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Weekend To Do List!

This weekend may be the last to get ready for winter.  So what do you do?

If you live in the north, your fuel bill ran approx. $977 last year and this
next year, it will go up to approx. $1182.  A huge jump at a rate of 20%.

So what can you do to reduce this?

You can change out the filter in the furnace. Rule of thumb is to change it
out every 3 months.  If you have a contract for your furnace, call and make an
appointment to have a tune up as well as change out the filter for you.

You can also drain about a quart of water from your water heater.  It takes
about 10 minutes or less. Takes out a little bit of the rusty water, which
protects the bottom of the water heater from rusting out. Remember, this is
HOT water so take precautions when doing this. Lower the setting on the hot
water heater to 120 degrees if you have a dishwasher.  If not, then you should
set it to how hot you like to take your showers.  Every degree you lower the
water heater will save you from 1 – 3 percent on your fuel bill.  Another
option is to purchase a water heater cover which will also save you money.

Replace your current thermostat with a programmable one.  It will automatically
turn down your heating during the night while you are sleeping.  It will reduce
the temperature by 10 degrees.  Plug in an electric blanket and snuggle down for
the night.  Make sure you get one that has the Energy Star Logo.  This will also
get you a tax break.

Remember if you are replacing your appliances, look for the Energy Star Logo.  At
tax time, you can get anywhere from $100 – $500 back for any of these improvements
to your home that saves energy.

While you are at it, check for air leaks around the house.  Light a candle and
walk around and test the doors and windows.  If the candlelight flickers then
you have a leak.  Under the door, replace it with the under door brush, caulk
the windows and of course, weather stripping.

The clothes dry vent should be replaced with a self closure vent.  This prevents
air escaping when not in use.  You can get a tax credit for this as well.

Now you are set for the coming cold winter months.

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No Responses to “Weekend To Do List!”

  1. Jules Says:

    I’ve done most of these things already on your list except the self closing dryer vent. I didn’t even know those existed. Thanks for the great information.

    Juless last blog post..Lake Mead Kingman Wash Camping Trip

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Jules … that is great to hear. The self closing vents have been out for the last couple of years. great job!

  3. Brad Says:

    Linda “Alexa Rating” Rembowski!

    Great to see your “traffic” success. Nice job.

    Thanks for the good winter prep tips. However, I did notice that you forgot one about starting your lawnmower!

    A good dose of global warming is bound to help us save some dough.

    Now, now, now…you know, all in good fun my friend! 🙂

    Seriously, congratulations. Under 85,000!

    Brads last blog post..Let’s Just Go, Honey.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Hey Linda,

    Wow, you have worked hard for those great stats!
    Pretty much winterized around here. It’s been getting cold at night..and got a good dump of snow on the Olympic Mts. on Thursday. The Cascades have been getting snow already for the last 10 days or so. It didn’t even all melt over the summer. I think we might be in for a tougher winter than usual around these parts !

    Barbaras last blog post..Shore Up Your Finances At Shore Bank

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Brad … Glad to see you poppin over for yer dose of greens! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your humor. 🙂

    Hi Barbara … Glad you were able to get a head start cause I know you are getting colder by the day! I am sure we are all gonna get hit with a winter not to forget. This summer was one I will try and put in a back burner for a while. 🙂

  6. Anita Says:

    Last year we were in a FEMA trailer, and there wasn’t much we could do… we may have to move into a house that’s not finished this year, on account of FEMA starting to charge us a huge amount of rent,(almost 50% of our take home income!) so this winter could be really bad! 🙁

    Anitas last blog post..Paying rent on FEMA trailers….

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Anita … I am sorry to hear that! That is FEMA for ya. Why am I not surprised at this? My prayers are with you!

  8. bloggersmosaic Says:

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    bloggersmosaics last blog post..bloggersmosaic offers

  9. Kristine Says:

    I’ve researched this a little, and have never heard the tip about removing water from your water heater. I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Kristines last blog post..Adultery goes mainstream: Online dating service goes too far

  10. overseas pharmacies Says:

    jules this is great to hear

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Bloggermosaic … thank you!

    Hi Kristine … You are welcome and the draining the quart of water works.

    Hi Overseas … OK

  12. Janet Says:

    Thanks for all of the useful tips to “winterize”. Our propane bill last year was pretty high, so we’re not looking forward to what it may creep up to this year. Everyone will be wearing sweatshirts and thick socks in our house this winter!
    Congrats on your stats too!!

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Janet … I know what you mean! Mine was high as well. I will be doing what you are planning! 🙂
    thank you!

  14. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Glad I got this stuff done, cuz not only has it been getting cold, but windier than all get out at times…we have a generator, but that can get kicks on our gas stove though when the
    power goes out, so at least we can see and we aren’t cold.

    Barbaras last blog post..Shore Up Your Finances At Shore Bank

  15. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Living with propane can be a positive! Glad you are all set!

  16. wilson Says:

    Nice list, Linda and I will definitely do it according to the list and hope I can save a lot of money with it!

    wilsons last blog post..It is Cushing’s Syndrome, Not Crushing’s Syndrome!

  17. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … just give it a try and let me know this spring how your bills were reduced.

  18. Susan Asher Says:

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  19. Mike@EasyGreensy Says:

    Hey Linda, Great tips for us up here in the North.

    Those number sound about right for my oil bills last year. I just filled my tank today and it was about $800. Hopefully with all the weatherproofing I’ve done/will do, and a large supply of FSC firewood, I’ll only need that one tank to keep the house from freezing when I’m not home. Last year I filled my tank once a month through the winter.

    An important tip (that I’ll be doing) for those in older homes is to check around the sills into your basement for leaks. A very cheap fix if your sills aren’t in great shape is to line the perimeter of your house with bales of hay to insulate against driving winds. In the spring you can reuse the hay in your compost pile or to be tilled into your garden.

    Mike@EasyGreensys last blog post..Help Run The 1Sky Ad During The Final Debate

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Mike … Glad to see ya! Thank you for such a great tip using the hay. I had forgotten about the basement.

  21. Linda Says:

    Hi Susan … I wished I lived in Atlanta! Will you provide an update to us on how it came out?

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