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Do you think Energy Star appliances are too expensive?  Well, think again.
Energy Star estimates that the average cost of a standard refridgerator is
$1070 and an Energy Star fridge is $1100 … just $30 more.

Dishwashers have no differences at all.  You will pay approximately $540.
You can always find dishwashers on sale and may be able to get one cheaper.
You will realise a savings on either appliance from 1 to 4 years, so going
green with Energy Star is a no brainer.

One myth that has lingered for years in regard to low-flow fixtures and
low-consumption toilets is that they actually do not use less water, since
you have to spend more time in the shower or flush more.  Thankfully, time
and water usage figures have proven this myth to be false.

What’s more, most people now agree that low-flow fixtures don’t perform any
less efficiently than their higher-flow counterparts.  Technology in toilet
and fixture design has ensured comparable (or better) performance in
models that use significantly less water.

Most people think of cedar or pressure-treated lumber for building outdoor
projects, but composites are a greener choice.  Made from recycled wood
and plastic fibers, composites can be machined, fastened, and painted just
like lumber.  Though they were originally sold as deck boards, composites
are now being made for other purposes, such as railings, stair components
and fences.

And one more thing about those experimental OLEDs made by layering glass
or plastic sheets with organic compounds that luminesce when electrified.

*           OLEDs              102 lumens of light per watt

*      Incandescents            13 lumens of light per watt

*      Flourescent tubes   50 – 90 lumens of light per watt

*         CFLs             13 – 50 lumens of light per watt

The U.S. Department of Energy has set a goal for OLED systems, which
are also being developed by General Electric, to produce 150 lumens
per watt and be available by 2015.

I vote that we have them by June, 2009.  What is your vote?

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No Responses to “More Green Stuff”

  1. Heath Says:

    A company from Australia (and I wish I could remember their name) donated a bunch of dual flush toilets to Greensburg that are pretty cool. Basically it has two flush modes, a full tank and a half tank. My folks got a couple of them and they work great. It’s to soon to tell how much water they are saving, but it has to be saving some.

    I also know several people have used the composite boards. Again, mom and dad used them some. If I remember right, they used them on the back porch of the house and maybe in the garage as well. Others in town have used it as well.

    Dad has records of old utility bills that he is wanting to compare when they get all settled in. They got their 1st bills, but they had the contractor using electricity and moving in and other things, so they hope to look at it all next month.

  2. Condo Blues Says:

    I’d like to know where Energy Star shops for their appliances, because they are paying way too much money for a basic refrigerator! (When I say “basic” I’m thinking no ice maker,door drink dispenser, no stainless steel front etc. Those features can drive the cost.) I paid approx $400 for a basic name brand top mount refrigerator when mine died in a rental several years ago (I got reimbursed from my landlord) The Energy Star equivalant goes for around $500 at a national chain store.

    While I agree with Energy Star that those items are a little more expensive but worth it because they will save you money+energy in the long run. I don’t agree with where they shop for those appliances. 🙂

    Condo Bluess last blog post..A City Girl’s Guide to the Kitschy Ohio State Fair

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … The Aussies are great folks to send that many toilets. Have the folks who have used composites like the end result and was it too expensive?

    I am waiting for your word on how your bills come out. I believe that your Dad will be pleasantly surprised. I will keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Condo … I think they are going for the high end, you know, all of what you said plus freezer on the bottom and split doors at the top. I have shopped for these and the price is what is on the post. I am going to get one of these one of these days. 🙂

  5. Heath Says:

    I haven’t heard a lot of negative about the composite. But the reason they only did it in a few places was because of cost. So that is a factor. Basically, it’s stronger than straight wood, so they used it in places that would get more stress. It was one of those “do as much as you can” type of deals.

    On the energy side, they did a blower test and it was the highest you could get for their type of construction. They used cellulose insulation and the guy doing the test said it would be very comparable to an insulated concrete house. But a lot of that is due to the contractor. Getting a 2nd rate contractor will get you 2nd rate results in the energy efficiency as well as the construction.

    And if I remember right, they sent 400 toilets, then sent more later. Not sure of the final count.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … WOW! thanks for all of the good information! From what you and your family has been through you have experience that you will carry for the rest of your life.

  7. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    As always, you provide us with great tips to save money and be green.

    Now when I replace appliances, I always look for the Energy Star.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Removing The Blinders And Growing

  8. Claire Says:

    Just dropping by with some good news, you’ve been awarded an award! Just drop over to my blog to pick it up, well done!

    Claires last blog post..Next the Oscars…

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Until someone shows me differently, Energy Star is the way to go.

    Hi Claire … thank you!

  10. wilson Says:

    That’s why I love Linda’s blog, as she will always try her best to find the best energy saving home appliances…

    Thanks for the recommendation, Linda and I will spread the words out to my family and friends!

    wilsons last blog post..Beauty Supply is the Essential Needs For Everyone!

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … You are welcome!

  12. Paula Says:

    My husband ans I only give Trees as gifts. We use a site: but there are many like them, I just like their certificater better thats all, nevertheless, it is a great feeling to gve and to get dedicated trees, they can be planted in any state and even on the amazon reforestation projects.

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Paula … I think that is the neatest gift you could give! What a great idea and thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Helmer Says:

    The reality of composite decking is that it is the LEAST green of all products. The recyclable plastics and compostable sawdust are locked into a non-recyclable poor performing product that stains and wears poorly. To clean it use the harsh chemicals that are recommended. When the decking is removed and replaced with a newer product there is no way that is known to recycle the stuff. Landfill and burner fuel. STOP USING COMPOSITE PRODUCTS!! THEY ARE A FALSE GREEN!!!!

  15. Linda Says:

    Hi Helmer … OK then! So you are saying that no matter how plastic is recycled, it is still harsh to the environment.

  16. Helmer Says:

    No, plastic recycling is a very viable landfill reduction method. Many if not most of the products regenerated from recycled plastic can be recycled when they are through with their servicable lifespan. Carpeting is one beautiful example. However the mixture of petroleum products with organics is a very bad thing. The plastic / organic mixture is the problem. We destroy over a billion tons of recyclable products to this “false green” concept. If people want the plastic there is all plastic based stuff to buy that can be recycled. The overall impression of wood being a bad thing to use needs to be redirected. Trees are better than plastic. If we have too much recycled plastic in stockpiles that represents new plastic we don’t need. Please, KEEP RECYCLING PLASTIC! Just dont render it into its last generation and call it green.

  17. Helmer Says:

    thank you for looking

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Helmer … Ok thanks for clarifying. I agree with your statement. You had me scared for a while there.

    I always look! 🙂

  19. Helmer Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I did not mean to scare you. I do get excited when there is a great injustice in the world and its is being pulled on unsuspecting well meaning people. People need to know that their care for the planet is being respected. When I learned about the wasting of our recycled plastic resources in the name of our saving the planet…. well you know.

  20. Linda Says:

    Hi Helmer … I understand. As with anything new coming down the pipe, we will have the crazies coming out as well. Right or wrong, it is a step in the direction we are all trying to get the world to do … go green!

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