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Episode 9 – “On The Road” – Greensburg

March 2008

What’s left of Greensburg State Bank built in 1989 is getting demolished.
Dee Corns, employee and wife of the Bank President tells of rebuilding the
bank in the same location.  They will build green using eco-block (icf).
There was a lot of material reclaimed from the bank before the demo

Robert Mitchum, city council member, discusses who might be mayor.

Month 5 of construction on the Allison’s house.  Farrell and Debbie are
doing most of the labor themselves, saving money. They have most of the
the inside framing completed.

March 12, 2008

Studio 804 is getting ready to move the building to Greensburg.  They are
stressed out trying to get it finished.  To get the LEEDs platinum points
and credits, everything has to be watched in the design and construction.
They are putting the finishing touches on the building to get it ready to
move over the weekend.

Lynn Billman and Jerry Shin from National Renewable Energy Laboratory is at
Greensburg school to educate kids and the community about renewable energy.
They give kits for the students to build. The high school students are
building solar powered cars.  The middle grades are building wind turbines
out of balsa wood.  They get hands on experience on how two kinds of
sustainable energy actually works. With the goal being that some or most
will choose to pursue careers in this area, it seems to be quite successful
because the kids were highly involved and interested.

Steve Hewitt is looking at the current radio station as a good site for wind
turbines. He brings Dale Osborn, founder of Distributed Generation Systems who
is doing the wind study.  Dale will be installing instruments at different
levels of the communications tower, gather the data for one year, determine
the output and prediction of every commercially available turbine.  From there,
they will be able to make economic decisions on how to spend the limited funds
they have for the wind project.

The Allisons are getting their energy efficient windows installed. Now they can
get some heat in the house so they are not freezing to death while building their
home.  They are going over their project budget for the home.  They were trying
for $100/foot but it is costing them more than they realized.  They will be just
fine even though they are a little worried.

March 13, 2008

Each 7000 lbs. module of the Arts building is separated to make them portable
for the move.  The 7 portions of the building will be moved to the roadway
ready for the flatbed truck carriers.  The mods are moved out of the warehouse
and wrapped to prevent weather damage.

In Kansas City, a committee led by Steve meet with BNIM to talk about the Big
Well Museum. BNIM takes the Greensburg Committee to the Liberty Memorial World
War I Museum to get some ideas that could help them with the design.  They are
impressed with a glass top floor that over the Big Well would be awesome. Joking
that their only challenge would be the cleaning.  Other than that, it would be
a big tourist draw. They also like the timeline that would display photographs
from 1887 to May 4, 2007, to the present.

The new modern water tower is up and painted with the name of Greensburg and
underneath it has ‘Home of the Big Well’.

Tom Corns, is at the new bank site watching the cement go into the icf forms.
They like the icf due to the strength of the walls.  It may take 6 months to
finish the bank and are looking forward to the lowered utility bills. The
bank is being built to the LEEDs standard.  He feels that Greensburg is in a
building boom and alot of houses are now being re-built.

March 14, 2008

The crane arrives and starts loading the mods onto the flatbed trucks.

Steve and John are discussing the need to get jobs into the town, how the
business incubator will be the first LEEDs platinum building in the state of
Kansas, and applying the FEMA money to get the town rebuilt within their

First United Methodist Church is being built by Roble Commercial Construction.
Doug Hansen is in charge of getting the roof sheathing on, while masons are
bricking the building, with a few windows left to put in.  They are 3 to 4
weeks behind schedule simply because of winter.

Farrell gets his geothermal system today from Mike Webber.  It is an open loop
pump system.  They got the duct work in, the unit was set, the hot water tanks
hooked into it, and the fresh air exchange and heat exchanger is in.  It should
last forever, unless he drops it down the stairs bringing it up.  He is hoping
that it works as well as advertised and then he will spread the word.

Marvin Lawson, a transplant from North Carolina, lost everything in the tornado.
With no insurance, the story got out that he was a marine veteran and young
marines from all over donated enough for him to get another house.  He thinks
all of this green talk is “a bunch of bull”. He says, “this green mess is a joke,
it is for the rich and not for the poor”.  He built his the way he wanted.

7 trucks start their long rainy trek to Greensburg, 400 miles away.  It turns
out to be a 6 to 7 hour drive because the trucks can only go 60 mph and the rain
may give them some problems.  Sure enough, they had some stops along the way to
repair some of the coverings due to the wind and rain. Once repaired, onward
they went.

Stacy Barnes and group are excitedly watching the mods arrive.  Her dream is
coming true, one slow step by slow step.  The top of the foundation was grinded
down for leveling.  The crane has arrived. Ray Sawyers with Belger Cartage has
been working with Studio 804 for about 5 years in moving their projects.  They
are placing the mods in place with no help from the winds.  Lots of manual work
involved in getting them into alignment.  Steve came by for a visit and talks
with Dan Rockhill.  Steve asks the professor if the goal is still LEEDs platinum
and the response is yes but with caution.  It is now a race between the Arts
building and the business incubator as to which is the first LEEDs platinum
building in the state of Kansas.

The professor got his $10k from Stacy and Chris.  Stacy and group are really
working hard to get the money raised for the building but the amount is so

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  1. Janet Says:

    Keep up the fabulous work of sharing your knowledge with all of us. We need it so badly…. our next generation needs to do things much differently than now. Of course it needs to begin with us! Thanks again.

    Janets last blog post..Barrier to Smart Investing?

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Janet … You are welcome! The next generation is really getting into going green. Especially when they are shown how, what, and why.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by. Your Greensburg episodes are
    wonderful. I’m sure that town loves you for what you are doing for them and the whole green movement…keep it up. You are doing a fantastic job!

    Barbaras last blog post..What About Diet And Autism?

  4. Luanne Says:

    Hi Linda. CONGRATS on a great website ranking. You deserve it. Your blog is fantastic and you are doing an excellent job!!

    I need to learn from you….

    Way to go again.. It’s awesome.

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Thank you!

    Hi Luanne … Thank you! Thank you both for your kind words!

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