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We Need More Trees

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, we need more trees where we live.

Why do we need more trees?:

Wildlife – Trees help make nature a part of our daily lives.
Trees provide nesting sites for songbirds, and
food and cover for a wide variety of wildlife.

Conserve Energy – Cities without trees are “heat islands”.
100 million additional mature trees in U.S. cities
would save $2 billion per year in energy costs.
The goal of the Arbor Foundation’s Tree City USA
program is more trees throughout America’s towns
and cities.

Clean the Air – Trees help clean the air by “catching”
airborne pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxide,
sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and small
particulates. And returns pure oxygen.

Decrease Utility Costs and Increase Property Value

A windbreak can lower heating bills 10 – 20%.

Nut Trees can be incorporated into windbreaks or
serve as shade trees.

Many flowering trees also produce food for wildlife.

Shade trees shade the concrete and help cool the
entire neighborhood.

A backyard orchard lets you grow your own fruit.

Shade trees planted east and west of your home
can cut cooling costs 15 – 35%.

Check out Arbor Day Foundation at – It’s a great organization.

So, Plant a tree today!

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No Responses to “We Need More Trees”

  1. SteamboatEcoBroker Says:

    The world can always use more trees especially looking at how many we’ve taken down to build and consume. One thing to think about is using native trees to your area so you don’t end up introducing invasive species or disrupting the natural eco-system.


  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Steamboat … Great idea! I just need to plant
    trees for a wind break and to create more shade. Got one planted last week.

  3. Vascabruta Says:

    Don’t forget that trees make the world more beautiful. I live on a tree lined street and love walking my dog down the street just to wonder at the beauty of it. A concrete jungle just doesn’t do it for me.

    Plant a tree…

    Vascabrutas last blog post..Continuing the Legacy: Philippe Cousteau Jr.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Vascabruta … You are absolutely correct. There is nothing like living among lots of trees. The concrete jungle is just that! 😉

  5. Heath Says:

    Trees are the easiest way for people to make a difference in the environment. Well positioned trees can help cool in the summer and also help with wind in the winter. And like was said above, get trees that are made for your region. Generally, trees directly east or west of a window give the best summer shade for cooling, but allow winter sun rays to come through.

  6. wilson Says:

    Yep, more trees mean more oxygen into the air, as we all don’t want to buy the bottle oxygen like those people in the Tokyo’s supermarkets…lol

    By the way, it is better to plant the bamboos, as it produce more oxygen than other same size trees did…

    wilsons last blog post..Have a Brighter and Clearer View With the High Quality Contact Lenses!

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … You are correct is positioning trees when planting to get the best shade and wind protection.

    Hi Wilson … Well, I would have to argue with you a little bit on bamboo. Yes, they grow faster and provide more oxygen but oaks and maples may take longer but have a bigger canopy.

  8. Sock Yee Says:

    That’s why I always miss going back to my hometown at the outskirts of city just to take a deep breath of the fresh air that comes from nearby forest. The kind of mood and feeling are always different when you are surrounded by trees, which help to relax the mind.

    Sock Yees last blog post..Common mistakes made by aquarium owners

  9. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    A couple of years ago we planted some fruit trees in our yard. It’s a real joy to watch them grow, and hopefully it won’t be long before they bear fruit. The yard looks so different with the trees, versus from when we had none.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Four Day Open Mic – 8/21 to 8/24/08

  10. Linda Says:

    Hi Sock Yi … Being among trees is an experience
    that we all have. From daydreaming to total relaxation.

    Hi Barbara … I know what you mean! I have a treeless acre and we will be planting trees soon. Have some growing in pots now and hopefully, this year, they will go in the ground.

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