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Easy Rider

Electric Bikes & Battery-Powered Scooters – An Economical & Eco-Friendly Alternative New electric bike shop specializes in economical & eco-friendly forms of alternative transportation – cheaper and cleaner than gas-powered vehicles.

Plymouth, MI (PRWEB) October 23, 2008 — There’s a new bike shop in town, but this isn’t your typical bike dealer. eCo Wheelz specializes in electric-powered bikes, scooters and mopeds. Founded by the father and son team of Craig and Jeremy Panizzoli, eCo Wheelz intends to change the way people commute by providing eco-friendly alternatives that are cleaner and cheaper than gas-powered vehicles. Travel up to 40 miles per charge at speeds of up to 20 mph. All products are 100% electric and most require no insurance or registration.

For years, electric bikes have received widespread acceptance throughout the world – especially in Europe and China. But it wasn’t until recently, with record gas prices and mounting environmental concerns, that they became a feasible option for many Americans.

Today, new dealers are popping up throughout the U.S. and traditional bike shops are jumping on the bandwagon. Even so, many consumers are still unaware that electric bikes and scooters exist.

“That’s where we come in,” said Panizzoli. “Our objective is to educate and inform people about these exciting new products. Hopefully, we can help change the way people think about getting from Point A to Point B. Not only are electric bikes great for consumer’s wallets, but they’re great for our economy and our environment.”

Electric bikes and scooters come in a wide variety of styles – from mountain bikes, to street rides, to cruisers. Some operate through the use of a throttle, while others use more advanced “power-assist” technology. Choose from standard sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, or upgrade to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) to reduce weight, maximize range and extend battery life.

To find out more about electric-powered bikes and scooters, visit eCo Wheelz online.

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8 Responses to “Easy Rider”

  1. kevin Says:

    Great post on the eletric bike store. In Fort Lauderdale, FL, there is also a new electric bike store – ePeddler, and their website is

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Strict … thanks for the ping

    Hi Keven … Thanks for letting us know of another site for ebikes. They are popping up everywhere!

  3. wilson Says:

    WoW, 100% electric and require no auto insurance or registration? This Easy Rider really amazed me indeed, and I wish to get one for my own as well!

    By the way, Linda. What is the current oil prices per gallon in your living places?

    wilsons last blog post..The Hair Care Tips 3: Your Hair Also Need Some Hair Massage As Well!

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … Absolutely, a real steal if you can afford it.

    I heard yesterday that in a town about 40 miles from here it was $2.14/gallon! How bout you?

  5. Maureen Says:

    We have an electric bike here; we got it online from a place out of Austin TX. I will have to get the name. It’s a terrific bike. I think it costs a nickel to charge it up- it’s the power-assisted type. You still have to pedal but it is not hard-

    Maureens last blog post..Implement Beyond Your Knowledge

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Maureen … That is soooo cool! I bet you get to go out for a ride and can really enjoy it!

  7. michael Says:

    u r blog Is very nice

  8. Linda Says:

    hi Michael … thank you

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