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Greensburg, Kansas 1 year later

April 29, 2008
One year after the tornado

Farrell Allison’s house is being invaded by CBS news.  Greensburg is getting
ready for the 1 year anniversary.  They are going to break ground on the business
incubator, a memorial service for those that died due to the tornado, and
re-dedicate the new water tower.   The seniors will be graduating, and the
President will be in town.

Dealing with the news media gives them exposure to hopefully extra monies to
assist Greensburg’s rebuilding efforts.

Steve Hewitt is working to ensure that the business incubator is completed by
September/October timeframe that he has promised to the new residents.  He has
found that he is approx. $500k short.  However, he received a call from
Leonardo Di Caprio who donated $400K to the incubator which closes that gap.

Studio 804 is feverishly trying to finish up the Arts Center by working from
dawn to after midnight.  They installed 3 wind turbines and 8 solar panels on
the roof.  They also installed glass around the building protecting the wood
that they reclaimed.  They laid sod and put in sidewalks.  Laid the floor and
installed the hydro swing which is an airplane hanger door that can lift a
heavy amount of weight.  The students fought hard to complete the building
including the windy weather conditions.  They met their challenge and
Greensburg wins!  The Arts Center is really beautiful.

Janice Haney is publishing a book called “Greensburg, The Twisted Tales”.  Great
title, if I say so myself.  She got to watch the process of how a book is
manufactured at the publisher’s plant.  Janice and her husband, John, loaded
up the truck with many cartons of the book.  They hope not to have to store
them for long in their garage.  Let the sales begin!

CBS and New York City donated green friendly toys for the kids.  The Green Club
went to Kansas State University to see what the architect students are building
for them.  They built 3 10x10x10 cubes that will be donated to Greensburg as
educational tools.  The Green Club kids got to assist the students in finishing
the project.  One cube was for recycling.  One was called the Green Haus which
shows what paints and insulation that can be used for going green.  The last one
is called the Ice Cube which collects rainwater and filtrates it to drinking
water.  The cubes were delivered to Greensburg and the Green Club has been
showing them off to all that will listen to them.  Keep at it, everyone, you
are on the right track!  Good Job.

City council met to approve Steve Hewitt’s contract.  It is John Janssen’s last
council meeting as mayor.  Bethel Thornesberry resigned due to him feeling that
the new council should vote on Steve.  With him resigning, the vote could not
take place.

Ground was broken for the business incubator.  REO Speed Wagon played at the
party to celebrate 1 year of progress.  CBS was leaving after being there for
a week.  Frito Lay and Sun Chips were there as well.

Golf Tournament was held and all had a great time.  The Water Tower was re-
dedicated.  Rhonda and Richard Engelken attended along with many of the
residents.  But Rhonda had a special surprise for her husband.  The city
had found his ring and Rhonda got it, had it fixed, and gave it to her
husband.  A special moment.

High School Graduation Class of 2008  … The President showed up and shook
each and every graduates hand along with pictures taken.  It made the day
memorable for the graduates.  Congratulations to all!

The Arts Center has opened on May 4 as promised.  They are still trying to
get the funding and I believe they are on their way to accomplishing their

In a review of the year that Greensburg has been through, they did not forget
the 11 lives that were lost during the tornado.  They celebrated their lives
as well as how much progress Greensburg has made.  Houses are going up daily
and folks are starting to see the landscape change.  It will be a neat town
to live in as it will be the only green town in the Nation!

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No Responses to “Greensburg, Kansas 1 year later”

  1. Heath Says:

    That was a wild weekend. They showed the Patriot Guard lined up down the street with the American Flags. But what they didn’t show was when they came into town. About a half hour of Harley riders coming into town. We were trying to get a PA ststem across town and we had to go to the other side of town because you couldn’t get across the street. We were at the graduation before they set up, but even before they set up with the flags it was quite the sight.

    The Playground that CBS built is real cool and kids love to go down there. It was real nice what they did all week.

    And if anyone gets a chance to get the Greensburg book it is an interesting read. A bunch of stories told by the people that lived through the storm. Stories from grade school kids to people that are retired and everywhere in between. Some real wild stories.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … It looked like you had a wild weekend but a fun weekend! Thank you for your great update!

  3. Brad Says:

    Hey Linda!

    Just making my rounds. It’s been a challenge to get to my blog due to my rearranged schedule, but I’m doing what I can.

    Praying for all you folks as you recover!

    Brads last blog post..Re-Entry…

  4. Diane Scott Says:

    I tune in every now and then to the updates on TV, but I could on you Linda to keep me in the loop about Greensburg. You do an amazing job!

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Brad … it is slow but steady. the trees are being moved off of the road. we got phone service back this a.m. water should be on tonight (maybe)
    and electric… still a ???..

    Hi Diane … thanks for dropping by. Greensburg is on its way to being totally green.

  6. santosh pandey Says:

    you have a nice blog

    santosh pandeys last blog post..Adult jokes – cigarette after sex

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