the same result.

My bet is that they learned alot from the trip and the folks that they talked
with will be coming to Greensburg in the spring to see how the city has been

There will be more news next week just to tide you over… until then.

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No Responses to “Greensburg Adventure”

  1. Pete Simmons Says:

    I think some people need to think a little more about what being green means. Four men doubtless flying to China? I’m sure Bob, Steve, Darin and Steve enjoyed their junket, a holiday on the taxpayers, but their carbon footprint suffered for what? This trip was really essential huh? I don’t think so. It’s two steps forward three back for most Americans thinking they are ‘going green’. For those of us who have been green for decades, it’s all so disappointing, most people just don’t get it.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Pete … I believe you might be jealous! They were invited, took the trip, and let us know how it went. Whether the city in China does go green or not, the emissaries from Greensburg are. So what is your itch?

  3. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Haven’t heard much about Greensburg lately. Thanks for bringing us up to date!

    Barbaras last blog post..The Dome Home Revival

  4. Judy Says:

    Hi Linda, Thanks for commenting about Bailey! For some reason, you ended up in my “potential spam”??? Don’t know why. But, glad to “see” you!

    Judys last blog post..Bailey, The Unknown Reindeer

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … There’s more to come.

    Hi Judy … Bailey cracked me up!

  6. wilson Says:

    I can’t wait to see the Greensburg Adventure, Linda!

    wilsons last blog post..Do Mind About Your Sleeping Hours!

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … I think that they will be ready to come back on the air around May.

  8. Heath Says:

    Pete, taxpayers did not pay for the group from Greensburg to go. Now the Dept of Treasury is involved with all of these partnerships, but the trip itself was funded by private comapnies. But a big part of this partnership is to share ideas and learn from each other. What is Greensburg doing that works and what doesn’t work. What is Mianzhu City doing that works and what doesn’t work. The key is we don’t know all the answers but always trying to learn more and get better.

    Other partnerships besides the Greensburg/Mienzhu City partnership include Ford Motor Company/Chang’an Motors making better hybrid and electric cars, Wichita/Wuxi City working on cleaner air and water as well as several others. Dad read me the mission statement and it really is a great plan of sharing ideas.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … Thanks for your great comment. I think Pete had some assumptions that were not true!

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