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Nasty Surprises!

U.N. scientist say we only have 10 years to mend our ways, because if we do
not clean up our act, mother nature has some nasty surprises:

Storms – insured losses from weather events have increased 15 fold in the
last 30 years.

Floods – U.N. scientists predict 200 million climate refugees in the next
40 years.

Drought – Land stricken by severe drought has doubled in 30 years.

Every country on this planet has to wake up and smell the pollution. No
nation nor big corporation has the luxury of turning a blind eye to our
situation. The powers that be can not stay this ignorant course of “business
as usual”, poisoning our Earth for the sake of the almighty dollar. Do they
really think when this planet is too far gone, they can just rocket off to
another solar system and buy another class M planet?

But fear not. For alas, solutions are already here. We all know the renewable
green energy sources of wind turbines and photovoltaic, but the world needs
every source of clean energy, there are more creative innovations surfacing
everyday, and listed below are just two of them:

Tides power cities – In New York City with support from various state and
local groups, Verdant Power runs the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy
(RITE) project, which relies on a field of water turbines to convert
the kinetic energy of the East River’s strong current to electricity
for the island. In December 2002, the output of Verdant’s first turbine
there exceeded expectations, producing an average power output of 14.5
kilowatts per hour. It was such a success the next April, Verdant Power
installed four additional turbines.

Tapping the Sun in a new way – in the Australian outback, EnviroMission Limited
is in the process of building a new form green energy a 3,280-foot
high thermal power station called the Solar Tower. When complete it
will be the tallest structure in the world. The Solar Tower is
hollow in the middle like a smoke stack. At its base a 25,000-acre,
transparent circular skirt. The air under the collector is heated by
the sun and through convection it funnels up the tower. As the hot air
rises, it accelerates to 35 mph, driving 32 wind turbines inside the
tower, which generate electricity much like conventional wind farms.
But the Solar Tower has a major advantage over wind farms and solar
generators, it can operate with no wind, 24 hours a day. Thanks to
banks of solar cells, the tower stores heat during the day, allowing
it to produce electricity continuously.

Just imagine a world where energy is clean and limitless, where powering the
Earth does not cost the Earth. All we need now is to speed up implementation.
Today we share a dream, tomorrow we should all be living it.

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13 Responses to “Nasty Surprises!”

  1. green blog Says:

    In fact what we are seeing with today’s unpredictable weather with hurricanes and thunderstorms already show that it has already gone too far. I just can’t imagine what would happen in years to come as it will get pretty bad.

    green blogs last blog post..Sustainable Websites – Green!

  2. Dave Says:

    Thanks for your comment on the Surge Stopper. Believe it or not, that was not an advertisement for the product, I just wanted to share a good thing. I do like your site, there aren’t enough of these sites and what we pass along can be a big help at the very least.

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi green blog .. Look across the world. We have some terrible weather hitting everywhere. I hope we can change it a little bit.

    Hi Dave … Thank you. I did not take it as a sell but I do like the presentation! I have to wait until Monday to see if our electric company has this in place. If not, I will ask them to get rolling! 😉

  4. Diane Scott Says:

    Every day I read something in the paper or hear something on the news that depresses the heck out of me about how we treat the very resource we live on. Then I come over here and get a glimmer of hope! Just hoping that the 100th monkey happens fast enough. As you say the almighty dollar (yen, peso, what have you) still rules. What we need is a massive, worldwide uprising – not in dribs and drabs but wham! Will that ever happen?

  5. yanjiaren Says:

    Yeah I saw a whole program about Enviromission when I was in the U.S.The tower is going to be humungous..This is what the World should be investing in..not oil and Nuclear..Good post.

    yanjiarens last blog post..A Singaporean In London.

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Diane … I believe that there is a movement across the world to get stuff happening! The scandinavian countries are off to a great start and others are in the mist. They just need more exposure.

    Hi yanjiaren … I agree and thank you.

  7. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Congratulations ..and another great post! Keep up the great always do!

    Barbaras last blog post..Relax With Barbara On Wednesday 1

  8. Marc Silvis Says:

    Yes the world environment is in really bad shape. And since China has become such a huge industrial nation with no apparent regard for the environment the world is in for real trouble. The earth is not going to put up with us little parasites much longer. I think mother nature just might decide to get rid of us. By the way great job of getting such a great rating.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Thank you!

    Hi Mark … LOL! yea, us little parasites better get our act together soon. Mother nature is giving us warning signs now! Thank you on the rating!

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  11. hailey Says:

    very very informative, well-researched post!

    haileys last blog post..SIX LAYER MEME

  12. Wilson Says:

    Oh my god, 10 years is a very short time, this mean that the mankind need to be stay together and getting this problem solved as soon as possible…

    Wilsons last blog post..Lose Your Weight Smartly with The Effective Diet Plans!

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Hailey … thanks

    Hi Wilson … I think we are on the way, world-wide and will continue to grow.

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