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Looks like T. Boone and Walmart are in the lets make a deal phase.  Walmart
has announced it would buy 15 percent of the electricity for its Texas
facilities from Duke Energy wind farm.  That 15 percent equates to 226
million kilowatt hours or 18,000 homes could be powered for a year.

Walmart is buying the power and accompanying renewable energy credits
beginning in April from a Duke Energy wind farm in Notrees, Texas. The power
will supply WalMart’s 360 facilities within the competitive Texas grid.
Walmart operates its own wholesale power company in Texas.  Maybe its about

Walmart has a fleet of 7,200 trucks that T.Boone wants to convert to
natural gas.  Walmart is considering the option along with other alternative
fuels.  Looks like they will buy their natural gas for their fleet from Clean
Energy Fuels, a provider whom T.Boone invests in.  Going green has its beginnings.

H-E-B grocery stores get a portion of their electricity from wind power, and
Half Price Books buys only wind power where it’s available.


One of the major drawbacks to renewable energy is that it is not always available
when it is needed.  Researchers at the University of Texas have said they have
made a breakthrough that could lead to a storage solution.

A carbon-based material called “graphene”, which is only one atom thick, has shown
the potential to double the current capacity of electricity storage devices called
ultracapacitors. Those devices store large amounts of electrical energy and can
release it onto the grid on demand, such as when wind or solar sources are not
available.  This development could help make large-scale renewable generation more

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