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Aerial Re-forestation

The Forests of the Earth are the lungs of the planet.  Today we need them more
than ever to breath in and absorb the excess emissions of carbon dioxide.

As CO2 levels in the atmosphere are rising, the forests of the world are falling.
20,000 square miles, the size of W. Virginia are lost every year due to
deforestation.  Which accounts for a forth of all excess green house emissions.

We need to reverse the cycle.  To replace the worlds disappearing forests, we
need to replant an area twice the size of Manhattan every single day.  Today’s
re-forestation methods are way too slow and labor intensive according to some
environmentalists.  An experienced forester can barely plant a couple of hundred
saplings a day.

An Idea by Mark Hodges has emerged that will boost the planting rate by 1,000
times.  The idea is to produce millions of canisters, little aerodynamic bombs
that have a seedling in them and then delivered in large numbers by aircraft.
This will cost effectively re-forest large areas of land in a short period of

The mass planting of trees from the air, just might regrow our forests quickly to
gain ground.

To turn this idea into reality, a special team from Discovery will conduct
experiments to see if global re-forestation from the air is feasible.  Throwing
anything from a plane creates really tricky physics.

The first test site will be the Mississippi Delta, off shore from New Orleans.  This
area has a history of hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. Over 320 million trees were
destroyed or poisoned to death by salt water due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

As it decomposes, this dead forest will release 105 million metric tons of stored
carbon into the atmosphere.  As much as all the forest in the U.S. will have stored
in a year.

Mangrove trees need to be planted to slow storm surge from hurricane, give a
natural barrier to the inland and reduce CO2 level as well.  In ten years, the
mangrove trees will become a forest.  Mangrove trees absorb and store greenhouse
gases or commonly known as air scrubbers.

In order to re-forest 10 acres, it will take 20,000 canisters.  They gather folks
to assist in making the canisters which are made of wax, cheese cloth, soil and
seeds with red ribbons as tails (like a kite).  Using a hay net that hangs below a
helicopter, is loaded with 1300 canisters.  They deliver the canisters, get
the result needed and now have to wait three months to see if the seedlings are

They still have a few bugs to work out due to the seedlings not taking root.  But
they now have a viable way of doing re-forestation.    Cool idea, eh?

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No Responses to “Aerial Re-forestation”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Hey Linda,

    Great article. I saw something about this, I think it was on the science channel or something environmental I was watching. Very cool idea. I think what they showed was somewhere in Latin America, but it was successful. Yeah, it’s a start.

    Barbaras last blog post..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 10

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … I thought it was a cool way to do the planting and quickly!

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  4. legbamel Says:

    I think it’s a little early to call it “viable” if the seedlings aren’t rooting. That’s a pretty major bug. But I certainly agree that it’s an exciting idea and I’ll definitely be looking for more information.

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Legbamel … The problem from the seedlings was the mixture of the soil along with acidity that caused them not to root. However, this is a great achievement.

  6. wilson Says:

    Linda, I was always have this thought in my mind…

    Since the CO2 is increasing drastically, why don’t us absorb some of the CO2 and release it in the Moon or Mars surface, so that we can create some new form oxygen on it…?

    Well, I know it sounds ridiculous here lol

    wilsons last blog post..The Advices Will Make You Feel Good!

  7. Heath Says:

    I think it may work in more humid and rainy climates like on the MS delta.

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … That is a thought. How would you bottle it up? Unless there was a capsule like vehicle to scrub the air and then release it on the moon.

    Hi Heath … Glad to see ya. The test was south of New Orleans. it was just a problem with soil and acidity.

  9. House Plants Trees Says:

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