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Planet Green has a new series called TOTAL WRECKLAMATION …..

When a home faces extinction, what happens to all of the materials that make up
that home?  Enter Jodi Murphy – green entrepreneur, demolition auctioneer and
force of nature.  Once a house is slated to come down or be gutted, Jodi makes
it her business – literally – to save as much of its contents and materials as
possible from ending up in the landfill.

Each year, thousands of homes are demolished and hauled off to landfills where
construction and demolition debris accounts for more than 20% of all solid waste.
In this new 13-part series, Planet Green features all types of homes – from old
to new, large to small – and highlights Jodi’s mission to save valuable items
and useable materials from being discarded.

opens viewers’ eyes to all that can be salvaged and provides
consumers with ideas they can use in their own homes.  Floorboards to chandeliers,
bathtubs to banisters, even stone walkways and shrubbery are given a second life
by bargain hunters who know the value of a good deal at Jodi’s auctions.  It’s
one of the few places that young homeowners can go head-to-head with a salvage
expert or antique dealer, and still come out a winner.

Jodi is the Founder and President of Chicago-based Murco Recycling Enterprises,
Inc. a small business with a big mission – to salvage, reuse and recycle materials,
fixtures and appliances before a home is demolished.  Planet Green’s cameras
follow Jodi as she pulls out all the stops to keep the energy high and the
bids flowing.  Pleading, flattery, dancing, and good-natured ribbing are all
fair game in Jodi’s rule book.  After all, what doesn’t sell will go to waste,
and for Jodi, it’s not just about the dollars, but about her small part in
making the planet a better place.  “One world.  One chance. Be Gentle” is a
credo by which Jodi and her three daughters live.  With each auction comes a
new set of challenges, colorful characters, bidding dramas — and the
opportunity to make a difference.

Planet Green’s original series, TOTAL WRECKLAMATION premieres Tuesday, September
30 at 9:30PM ET before moving to its regular timeslot on Wednesdays at 9PM ET.

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  1. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda – Jodi has a great idea for a business. It becomes a win-win-win. That to me is the ultimate in recycling, when something is reused or re-purposed. The landfills are getting full, way too fast.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Strike While The Iron Is Hot

  2. Heath Says:

    That’s real cool.

  3. strawbale Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I love to see salvaged materials being used. I use to do the same thing when I worked in conventional construction years ago. Why didn’t I get a TV show? LOL

    strawbales last blog post..Sep. 08 Straw Bale Workshop

  4. Condo Blues Says:

    I love using architectural salvage in home improvement and design projects. I also think it’s kind of funny that even though designers and DIYers have been doing this forever, it’s now considered a “new” green idea. I guess everything old is new again, right?

    Condo Bluess last blog post..How to Make Moth Repelling Lavender Sachets

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … You bet. Can you imagine how long it took her to get started?

    Hi Heath … wondered where ya been! It is the real deal to recycling….

    Hi Strawbale … Makes you wonder why, does it not? It must be something to do with who you know..

    Hi Condo … You bet your sweet bippy. There is alot of what was old is new again! But it really helps the environment out doing this.

  6. wilson Says:

    Hmm…, this Wrecklamation word reminding me of the “Wrestlemania”.

    However, I still think it’s a win-win situation for all of the participants 🙂

    wilsons last blog post..Your Children Are Allergy with Egg Products?

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … You are correct! With all of the homes that are being torn down, why not re-use most of it for other projects….

  8. Ronny Dunn Says:

    Hey Jodi. I saw your show on TV. I have always loved this area of Green.
    I am planning on moving to San Antonio Texas soon.I was entertaining the thought of doing something like what you are doing, minus the TV show of course.
    I was wondering if you might give me some pointers
    on how to get started?

  9. Sabrena Says:

    I wonder if anyone knows of other companies that sell off parts of homes before they are demoed like Jodi’s company. If anyone has a list or website or other info, please post. I live in FL. Thanks!

  10. Kassandra Says:

    Hello! I just caught the show on Planet Green tonight for the first time. We love it!
    I would love to know how to get on Jodi’s “bidder” list.

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Kassandra … I believe if you go to Planet Green’s site, go to Total Wrecklamation and you should be able to send an email to Jodi. If not, please let me know and I will find a way to get to her.

  12. Steve Says:

    My only beef with the show is how they gloss over the fact that it’s hardly “green” for rich snobs to tear down sound structures with brand new fixtures so they can rebuild according to their own egos. I appreciated the materials being recycled, but I’m often left wondering why some of these homes are being demolished in the first place.

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Steve … I could not agree more! Really makes you wonder why to begin with.

  14. concerned architect Says:

    Steve & Linda, agreed. I’m as outraged if not more. I wonder what the Chicago preservationists had to say about the swiss cottage home in Lincoln Park?

    It is near impossible if economically infeasible to reassemble a matching kit of period fixtures like this in a structure that matches. If you aren’t saving the period rooms and fixtures, why are you staying in the same house????

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