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Greensburg, Kansas – Back on the Map!

Back on the Map!

Ron Shank and Levi Garrett described how scared they were with the weather
that had the tornado whistle blowing.  Everyone hit the bunkers and waited
for the storm to pass.  Ron’s GM Dealership had some hail damage. The new
church suffered some water damage.

City Council meet to get BNIM’s Master plan approved and the presentation is made.
Council approves the plan with a 5-0 vote.

Taylor and Levi start the summer with the pool opening for a day of swimming.  It
is where all the kids in town hang out and have a great time.

Studio 804 got news of the number of points for LEED certification came to 37 out
of 60.  52 points is needed for platinum certification.  Studio 804 submitted 62.
The biggest problem was the failure on Studio 804’s part to make a clear delineation
between the commercial and residential aspects of the project.  They need to make
some clarification on certain points and they could get the platinum certification.

The School of Architecture commencement took place at Kansas State University.  The
22 students who participated in the project were just pleased as punch that they
were able to complete the project and graduate.  The Green Council did give the
Arts Center a platinum certification and awarded Studio 804 a beautiful green
plaque.  First LEED project certified in Kansas and they finished with 55 points
and the Green Council was impressed that this project was done by the students
and not consultants.

The Schmidts (Taylor and family) home is coming together.  The trusses were going
up!  The Minnonite Diaster Relief has come to build their home on a volunteer basis.
They are using ICFs and with the roof being completed, both Taylor and his mom are
really excited about having a green home and of course, the utilities running lower
than before.  They cannot wait to move from Femaville.  Then they get the arrival
of appliances for their new home.  They got a washer and dryer, dishwasher,
refrigerator, microwave, etc. donated from Bosch.  Mom is ecstatic!

The First United Methodist Church is making progress.  The water and mud have been
removed from the child care center.  The city was a tighknit community before the
tornado and are really tight now as the healing has begun.

Steve is in Kansas City to work with BNIM on the City Hall building.  The incubator
is a 3.5 million dollar project, Street scape is about to go to bid, and add in the
City Hall, their plate is full.  Now they are looking at water and sprinkler systems
that conserve water in downtown and the high school.

The wind generator that the John Deere Dealership installed is helping in building
their site.  Everyone across the Nation is watching Greensburg to see how they are
progressing in going green.  BTI has been generating electricity and putting it
back into the grid.  However, the city does not have the meter to show how much
BTI is sending back.  So they are waiting on the meter and BTI is kind enough to
keep pushing electricity back to the grid.  They will get re-imbursed one way or
another according to Steve.

Habitat for Humanity and Dupont started the groundbreaking on the Torres home.
Jeff Gordon, spokesman for Dupont, came and talked about the rebuilding efforts
of Greensburg. The progress is amazing and The Torres’ home is almost dried
in within 5 days.  Volunteers came from Witchita and Delaware.

The 8.4.7.Arts Center board met to continue fund raising efforts.  One of the
items was if a corporate sponsor came in with a donation, would they allow
co-naming rights.  No matter who the donor would be they would still have to
find out what their stance would be on the going green agenda and sustainability.
The 8.4.7. Arts Council got the final bill of $245K from Studio 804.  The Corporate
sponsor that was looking at donating backed out.  Corey from the Green Council
showed up at the Arts Center to present the LEED Plaque that Studio 804 wanted
put up in the lobby.  They are now talking to another sponsor who may donate and
hopefully, this one will come through.

Marilyn Brown and family checked out of the FEMA trailer and the final audit of the
trailer took place.  So the trailer has moved to where ever they store them.  The
Browns are still finishing up the house but are really happy they are close to being
done so they can help others with building of their new homes.

Dupont is the maker of Tyvek which helps with sealing the house from wind.  They
also install a storm room with Kevlar (above ground tornado shelter). Kevlar is
about5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis so it is light weight
but also very strong.  When debris comes out of a tornado, its traveling at a
very very high rate of speed.  When it strikes the shelter, Kevlar will deflect
the debris and the occupants will not get injured or have the debris breach the

The new GM Dealership is heavily insulated and has floor heating.  Ron is
expecting a huge reduction in his utilities.  Ron also has a plane in which he
loves to fly.  The two planes (one is his dads) made it through the tornado.
Everything else Ron had to his name was gone.  He took before and after videos
of Greensburg.  What a difference.  From total devastation to homes springing
up everywhere.  He thinks that in 5 years, they will be back to where they were
prior to the tornado.  In 10 years, Greensburg will be bigger and better than
ever before.

Steve is working on economic development for the incubator.  He is trying to bring
in industry, sustainable jobs, green collar jobs which will help in driving
the downtown arena.  The incubator will be using ICFs as well!  Steve got his
contract extention for being the City Administrator through the year of 2010.

Wylen Fleener is purchasing a house that is 100 years old and made it though
the tornado.  It has its benefits in that he does not have to rebuild it but
can make some changes that will have a green effect.   For instance, wind turbines,
replace the toilets, etc.  They will be moving in soon if not already.

It’s the 4th of July weekend and the community is getting together to celebrate.
They had a Barbeque, fellowship and a fireworks show.  The year has had its ups
and downs, contractor abuse, challenges but the town has grown emotionally,
spiritually, and physically due to building homes.  They have come a long way
from nothing!  Greensburg is ON THE MAP!!

Well Folks, this is the end of the first season.  The series will be returning
in May of 2009 where we will catch up on how the town has done in being the first
green city in America.  I imagine the progress will be astounding.  I have enjoyed
relaying the series to you, especially those who do not get Planet Green, and will
pick it up again next May.  Until then…..

Please stay and visit the rest of Forced Green and get some valuable information
on going green and maybe a few stumbles would not hurt either.

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No Responses to “Greensburg, Kansas – Back on the Map!”

  1. strawbale Says:

    This is a great project, I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    strawbales last blog post..Round Pole Post & Beam Structure

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Strawbale … The town is resurrecting itself as we speak. It will be the first town in America that will be certified as Green!

  3. Judy Says:

    Hi Linda, very impressive. Wish our town would take on a similar project. We are a “tree city”, so I guess that’s a baby step in the right direction.

    Judys last blog post..How Pumpkins Became Jack O’Lanterns

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Judy … Trees are good! I do not know where you live but it is a step in the right direction and it will not take much to get going green rolling!

  5. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    It’s nice to know they are making great progress.
    Thanks for doing such a good job on keeping us informed!

    Barbaras last blog post..World Wildlife Fund Awards Johnson Diversey

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … They are doing a tremendous job and I will be picking them up again next May. Your Welcome….

  7. Condo Blues Says:

    I’m glad to hear that Planet Green is doing another season of Greensburg because just as things really got interesting for me (I’m a huge home improvement geek and wanted to see pratical applications of some the building materials used) the series ended.

    Did you see that TLC is doing a series of shows with Doug Wilson decorating 6 homes in Greensburg? The first house they did was the Brown’s basement! Good thing, they deserve it after what they went through with their contractor.

    Condo Bluess last blog post..How to Make Moth Repelling Lavender Sachets

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Condo … I was real happy to see that they had more than 1 season so we all could see the progress they have made. I am too, a diy nut.

    Yes, the Fleeners got some help along with a couple of other families. They sure deserved the help.



    What a great project this is…I will be waiting and looking forward to the continue of it. 🙂

    FANCY SWEDENs last blog post..StarGaZe

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Fancy … It is a great project! I will let you know when it starts up again!

  11. wilson Says:

    Go Greensburg and I can’t even wait to see the final outcome of this great project…

    By the way, thanks for showing it to us, Linda 🙂

    wilsons last blog post..Your Children Are Allergy with Egg Products?

  12. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … They are moving in the right direction thanks to the citizens of Greensburg with the assistance of Steve Hewitt. They are doing just great!

  13. Barb Says:

    It’s good to see that devastated community coming back to life. I cannot help but think, however, that if the name of the town had been ‘Podunk, NE’ the media – and especially the Hollywood glory seekers – would never have even blinked at the news that the place had been levelled by the storm.

  14. Anita Hohl Says:

    Hi Again 🙂
    I want to let you know we are finally out of the FEMA trailer, and into our little 800 sq. ft.home that was renovated by SCKTRO and volunteers… not quite settled yet, some work yet to do on it, but glad to be home!
    Oh, and Levi’s last name is Smith 🙂

  15. Anita Says:

    Oh – and The fact that we were leveled isn’t what is getting the attention, its that we are rebuilding green… and it doesn’t matter what our name is we still would have done it because it’s the RIGHT thing to do… we made that decision, not Hollywood…

  16. Linda Says:

    Hi Barb … Well, Greensburg was the name of the town before the storm and after the storm. The attention that they get is for Rebuilding the town with totally green products. First one in the nation to do so. This certainly was not the idea of hollywood.

  17. Linda Says:

    Hi Anita … I am so happy to hear that you are out of the FEMA trailer! I am sure that you are relieved ….. Check back next week as I will be giving an update on how all of you are doing! 🙂

  18. Linda Says:

    Hi Anita … you go girl!

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