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Let the Paper Fly!

School is soon to be in session. As you all know, when children return to school,
the masses of paper head home. What are they? Pictures, drawings, spelling tests,
and a variety of other items. You home is now invaded with a mountain of paper
trash. Just normal correspondence with the teacher, brings 5 to 6 pages itself.

So why not start a re-cycling box the first day the kids start school? It should
be exceptionally easy to fill. Especially on that certain day of the week, i.e.
Tuesday Folder. Which is the day the teacher sends home the last weeks graded
papers. A weeks worth of graded paper can be up to 20 pages. Some of which you
may keep and the rest usually ends up in the file 13 (trash can).

Just start a box when school starts, it is easy to drop off at your school or
other recycling centers. Your child will get kudos for doing this. The earlier
you start training your child in the going green efforts, the more likely they
will continue this process through adulthood.

Another thing most parents can do for schools is the Box Tops for Education. This
program has been going on for a while. There is a pink square on the packaging
for quite a few things that you pick up at the grocery store. Just cut them off,
save them and return to the school for which the school can redeem them for school
supplies, computers, etc. whatever they may need. People seem to have forgotten
what a wonderful program it is. Especially for underfunded classroom activities.

In the mundane day to day activities, please do not forget that our children are
the future and the education that we give them today really does build tomorrow.

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No Responses to “Let the Paper Fly!”

  1. Michael Carnell Says:

    Excellent idea! When we cleaned out my son’s bookbag at the end of last year we found a ton of paper. No wonder it was so heavy. If we could get him started cleaning it out into the recycling bin every week it would make a world of difference.

  2. robin Says:

    My son also asked his teacher if he could bring a box in, for paper that could be reused in the classroom. If someone starts a drawing but doesn’t like it- or whatever- it can go in the box and someone else can use the blank side before it ultimately goes into recycling.

    robins last blog post..Popcorn and Polyester

  3. michael wong Says:

    Hi, was wondering if you’d like to exchange links with me?
    If yes, please leave your blog url as a comment at:
    I’ll link to you first, then when you have time link back k?
    Thanks, Michael
    BTW–I’m michaelwong38 on digg. If ever you want something dugg, just send me a shout anytime.

    michael wongs last blog post..What would you like to do today?

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Michael … Yep! a weekly dumps of backpaks would certainly keep them lighter…

    Hi Robin … That is really cool that a child asked and was granted his request.

    Hi Michael … thanks for the offer!

  5. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I use a recycling box in my office and always feel so good when I place all of that paper and cardboard into the curbside recycling bin. I feel like I’m making a difference.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Choices Equal Consequences

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