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Greensburg Episode 10 – “The Election”

End of March

Marilyn Brown signed a contract on July 7, 2007 with Alfred Soleck, a Oklahoma
contractor from her mother’s church, to build her home.  After starting the build
and needing more and more of the money up front, he left them high and dry. Mr.
Soleck was arrested in Oklahoma on federal charges that included 6 criminal counts
of home repair fraud.  Volunteers have been helping the Browns in building the
house and when the volunteers have to leave, well, its one day at a time.

It’s spring break and Steve Hewitt talks about 500 volunteers coming to town to
assist in building homes.  James Bond is the volunteer coordinator. He talks
about volunteers coming from as far as Sacramento California, Montana, South
Dakota, and Nebraska.  James said history has shown that you have about 18 months
after a disaster with volunteers before something more disastrous pulls them

John Janssen recruits Levi and Connor to pass out campaign flyers for him in
Femaville and Kwik Shop.

Studio 804 installed windows and doors on the Arts Center. Along with the green
roof grid of plants and grass which makes a great insulator and cuts down on
the ‘heat island effect’. Their deadline is May 4 and they are concerned whether
or not they are going to make it.

5.4.7 Arts committee is meeting about fund raising for the remaining $240K. One
activity is a picnic in April at the new Arts Center to meet the students and
see the new building.

Some spring break volunteers came to assist Farrell with his roofing. Someone
put a sign out that said, Greensburg, the new Cancun.  Shelley Sanchez, the
Allisons daughter is in to help with the home.  His roof is now complete!

Robin and Marilyn Brown find out that their contractor is supposed to go for
sentencing on May 14 in Oklahoma City. They go to pickup a bulldog puppy from the
Dixsons.  The puppy is named Jughead.  What a cutie!

It’s prom time for Charlsea Crotts, she is in Wichita to pick out a dress.  She
calls her high school principal the dress nazi, apparently he’s a stickler for the
dress code.  The prom is to be held in the ‘gymacafatorium’. She is all set to go.

Eric White greets a bunch of senior volunteers from Hesston High to plant trees.
He talks about the progress being made since the tornado.  Hesston went through
their own tornado about 18 years ago, their memories still vivid over their loss
of trees. So they wanted to help Greensburg with their tree planting efforts to
get green back into the city as soon as possible.

The 5.4.7 council is setting up for the picnic in the high school gym due to bad
weather. A group from studio 804 is assisting the council with setting up and to
be available to explain what the project is all about.

John Holton, building officer, D.O.E. NREL Energy Efficiency, arrives at Farrell’s
house. He is quite impressed with his house and advised him it is the best green
house in town, so far.

The Browns hold a dinner for all of the volunteers to thank them for all of their
help. 21 of the volunteers were from Canada, the rest from Tennessee and Louisiana.
Their home looks near ready for move in.

April 1, 2008, Election Day in Greensburg for City Council and the Mayor.  John
lost to Bob Dixson, there’s also a couple of new council members.  John went to
congratulate Bob and let him know that he will be there to assist should he need

Taylor gets prepared for the prom.  Lauren Herman is Taylor’s date. Cute couple …
Eric White is going to the prom single.  Promenade is announced and they all have
their walk down the red carpet where a good deal of the town turns out to see the
kids all dressed up and the cameras were clicking.  Eric escorted Brecken, a cutie
pie who looked to be every bit of 4 foot 5 inches and about 8 years old.  Charlsea
looked great with her date.

Bob Dixson and Steve Hewitt have their first meeting. Cordial, but it seemed to be
somewhat strained.

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No Responses to “Greensburg Episode 10 – “The Election””

  1. Heath Says:

    FYI, it’s Kwik Shop where they were handing out fliers.

    I’m still not sold on the “green roof” at least not in western Kansas. We have hot wind in the summer and real cold winters. Just not sure if it will hold up to Kansas weather. I think it’s a great idea for people in the Eastern half of the country, but for the western half, I’m not so sure if it will work or not. What will happen if all the plants die? That’s what I’m worried about.

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … OOPs! I will correct it. If the wind does not blow off the soil or plants, it will still insulate the roof. They got a couple of points for LEED doing this.

  3. Heath Says:

    I like the idea. But with only a few inches for the plants to grow roots and with our hot dry summers (this year hasn’t been too bad) I could see the plants drying up and it indeed blowing away in the wind. Farm ground did that in the 30’s during the dust bowl in this area. I’ve listened to my grandparents enough that lived in the Dust Bowl and I’d hate to see that happen from roofs. I could see it working in eastern Kansas and I hope it works out in western Kansas.

    But the cool thing about a project like this is you can try out things like that to see of it works. I know a lot of people in town our watching it to see how it does holding up to the Kansas wind. So time will tell how it does.

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Heath … great points and I believe they are doing just that….. testing it out to see if it will work. Winds do tend to create dust bowls no matter where you live during a drought.

    I am anxious to see it work there for you. It has been working in Chicago and a few other cities. They are just as windy as you are. So keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

  5. lvs Says:

    do you know that having a bright white background for your blog actually causes more energy spend?

    A white background means that my computer uses more energy to render your blog on my screen thus expending more energy!

    Go green, use darker colours for your blog

    lvss last blog post..Today’s Athletes Stronger and Faster?

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Ivs … that may be true for you but for me I like the white background so folks can see what they are reading. The amount of energy expended is minimal. Thank you for sharing your tip.

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