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FDA Needs Labeling

I do not know if you have heard about the latest FDA proposal.  So, here is
the skinny.

They are proposing rules that would allow the sale of gene-altered milk or
meat without requiring labeling.  You and I, as consumers, have a NEED TO
KNOW what we are buying and putting on our families tables.

Personally, I have not consented to be experimented with genetically-modified

As of now, we have no idea how the food from gene-altered animals would
affect human health, wildlife, domesticated animals or the environment.  They
are talking about pigs that are going to have mouse genes in them to help
improve their digestion.  Why? They are talking about milk from cows engineered
to produce antibiotics.  Why?  They are talking about goats that produce
spider silk in their milk.  Why?  Where are the ethics?

Grrr!  So many questions and no answers.  And yet, the FDA is going to set
into motion rules that keep the consumers in the blind about what they are
going to buy, cook and eat by not requiring the labeling of these products.

Not only should the milk and meat from these animals be studied to determine
if they are safe, they should be labeled so we know exactly what we are buying.
But we only have until October 31 to gather comments to the FDA.

So, If you do not want to be a guinea pig, want the ability to know what we
are buying and eating, along with the right to say “NO” to gene-altered
food, sign this petition before October 31.

Let the FDA know how you feel for your family, the environment and humanity.

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No Responses to “FDA Needs Labeling”

  1. mrtumnas Says:

    Thanks so much for the information.
    It’s really crazy, it’s not like it’s THAT hard to slap a label on something. They can already sell irradiated meat without labels. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

    mrtumnass last blog post..Sign the Petition at for a Healthier President!


    Sometimes we all have to stop and start reflect on what is going on and our own part in it 😉

    FANCY SWEDENs last blog post..Treasure

  3. wilson Says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty scary to consume all the gene-altered foods, as I don’t want to turning myself into a “Mutant” by over taken these GMO foods!

    By the way, do you have any comments that you want to send it to FDA, Linda?

    wilsons last blog post..Everybody Deserves a Healthy and Great Body Shape!

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi mrtumnas … Neither do I and you would think, well maybe not, that they would make a decision to help us the consumer.

    Hi Fancy … yep, we have to be more care on what we purchase.

    Hi Wilson … LOL! If we do not get labeling on these products we all may turn into Mutants!! 🙂

  5. Tracy Says:

    Well, it reminds me of what they were doing in the hospitals. They were using artificial blood on people without people even knowing it. It was a big deal a few years back.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Tracy … It is always something with them. I have to wonder how those folks are doing now.

  7. Grace Boyle Says:


    I agree with you. The scariest part is that most people have no idea that labeling is even an issue with their food. We don’t know what we’re consuming or the health repercussions genetically modified food could cause. I firmly believe in the petition, and I also blogged about it with your opinion as my backdrop!

    Grace Boyles last blog post..Dear FDA:Please Label Properply

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Grace … Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word. People have to really look at what is happening with their food.

  9. Green Rep Says:

    We have seen worse from these Nice Government Men. They approve food additives that are poison everyday!

    Green Reps last blog post..Hybrid Technologies Gain Ground in Heavy Trucks

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Green Rep … Yep, you are right! At least, we have an opportunity to stop one ruling!

  11. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda – I can’t believe they can do that. Yuk! Who wants to drink milk or eat food that comes from genetically-modified sources. I’m off to check out the petition.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Who Taught You – Open Mic

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Yep, they are trying a little of everything. Thank you for checking it out. 🙂

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