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Greensburg Storm Watch

May 2008

The new city council is meeting for the first time.  Mayor Dixson asked Steve
Hewitt to give the administration update.  Steve lets the council know that
the business incubator is fully funded.  Kim Alderfer, Recovery Coordinator,
and Steve visit the business incubator site only to find that 3 days of rain
has slowed all activity.

Tyler Schmidt is running for student body president.  Shane Engelken is also
running for student body president.  They put their flyers together, hung
them in the most unique areas and are getting their speeches ready.

Open House was held at the Arts Center on May 4, 2008.  Studio 804 is finishing
up the last minute punch list.

Steve Hewitt holds a meeting with Mark Buckley, Kansas SBA, Janette Semons,
and Kim Alderfer to explain the business incubator, who dictates
who goes into the incubator and how to manage it. Being as such it will be
LEED Platinum certified.  Ten businesses will be accommodated.

Rhonda Engelken has her temporary hair salon open in hopes of getting into
the incubator.  They sold the land to the city with the understanding the
salon would be part of it.  It looks as if the beauty shop will be part of
the incubator with Steve’s help.

Marilyn and Robin Brown are moving into their unfinished house due to their
contractor taking the money and running.  He got caught, found guilty and
is awaiting sentencing.  Robin and Marilyn travel to Oklahoma City for the
sentencing of their contractor.  He has hurt many more folks in Oklahoma
than in Kansas, so their wish is that he get the maximum.

5.4.7. Arts Center board and Studio 804 met to discuss the funding of the
Arts Center.  Tracey and Chris gave Dan a check for $5000.  Approx. 180K
left to be paid.  The final bill has not arrived.  It will take approx.
6 weeks and then they will find out how much more they owe.  Studio 804
finishes up and goes back to Kansas state.  Good job on the building.  They
are waiting to hear on how many points they got for the LEED certification.

Rebecca and Joe Kilduff are moving into their home.  Bosch donated a washer
and dryer for them.  These are very eco-friendly appliances.  Congrats!

The high school held a tornado drill.  Since they have no bells or pa system,
the teacher starts telling them that there is a tornado, everyone get out.
They all went to their storm shelter boxes which holds 20 students maximum.
They will withstand an F5 tornado.  Once the doors closed, the shelter boxes
become smaller inside with all of the folks in there.  Levi is not convinced
that they are strong enough but will utilize them in a pinch.

The high school had their voting day.  Shane is the president, Connor Staats
is vice president and Kodi Lynn Brown is secretary of the student body!
Congratulations to all!  Taylor is a little bummed but he ran a good race.

Katie Hagan, Director of Sustaniability for Chlorox Company arrives in
Greensburg.  Chlorox has a long history in aiding in disaster relief by
donating bleach and other products.  The high school is being built from
the ground up.  The have their insurance and fema money but are still a
little short on the funding. Katie advised that Chlorox will be donating
half of million dollars to assist in the school building.  Cheers!

Greensburg High School held their end of year band concert for the community.
They were unable to perform last year due to the tornado so they made sure
that this year’s was two times as good.  Literally, half of the school is in
the band.  What a wonderful way to end the school year.  Lots of fun was had
by all.

Taylor and Levi discuss how they will spend their summer.  They will both
be seniors next year and so the summer will be decision making time.

Steve and Bob Dixson travel to the north end of town where the wind meters
are installed.  They discuss the wind project for the city.  This wind
project will get them off of the grid and will not have to use fossil fuel,
coal or anything else for electricity.

The weather has turned really bad for Greensburg as they are now in a
tornado watch.  Storm spotters are in the area.  Sirens are going off.
Most folks who do not have basements went to the boxcars that are buried
in the ground.  Needless to say, all the folks in Greensburg are pretty
nervous and feeling deja vu all over again.

Until next week.  Be sure to stumble !

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No Responses to “Greensburg Storm Watch”

  1. Heath Says:

    Good job as always.

    When that storm came in mom & dad’s house wasn’t done yet so they were still living up in Dodge. But dad was cooking for a Lion’s club dinner when the sirens went off. He went to a friends house (ICF, able to with stand hurricane force winds and so on) and was in their basement. Mom was up in Dodge and on the phone with my brother since they don’t have TV getting updates from the local weather and dad was on the phone with me getting the same updates. Dad said they could feel the walls shake. Mom said it was easier to be in it than on the outside looking in. Wild night.

  2. Condo Blues Says:

    I was really pulling for Tyler for Student Body President. I think he has good leadership skills.

    I’m glad the Browns went to their contractor’s sentencing. It looked like their may have been lot of the people he conned in the courtroom because the guy didn’t look anyone in the eye. He mostly looked at his shoes. Did they say what his sentence was other than restitution?

  3. Heath Says:

    I had heard what his sentence was, but can’t remember it now. I think he was supposed to get some jail time, not a lot, but some.


    It is so much going on here that I stay speechless…:)

    FANCY SWEDENs last blog post..Question Formulation 😉

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … I bet it was a wild night! Was there a tornado near by? It sure sounds like it!

    Hi Condo … If the sentence was said, I sure missed it. I hope he got more than just a little time. He needs to spend minimum of a couple of years!

    Hi Heath … could you find out what his sentence was. I am sure the Browns would know and are happy about his sentence.

    Hi Fancy … Greensburg is a very busy town and
    has done a tremendous job in going green and rebuilding their lives.

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