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Renewable Energy Storage

The number of utilities interested in renewable power is growing and more large
scale projects are being implemented, but the wider acceptance of these technologies
is still being hampered by their intermittent nature. Improved power storage will
increase the use of electricity from solar and wind power. The result will be power
on demand instead of when the sun shines or the wind blows. And of course the faster
renewable energy sources grow the slower the increase of greenhouse gases by
replacing carbon-based fuels.

With the exception of predictable peak-load requirements, most electricity demand
is for a continuous, reliable supply. If there were some way that large amounts of
electricity from intermittent producers such as solar and wind could be stored
efficiently, the contribution of these technologies to supplying electricity demand
would be much greater. And the bigger their contribution, the better for our

So instead of storing the excess energy produced by solar at high noon or wind on
those breezy days, how about using it to produce hydrogen. With intermittent
renewables such as solar and wind, matching the output to grid demand is very
difficult. But if these sources are used for electricity to make hydrogen, then
they can be utilized fully whenever they are available, opportunistically. Then
it won’t matter when they cut in or out, the hydrogen is simply stored and used
as required.

Making hydrogen by the electrolysis of water is a process that requires electricity. So
if we use the clean renewable energy sources of solar and wind to generate
the power to produce the hydrogen, and in turn convert the coal and oil fueled
power plants to run on hydrogen, which the only emission is pure water,…..

Then what a beautiful world it would be.

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No Responses to “Renewable Energy Storage”

  1. SolReka Says:

    Funny you should talk about this. I have just posted an article discussing what the boys at MIT have developed; A new method of storing solar energy – the Sun Battery. See my commentluv post.

    The sun’s energy can be used both day and night. The technology uses hydrogen extraction from water – this has to be the way forward with regards to alternative and viable technologies.

    Another step in the right direction is to make people more culpable for their energy needs. Instead of large power plants pumping electricity out to millions, why not make communities of energy providers. People would contribute far more, once they realise what work goes on behind closed doors to make boiling a kettle seem so easy. Local communities could install wind turbines, graze cows (manure, cow farts) :-), solar panels – the list goes on. They would also be self-sustainable.

    Anyways, I’m digressing, best stop there.

    SolRekas last blog post..The Solar Power Revolution beckons

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi SolReka … WOW! great minds think alike. There is a couple of wind farms in California that do just that. They farm around the wind turbines,
    provide power for not only themselves but others and also get paid for providing energy to the community. It took a while for the other farmers in the area to catch on but now it is really growing fast.

    I think that this is the way to go. Now, IF I had just a little bit of bucks, I would do the same! LOL

  3. Holli Diel Says:

    Wow! I am impressed with this site.
    I would have never found it if it weren’t for finding Linda on Twitter!
    So Thank you!


  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Holli … Nice to know! Also, you have a great product that I am very interested in!!!!

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  6. Terry@Charlotte Real Estate Says:

    Very cool- a Sun Battery, and is it a big obstacle over come? But getting the cost below coal…the real challenge.
    .-= Terry@Charlotte Real Estate´s last blog ..avenue condominium uptown charlotte =-.

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Terry … They are working on it and I believe the price will come down. As with anything, it takes time.

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